People see so many signs every day that they usually forget they’re there. But that doesn’t mean your business signs aren’t important. Getting the right custom sign for your brand has a huge effect on overall sales and how many new customers you attract.

If you already have a business sign, even just updating it can provide some good results. But how do you know what kind of sign you should get, and why you really need them?

Take a look at this guide about custom business signs, and learn how to make some much-needed changes!

Why Do Businesses Need Signs?

Let’s start by talking about how important custom business signs are for your company. If you thought they were something you could skimp out on, you need to think again.

Your sign is like a silent salesperson for your business, and it keeps working even when you go home. It catches people’s attention and gives your brand its own identity.

A custom sign shows how you are different than every other business around you. It’s the first link between you and your customers.

Continuous Marketing Effect

A good sign will contain your business logo and support your brand. It will also give your customers a message about your products.

Since signs are always working and drawing attention, they can be a huge part of your marketing strategy.

This is especially helpful if you’re a startup company that doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing techniques.

The cost-per-thousand is much lower for signs than other kinds of advertising, such as putting an ad on the radio or writing something for a newspaper. This means you can reach more people for less money.

What Else Do Signs Do?

Signs do a lot more for your brand than letting people know you’re there. Hanging the right sign can mean the difference between good business and bad business.

If you take one thing away from this, it should be these incredible benefits that come from something as simple as hanging a sign.

Check this out…

Your Sign Brings in New Customers

Most people discover your business just because they see the sign above your front door. In fact, most of your customer base finds you because of on-premise signs.

That makes signage the best way to reach new clients. Most people wouldn’t even know your business was there if it didn’t have a sign.

Your Sign Increases Your Profits

Changing your sign has a direct correlation with your profits.

When you change your sign, you attract more customers and make more money.

But this doesn’t mean you should change your sign every other day.

That’s only going to make things confusing for your customers, and it will probably have the opposite result than what you’re looking for. Inconsistency like this could actually kill your business growth.

Stick to updating your sign when it is damaged or when you make a change to your brand. You could also do it when switching to environmentally friendly materials.

What Kind of Custom Business Signs Do I Need?

There are a lot of different kinds of signs available, but your custom business signs should be something that matches your company.

If a certain styled sign doesn’t fit with the character of your company or just looks out of place on your business, it’s okay to ditch it and go with something else.

The sign should also speak to you as a business owner. Get something you like. After all, you own it.

What Should Be on My Custom Business Signs?

The wrong information won’t make your sign stand out, but too much of the right information can make your sign overwhelming and hard to understand.

The best signs are simple, easy to read, and have only relevant information on them.

If you aren’t sure how to design your business signs, here’s a list of important pieces you need to improve.

Your Business Name and Logo

This is the most important part of your sign. Your logo is like the identity of your business. A sign that’s missing a logo will either confuse your customers or keep them from finding you.

If all you need is an on-premise sign, you won’t need to include much else. If you’re designing signs that will be hung off-premise, keep reading.

Phone Number

This seems obvious, but it’s often overlooked.

If you want to see how many leads you get from your signs alone, use a unique number to keep track of the calls.


People won’t be able to find you if you don’t tell them where to look. If you’re stuck between adding a phone number and an address (though you should never get stuck in a situation like this), including the address.

Website URL

This is especially important if you offer services online or have an online store. A lot of people prefer shopping online.

Call to Action

Tell the people reading your sign what they should do next.

Do you operate mostly online? Then direct them to your website.

Do you want them to call yours for quotes about a particular service? Make your phone number your main focus.

Do you want them to visit your store? Tell them why they should.

Don’t just give people information about your business. Tell them what they can do with it.


This will make it easy for people to remember who you are.

Make it short, easy to read, and easy to say.

Why You Need Custom Business Signs

Custom business signs are a great way to market to new customers. Not only is it a cheap alternative to other marketing methods, but it can boost your profits.

Remember, lots of new customers visit your business because they saw one of your signs.

Need help creating your custom business signs? Give us a call and we’ll get you set up with the signs you need!