More than 4 in every 5 trade show attendees have buying authority.

That’s right. And this means that over 80% of the people who browse your trade show booth can actually be paying customers!

Who wouldn’t want that kind of opportunity?

But for you to close the deal, you need to first flaunt your brand’s best features and qualities. You need to direct the attendees’ attention to your brand.

And this is where selecting the right banner stands can make all the difference. But with so many types of stands – four primary, to be exact – for you to choose from, how do you pick the right one?

Fret not, as we’re here to present everything you need to know about these essential trade show tools (and how to make sure you invest in the right one).

The Retractable Stands

The most common and easiest to use, retractable banner stands offer superior portability.

As the name suggests, you can retract them when not in use, or roll them up once it’s time to flaunt your brand.

You’ll find the banner itself, where you have your high-quality content printed, all rolled (or coiled) up within the stand’s base.

And it’s a breeze when it’s time to pack them up, store, or transport them. You only need to remove the top rail from the stand’s pole. Then, gently roll the banner down and back to its original position within the base.

Since these stands are the most sought-after, you’ll find them in various models, such as:

  • Step retractable
  • Mini retractable
  • Telescoping retractable

You’ll even find economy retractable stands that offer a cost-effective solution for bulk needs! This is a great (and affordable) way to introduce and spread the news about your newly-revamped brand logo and icon.

One thing to keep in mind is that each of these retractable banner stands have different bases and sizes. Depending on the model you choose, you may find stands with a removable cassette. This allows for the greatest ease when you want to swap the banner for another ad.

The Telescopic Stands

Traditional telescopic stands, on the other hand, provide the most viewability. All thanks to their telescopic poles that allow you to display banners much larger than the conventional retractable.

In regular telescopic stands, you’d have to unroll the banner and then attach it to the pole. You’ll use a tension mechanism to secure it in place.

As mentioned above though, you’ll now also find telescopic-retractable stand combinations. These are essentially a combination of the telescopic stand concept with that of the retractable kind.

You get to enjoy the greater visibility of telescopic banners, while you also benefit from the ease of use and portability of the retractable banner stands.

How’s that for an effective advertising strategy for your next trade show?

But there’s more!

Because these work much like the conventional retractable stands, you can also switch from one banner to another, depending on your needs. You can also adjust the size of the stand to make it more appropriate to the dimensions of the banner you want to use.

Use these stands to leave an even greater and longer-lasting impression on your next event.

A great idea is to use one banner for day one of the show, and another for the next day. You can put up banners showcasing that specific day’s events, which gives attendees something useful that they would most likely remember you for.

Make your logo stand proud and loud with these large, highly-visible telescopic retractable stands.

The Table Stands

No trade show booth is complete without a table.

So why not make the most use out of this space with table banner stands?

These stands are more compact than your other option. But they still offer a great way to attract the attention of passing event attendees to your booth.

A great way to use them is to provide detailed information to onlookers. You can put in the key highlights of your products and/or services on the banners. This then gives your potential customers more information right away.

Best of all, they’re easy to set up, so they’re a great accompaniment to all your other stands.

The Background Stand

You know the backdrops you see celebrities and Hollywood stars have their photos taken against? Those are much like background banner stands. So, imagine the reaction of excitement trade show attendees will have when they see your booth have this kind of banner.

All in all, a background banner stand can complete any trade show booth set-up with its high-resolution print and size.

Final Tips to Get the Most Use Out of Your Banner Stands

Banner stands are so flexible and versatile that you can use them for events other than trade shows. You can use them to advertise a new product, let people know of a promotion, or simply give consumers information they’d want to know.

And because many of these stands are portable and easy to transport, you can use them at your place of business too. This saves you tons of money while still spreading awareness about your brand.

Here are a few more suggestions on how and where you can use these stands:

  • Use the banners to highlight something like a “Today’s Special!”
  • Create a revolving menu (of your business’ offers) for every week of the day
  • Swap the banners out for a more in-season approach
  • Use them anywhere you can, whether at the office, outside the entrance, in trade shows, perhaps even outside your house!

The point here is, banner stands aren’t just for the sole purpose of advertising in big events. Use your imagination and creativity to find more ways to make them yield even greater returns of your investment.

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