What Are Customgraphix Step-and-Repeat Banners and Why Does Every Business Need One?


What Are Customgraphix Step-and-Repeat Banners and Why Does Every Business Need One?

Anyone who has seen a stylish backdrop covered by a repeating logo behind a celebrity at an event or anyone who has ever stood in front of one themselves, has witnessed a step-and-repeat banner in action. Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners are ‘only’ the most popular trade show trend in recent years.
There is a reason why this stylish marketing tool has been popping up seemingly everywhere – Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners are yet another excellent way to promote one’s business for a very modest fee. The photographs people take with Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners tend to show up everywhere including news sites and social media.
Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners are an excellent solution for brand and/or event exposure. Every photo your visitors take with our custom vinyl step and repeat banners can reach thousands of people via social media, attracting potential clients with minimal effort on your part. Any serious entrepreneur or project manager who wishes to add a touch of professionalism and class to their event can comfortably rely on Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners.
Our rigorous quality control process ensures we produce some of the highest quality step-and-repeat banners on the market. Our printing process is closely overseen by highly experienced and well-trained graphics technicians we are proud to have on our team. They are tasked with examining each coloration layer for accuracy and perfect reproducibility, and are continually referring to our client’s original image file for pixel-perfect design and color accuracy.

Below, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona has provided everything one needs to know about step-and-repeat banners and why they can be such an effective business marketing tool.

Customgraphix Step-and-Repeat Banners – Fit for Any Marketing Budget

At Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona, we know that one size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to business promotional materials. Fortunately, Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners come in a variety of sizes and production materials, guaranteed to fit every budget. Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners start around eight inch by eight inch size, and the width of them can go as far as sixteen feet before a custom print job becomes required. One may even get an extra skinny Customgraphix step-and-repeat banner which is four inches by eight inches wide, perfect for extra tight spaces where one would like to show a little branding regardless. If the space and/or budget are tight, a smaller Customgraphix step-and-repeat banner is obviously an amazing option; However, larger step-and-repeat banners allow for more people to fit into the photograph and generally make a greater impression at an event.

Customgraphix Step-and-Repeat Banners – The Costs

The cost of Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners largely depends on the size of the banner and the material used to produce the panel, but to give you an idea – a standard eight inch by eight inch step and repeat banner can cost anywhere between one hundred and five hundred USD. The two most popular panel production materials are vinyl and fabric. The pros and cons of each are as follows –

Vinyl Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners – These are cheaper but they tend to have a glare as the light bounces off of the shiny material, and the signage can wrinkle easily. Some printer agencies provide the option for ‘matte vinyl’ to reduce the glare. Providing one’s own lighting for the photographs can also cut unwanted glare.

Fabric Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners – The superior choice in almost every regard as long as one is willing to pay a bit more. The material doesn’t reflect light and it is significantly more resistant to wrinkling and creasing.



Customgraphix Step-and-Repeat Banners – The Benefits

Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners are considered such a great investment for businesses because they often get reused at trade shows, sponsored events, and can even be installed in the office lobby. The following are just some of the benefits of investing in Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners –

Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners make a great first impression. They can help any business look more ‘legit’, and help it stand out at events and fundraisers.

Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners are the branding gift that keeps on giving. Photographs taken with Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners tend to be posted on social media where they live on, multiplying the reach and durability of the advert.

Big-name people tend to love step-and-repeat banners. Executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities naturally gravitate towards step-and-repeat banners. It makes them feel like they are getting the star treatment. The photographs they take with your Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners can then be posted to various social media channels, as well as on the company website.

With care, Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners can last a very long time. Taking care of Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners is as simple as rolling them up and storing them with care, and it ensures one won’t need a replacement any time soon. One may invest in a storage and/or a carrying case to keep their Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners clean and shiny, and ready to unroll at a moment’s notice.

Customgraphix Step-and-Repeat Banners – Get A Free Quote

Now that one has been familiarized with how trendy Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners are, as well as the benefits of having them in one’s arsenal of marketing materials, they may proceed to get in touch with Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona directly and inquire about the printing options for their brand.
Customgraphix step-and-repeat banners can be ready for framing, or hang-standing. We are also able to produce our step-and-repeat banners with pole pockets, eyelets, or any other feature of the sort one may need.
While we offer numerous existing templates across a wide range of different categories, our customers are not required to use one of them. We have provided an online design tool which allows our customers to design their own c step-and-repeat banners from scratch, by using a blank template or by uploading a wide range of file types for pre-designed graphics. Additionally, we offer free design services in which we can design a graphic for you, or improve an existing design, completely free of charge.
Whether you already have print-ready art or graphics in mind, or need yet to design it, our assistance is available 24/7 and we are always happy to help you get started with step-and-repeat banners.