Vinyl Banners 101 – Why Outdoor Vinyl Banners Are So Reliable


With the pressure the pandemic has put on many American businesses, small and large alike, marketing dollars have been forced to stretch as far as one can make them.
If you need to let your audience know your business is still open, or to advertise a sale, you won’t get a better return on your investment than a quality outdoor vinyl banner.
Outdoor vinyl banners are a tried and true method of raising the awareness about your business and its services among your audience. As a matter of fact, thirty-five percent of customers surveyed confirmed that they knew about a local business because they had passed a sign.
There are several reasons why outdoor vinyl signs are such a popular and reliable tool for business and marketing.

Customgraphix Outdoor Vinyl Banners Are Durable

Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners are built to last. This is owing to the high quality of the vinyl material we use to produce our banners. Vinyl is an extremely durable material, resistant to water and ultraviolet radiation, which means your Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banner can be hung outside, on an outfield fence, or on the side of a building without getting ripped, torn, or faded.
With the right scrim, you may even choose to make them windproof to avoid flapping or billowing. If you need to move around a lot, Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners are incredibly easy to pack, storage, and transport.



Customgraphix Outdoor Vinyl Banners Are Colorful

Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona engages state-of-the-art printing process for outdoor vinyl banners which ensures they come to you with sharp, crisp colors that look amazing even from a distance. Since a third of all consumers in the States tends to associate the quality of the signage with the quality of the business, you really need to make sure that you are stepping your best foot forward.
Work with your team and/or the staff at Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona to develop an outdoor vinyl banner that is easy to see, read, and look at by your customers in passing.

Customgraphix Outdoor Vinyl Banners Are Cheap

Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners are some of the most cost-effective advertising tools on the market. For the same amount of money you would need to spend on a single-day-worth of digital advertising, you can have your Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banner outside of your store for years to come.
Since the majority of the people who will come across your outdoor vinyl banner this way live within a five mile radius of your business, you will be reliably reaching your most prospective targets at an average of twice a day. The fact that they are incredibly cheap means that you can easily afford to have several. Create outdoor vinyl banners for holiday specials or celebrate the success of a local team, the possibilities are endless.

Customgraphix Outdoor Vinyl Banners Print and Ship Fast

The turnaround time for your outdoor vinyl banner order can be as little as twenty-four hours, depending on the size of your order. This means that you’ll be able to keep on track of the changes in the market, the current events, and make updates to your business quickly.
Outdoor vinyl banner production is  much faster than other large signage alternatives that require highly specialize materials to be produced, or that require specialized hardware to install.
This is especially important if you need quality custom signage for an event where a quick and cheap solution is required.

Customgraphix Outdoor Vinyl Banners Attract Customers at Point of Sale

A well-designed and well-positioned outdoor vinyl banner can drive customers at the point of sale, meaning that they will receive the message when they have already decided to trust your business and are ready to pay.
The average consumer is extremely liable to making impulse purchases at the point of sale; Don’t believe us? Just look at the grocery store checkout lines. They are often stacked with candy and magazines, and many customers end up buying some of these small items. Placing a Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banner at the point of sale can inspire your customers to sign up for an upcoming event or make impulse additional purchases.

Customgraphix Outdoor Vinyl Banners – Reliable Value

Are Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners the right choice of signage for your business?
The printing speed makes them one of the most efficient advertising options, while the materials used in their production keep them cost-friendly to almost any budget.
Regardless of the specifics, Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners are a very reliable choice.
Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona can ensure your outdoor vinyl banners effectively serve their purpose by providing you with expert design and installation advice.
 one is having trouble creating a satisfying layout for their outdoor vinyl banner, they shouldn’t hesitate to contact us and inquire directly so our design team can offer free assistance in this endeavor and help them create just the item they want.
Get in touch with Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona today.

From repeatedly attracting new customers and generating new ones to communicating and selling your products and services efficiently, effective advertising is a useful tool for any business but the process of setting it up can prove quite daunting.
However, with the right marketing strategy, savvy business owner can increase their sales and revenue with minimal hassle.  Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners tend to be an underestimated marketing element, but they are an excellent and quite affordable way to market your business.
Regardless of the type of business you operate, Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners are guaranteed to deliver measurable results.
Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners can help promote your brand like never before and we promise you won’t end up disappointed if you choose to use them for your marketing purposes. In this article, we have provided a list of five reasons why Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners can be beneficial for your business and brand.
Don’t let yourself be deceived into spending your hard-earned money on an inferior product. Our printing process is closely overseen by highly experienced and well-trained graphics technicians we are proud to have on our team. They are tasked with examining each coloration layer for accuracy and perfect reproducibility.