Vehicle Vinyl Lettering

We manufacture our vehicle vinyl lettering out of a two millimeter sheet of adhesive vinyl material. Our vehicle vinyl lettering are fully customizable and have been designed and produced not to cause any damage to the windows or the body of the vehicle they are installed on. Our vehicle vinyl lettering is a perfect signage solution that enables our customers to advertise their brand or business for years wherever they drive.

Custom Vehicle Vinyl Lettering – A Perfect Fit

Our customers may choose between more than thirty-five different colors of self-adhesive vinyl, and have their lettering, numbers, or other design elements cut to the exact shape they require.



Why Choose Us?

– Next day production – If the order for your vehicle vinyl lettering is placed by 9 PM, we guarantee to have it produced and shipped the very next day;
– Twenty five years of experience – Two and a half decades of experience, expertise, and production;
– A hundred percent satisfaction – We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your opaque car decal. If you aren’t, we will make sure to make it right;
– Free design services – Make your design perfect for your needs

What is vehicle vinyl lettering?

– Vehicle vinyl lettering, also sometimes referred to as car or truck vinyl lettering, includes lettering, numbers, or other individual design elements that are cut out of a sheet of pre-colored, two millimeter vinyl material, and then placed (pre-spaced) onto pre-masked transfer tape. The number of pre-masked tape sheets used depends on the size of the vehicle vinyl lettering and the number of colors used. This enables the vehicle vinyl lettering to be easily installed on any vehicle in once peace, creating a clean and professional look.
Our vehicle vinyl lettering may be installed on cars, lawn mowers, trucks, tractors, vans, RVs, vans, off-road vehicles, jeeps, race cars, buses, UTVs, commercial vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes etc. They may be installed on windows as well as the body of the vehicle.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering Features

– Easy to install – Our vehicle vinyl lettering can be installed within minutes without requiring professional help for the process. We have provided installation guide below, as well as including one with each order we ship out, making sure our customers know exactly how to proceed.
– Durable – We cut our vehicle vinyl lettering out of a solid sheet of a durable two millimeter vinyl material, which enables them to last a minimum of eight years in outdoor setting with no fading or cracking.
– Resistant to water, weather, and ultraviolet waves – Our vehicle vinyl lettering are manufactured with durable vinyl material and can withstand rain, sunlight, and other elements for approximately three years.
– No damage to paint or windows – Our vehicle vinyl lettering utilizes an adhesive technology that is safe for use on windows and paint of a vehicle, and will not cause damage during the removal assuming the proper steps have been taken.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering Additional Specifications

Thickness – zero-point-two inches, two millimeters, fifty microns, about the thickness of half a sheet of copy paper.
UV Resistance – The material we use for manufacturing our vehicle vinyl lettering contains ultraviolet protectors in its own manufacture, enabling our vehicle vinyl lettering to last a minimum of eight years outside with proper installation, care and maintenance.
Estimated Lifespan – A minimum of eight years, results may vary depending on climate, environment, and handling.
Optimal Temperature Range – between minus forty degrees Fahrenheit and two hundred and twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit.
Installation Method – Pre-masked transfer tape, all at once installation.
Print Method – Our vehicle vinyl lettering are cut, not printed, out of pre-colored vinyl material.
Uses – Outdoors. Used on windows or body of cars, lawn mowers, trucks, tractors, vans, RVs, vans, off-road vehicles, jeeps, race cars, buses, UTVs, commercial vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes etc.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering Installation Guide

– Our vehicle vinyl lettering does not require professional assistance for installation. Although, when it comes to larger designs, some help may be necessary in order to prevent the material from prematurely sticking to the surface or itself.
Complex designs with multiple colors will require that the vehicle vinyl lettering is placed on the desired surface in layers. We have outlined this process below.
The steps to installing vehicle vinyl lettering have been presented below. We advise reading all the steps carefully before staring the application. The steps we have outlined below should be followed in order to ensure proper application.

– The surface which the vehicle vinyl lettering is to be applied to should be cleaned with non-abrasive rag and a very mild cleaner mixture, or slightly soapy water.
– The surface should be left to fully air dry prior to the application.
– The area to which vehicle vinyl lettering is to be applied to should be measured in advance.
– The area to which vehicle vinyl lettering is to be applied to should be marked prior to installation.
– Without removing the backing of the vehicle vinyl lettering or the transfer tape – which is placed on top of the vehicle vinyl lettering -, one should use masking or painter’s tape, or any other suitable tape, to affix the top edge of pre-masked vehicle vinyl lettering to the previously marked area.

* For vehicle vinyl lettering designs with multiple colors, two vinyl lettering dots, one in the upper left corner and one in the bottom right corner, will be included with the product on each layer in order to facilitate correctly lining up each layer on the desired surface.

– The backing of the vehicle vinyl lettering should be carefully peeled away, stating from the top. Not all backing should be peeled away. Initially, only a thin horizontal stretch of the backing should be peeled. Transfer tape and vinyl lettering, both of which have their adhesive side exposed at this step of the process, should be prevented from touching the designated surface.
– While holding the adhesive sides of transfer tape and vehicle vinyl lettering away from the designated surface, a hand or another flat surface, such as credit card or squeegee, should be used to evenly and firmly press the adhesive backing of the vehicle vinyl lettering and transfer tape to the surface. This should be done top to bottom, across the horizontal stretch which has been exposed in the previous step.
– The backing is to be peeled away little by little while the lettering is evenly and firmly pressed, with transfer tape on top of it, onto the surface.
– Once the vehicle vinyl lettering has fully been applied to the surface, the transfer tape is to be carefully removed.

* For complex designs with multiple colors, once the first layer has been applied to the surface, including the dots in the upper left and bottom right corners, the next layer should be placed by aligning the dots of the second layer with the first layer. It is important to note that the layers are not labeled. The application is to be continued by utilizing the dots on the designated surface and repeating the steps outlined above.

– The vehicle vinyl lettering has now been installed on the designated surface.
– Any bubbles that remain are to be removed, as well as any non-permanent markings.

* For complex designs with multiple colors, the vinyl dots should also be removed at the end of the installation process. They are to be carefully peeled away from the designated surface with fingernails or a sharp tool. Care should be taken to avoid scratching away the paint, or damaging the vehicle vinyl lettering.

Additional Helpful Tips and Hints

– Larger vehicle vinyl lettering designs can be applied piece by piece by cutting the order between words. One should make sure that the backing and the transfer tape are not removed, and simply cut in between words after installing it to the designated surface with masking tape.
This allows for the steps six and eight to be repeated by doing smaller portions of the entire design, while still keeping it aligned and positioned correctly as per the provided markings. For very large designs, this should be done not only between words, but as often as possible, if not for every individual letter, if necessary.
Alternatively, the middle instead of the top hinge should be used, with the masking of other suitable tape. Utilising the middle hinge instead of the top hinge just means that the tape will run vertical instead of horizontal. This is especially effective for longer words, or designs which are wider than they are tall.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering Care

– To keep our vehicle vinyl lettering clean, one may simply use water and a non-abrasive cloth to gently wipe it clean. Our vehicle vinyl lettering are not suitable for pressurized car washers, and doing so may result in it peeling off. Strong cleaners and power washers are to be avoided, especially on or around the corners of vehicle vinyl lettering. This may damage or completely remove the vehicle vinyl lettering.