Vehicle Magnets

Our vehicle magnets are thin signage products with magnetic properties that are easy to install and able to adhere to the surface on any vehicle for a very long time. Our vehicle magnets are printed via four color digital process. Our vehicle magnets are eco-friendly and resistant to weather, fade, and abrasion thanks to the ultraviolet ink we use in their production.

What are vehicle magnets?

– Our vehicle magnets are thin, but incredibly strong, signage products with magnetic properties that may be installed onto flat, smooth magnetic vehicle surfaces for the purposes of advertising businesses and products ‘on the go’. Our vehicle magnets are affordable, wind-tested, and extremely durable. Our vehicle magnets are a perfect choice for removable signage on personal and business vehicles.



Our vehicle magnets are one hundred percent customizable and print-safe, so our customer may design their own magnet exactly as they have in mind, install them on a vehicle, peel them off, and reuse them again and again. With our state of the art printers, our customers may rest assured that their vehicle magnets will be resistant to weather, fade, and abrasion, and look clean and professional when installed on a vehicle.

Vehicle Magnet / Features

– Our vehicle magnets may be used on metal, flat, and smooth surfaces with magnetic properties.
– The surface our vehicle magnets are to be installed on needs to be thoroughly cleaned prior to the installation.
– Our vehicle magnets are a temporary signage solution and are easy to remove.
– Our vehicle magnets will not damage the vehicle paint with proper installation and usage.
– Our vehicle magnets work on cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, fleet vehicles, etc.
– For maximum adhesion and longevity, our vehicle magnets are to be removed and cleaned daily.
– For best results, we recommend the installation and care instruction we have provided below are followed closely.

Vehicle Magnets / Custom Shapes

– We are able to produce vehicle magnets in one of the five shapes listed below:
– Square or rectangle – The vehicle magnet will be cut to a square or rectangular shape at the dimensions our customer specifies upon placing the order.
– Rounded corners – The vehicle magnet will be cut to square or rectangle shape at the dimensions our customer specifies upon placing the order, which includes rounded corners at either a quarter of an inch, or an inch radius.
– Circle or oval – The vehicle magnet will be cut to circle or oval shape at the dimensions our customer specifies upon placing the order.
– Custom – The vehicle magnet will be cut to a custom shape to match the requested design. For best results, we advise against using sharp points or intricate patterns upon submitting the quoted design in order to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle magnet. For more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us directly and inquire further.
– Custom with border – The vehicle magnet will be cut to custom shape with a border of blank material left around the edges.

Other Vehicle Magnet Features

– Fully customizable – We allow our customers to upload any image they desire, and/or use our provided design tool, free of charge, in order to create a personalized, and unique vehicle magnet that perfectly fits their purposes;
– Superior printing – Our vehicle magnets can be produced in more vibrant colors, and ensure a crisp and eye-catching reproduction of your logo, text, and graphics. Many of our customers have complimented our decals, saying they appear as if the walls were painted on;
Highly adhesive – Owing to the highly adhesive magnetic technology we use in producing our vehicle magnets, these decals are the most durable vehicle signage we can offer. Our vehicle magnets are able to last much longer than regular decals, and can withstand harsher conditions. If they are installed properly, they tend to last for more than five years;
– Durability – Compared to their vinyl counterparts, our foil-printed vehicle magnets can withstand almost any weather condition for long periods of time, making their lifespan stretch for at least five years.

Vehicle Magnets / Installation

– Place the vehicle magnets on a flat magnetic surface – Upon receiving the product, the vehicle magnet is to be placed on a flat magnetic surface for twenty-four hours in order to restore magnetic memory. All our vehicle magnets are shopped out rolled up in order to prevent damage during shipment. Placing them on a magnetic surface will ensure the vehicle magnet is flattened out enough for the installation process, while resetting its magnetic memory. Failing to perform this step of the process will result in poor adherence to the designated vehicle surface during the application process and subsequent use.
– Clean the designated vehicle surface before installing the vehicle magnet – It is our recommendation that the designated vehicle surface the vehicle magnet is to be installed on is thoroughly cleaned before the application, and that the back of the product itself is wiped down with a damp cloth (a mild mixture of detergent and water may also be utilized here) prior to the installation. By cleaning both the designated vehicle surface and the vehicle magnet itself, and allowing them to air dry, one prevents any dirt or tiny rocks from scratching the vehicle’s paint, and enables a solid connection between the vehicle magnet and the vehicle surface.
– Place the vehicle magnets on a flat vehicle surface with magnetic properties (no curves, bumps, or molding) – One should note that the designated installation surface for our vehicle magnets must be completely flat without any bumps, curves, or molding. The designated vehicle surface may also be made out of metal with magnetic properties, otherwise our vehicle magnets will not work. In order to ensure that the installation of the vehicle magnet has been done correctly, one should make sure that the product has completely adhered to the designated vehicle surface and that no air pockets have appeared underneath the vehicle magnet, and that all areas of the vehicle magnet are flat against the designated vehicle surface, including the edges and the corners of the product.
– Prevent damage to the vehicle magnet and the vehicle by removing the vehicle magnet and cleaning both surfaces frequently – Our vehicle magnets are to be removed from their designated vehicle surface frequently and cleaned alongside the surface in order to achieve maximum lifespan of both. Our professional recommendation is that our vehicle magnets are to be removed and cleaned daily for best results. However, frequent cleaning can often be sufficient.
– Remove the vehicle magnet during vehicle wash and when not in use – The vehicle magnet is to be removed before placing the vehicle through any mechanical car wash, or use of a power washer, both of which can permanently damage the product. Additionally, we recommend our vehicle magnets are removed and stored during any extended periods of time when they are not to be in use. They are to be stored flat out of direct sunlight.

Vehicle Stickers / Care

Once the vehicle magnet has been removed, we recommend cleaning it before storing it flat, in a container, in a cool, dry place with a piece of non-abrasive fabric on each side. Storing our vehicle magnets by following these exact instructions will prevent any damage to the product, including both the printed side and the magnetic property itself, keeping the vehicle magnet in excellent condition for future use.

Vehicle Magnets / Additional Specifications

Weight – zero-point-five-hundred-fifty-eight pounds per square foot, about the weight of five Snickers bars.
Thickness – zero-point-zero-thirty inches, about the thickness of eight sheets of copy paper.
Magnetic pull – Ninety pounds per square foot.
Details – Ideal for any type of vehicle with metal, magnetic surface. Our vehicle magnets are durable, reusable, and easy to install, maintain, and handle.
Uses –  Indoors and Outdoors. Vehicles, warehouse signage, directional signage, fridge magnets.
Print method – Four color process, eco-friendly, ultraviolet ink resistant to weather, fade, and abrasion.
Optimal surface temperature range – Between minus fifteen degrees Fahrenheit and minus one hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit.
Estimated lifespan – A minimum of three years with proper placement and care.

Why choose our Vehicle Decals?

– Next day production – If the order for your vehicle magnet is placed by 9 PM, we guarantee to have it produced and shipped the very next day;
– Free shipping for orders higher than seventy-five USD. – If you order wall decals for the price higher than seventy-five USD, your order shipping is free. This offer excludes rigid signs larger than thirty-six inches in either dimension;
– A hundred percent satisfaction – We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your vehicle magnet. If you aren’t, we will make sure to make it right