Types of Outdoor Advertising – Six Most Popular Options


Types of Outdoor Advertising – Six Most Popular Options

If one is considering putting up some traditional outdoor advertising for their business, they’ve come to the right place. Despite the rising popularity of digital marketing, traditional advertising is still going strong.
Customgraphix outdoor advertising signage takes up real, physical space which makes it considerably more difficult to ignore. Their bright, vibrant colors and unique designs draw attention effortlessly, especially when hung on empty exterior walls or indoors. Customgraphix outdoor advertising signage will allow for delivery of information to the regular customers as they come in to pick up their dinner, but it will also enable one to communicate with people simply passing by their store even if they’ve never shopped at your place before. It’s easy for people passing by a store to suddenly feel intrigued by a sign and feel invited in. Congratulations, you’ve just gotten yourself a new customer.
To support this, seventy-one percent of people have stated they pay attention to roadside billboards on their commune. In this guide, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona discusses six most popular types of outdoor advertising and the ways they can benefit any business.

Types of Outdoor Advertising – Billboards and Banners

Billboard advertising is still rather popular with many business owners. This holds especially true in areas with high traffic and with multiple highways. However, this mode of advertising can be pretty expensive. The costs of billboard advertising can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the city, the demographic, the traffic, and the impressions. In most small to medium-sized cities in the United States, the costs for billboard advertising can range between fifteen hundred to four thousand USD. In addition to billboards, banners are also an excellent way to advertise outside. For example, one has probably seen vinyl banner ads at professional sports arenas quite often, as well as window sign displays in stores, and at a local community events.

Types of Outdoor Advertising  – Transit Advertising

This type of advertising is most common on the sides of buses, but it can also be seen in subway and metro stations, in trains and cabs, and in airports. This form of outdoor advertising is most popular in large, densely populated cities with robust public transit networks, such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D. C.



Types of Outdoor Advertising – Street Furniture

This type of outdoor advertising is best for building awareness in areas with high foot traffic. These may often be seen in bus shelters, on park benches, telephone kiosks, and newsstands.

Types of Outdoor Advertising – POS Displays

POS (Point of Sale) display advertising is yet another example for efficient outdoor advertising. Most people encounter POS ads while shopping in grocery stores, eating at restaurants, and shopping at department stores. These types of adverts often display creative and inventive imagery the point of which is to inspire the buyers to make additional purchases right there at the register. These types of ads work particularly well in capturing the customer attention with low-cost branded items such as candy, chips, and soda.

Types of Outdoor Advertising – Mobile Billboards

Not much different from transit advertising, mobile billboards are yet another form of outdoor advertising where the ad can reach wide audiences by being placed on the side of a truck or a trailer. This type of advertising can serve a dual purpose as delivery trucks can be used for product launches, special displays, and even standard marketing.

Types of Outdoor Advertising – Guerrilla Outdoor Advertising

This is the most unconventional form of outdoor advertising. However, it can get very creative as a result, by including tactics such as – employing team members to pass out flyers, holding flash mob events, or even opening pop-up shop events. This type of advertising is only limited by one’s imagination (and the local community regulations, of course). To make use of this tactic, one should first consider or conduct research on the areas within their local community where their target audience is most likely to gather, and go on from there. As an example, one may hand out promotional flyers or printed postcards outside of a theater or a sporting event.

Types of Outdoor Advertising – Which Type Is The Right One for You?

By considering the benefits of the six most popular types of outdoor advertising we have listed above, one is all set to decide which one of them would benefit their business the most.
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