Tips to Make Portable Trade Show Display Booth Irresistible


Trade shows represent a wonderful opportunity for business owners to meet up with their potential clients face-to-face at half the cost they would have to spend on an office meeting. Unlike office meetings, trade shows are not just about securing the already-warm leads, they are also about snagging fresh new leads. This is where portable trade show display banners come into play. They are wonderfully effective at attracting new faces to show up at one’s booth. In this guide, we provide some expert tips on how to make this versatile marketing tool work wonders for your business.

Leverage the Existing Marketing Collateral

Not every business can or should use a mascot. However, if a business may, a business definitely should. Mascots make wonderful additions to trade show display.
Most mascots are designed to be colorful, fun, and eye-catching. For example, let us imagine a large plush rabbit as a mascot. In a sea of heavily stylized logos and acronyms, the booth with a large fluff rabbit is sure to stand out. If a brand is already established, however, they may be able to get away with only using their logo. For businesses with established reputation, a logo works itself to draw potential clients to the booth. These businesses need to make sure that their logo is prominently displayed.

Use Interesting Imagery

If you’re running a business, you have likely already employed services of a professional photographer to take pictures of your clients enjoying your product and/or service. Why not make a selection of these images to display on your trade show?
How does this work, you may wonder? It’s simple, humans are way better at processing visual data than verbal or written data. While facts, graphs, and figures can be vital at securing an office meeting, pictures, graphics, and other visuals will draw the curious eye of the passerby at the event. More importantly, they’ll be able to retain the information they gather from the imagery better than the information they read once the event ends. You get bonus points if you find a way to incorporate something in your imagery that would appeal to their emotions, such as a depiction of a cute animal.



Keep the Text Legible

In online conversations, a text typed in all-caps gets interpreted as yelling. On marketing signage and other types of advertising display, many companies often opt for all-caps nevertheless as they believe it makes the text easier to read. The notion is understandable but, unfortunately, it’s just plain wrong.
Lowercase letters are actually significantly easier to read under almost any circumstance. Of course, brand consistency should be kept in mind when designing a logo for your trade show display. However, if you want to include additional information about your company, product, or service we advise you do your clients and yourself a favor and make sure the text is formatted to lowercase. The easier your text is to read, the easier it is to attract fresh faces from the crowd.

Last Bit of Advice

Portable trade show displays don’t require some industry-redefining approach to be irresistible. You are likely way better off by relying on your existing marketing collateral, such as mascots. Use engaging imagery that features other customers enjoying your product/business/service. Use lowercase lettering to keep the text legible to the passerby unfamiliar with your company.
By combining these tactics and, maybe, coming up with some of your own by consulting a marketing analyst, you are guaranteed to make your trade show booth attractive and memorable to the attendees.
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