Things to Consider When Building Your Brand

Who are you and what is your passion? What services or products can your company offer? What is it that you want your brand to represent?

All these questions take a lot of time to process, but once you find out all the answers, it will be worth it. As a business, you will be competing against big brands with loyal customers and unlimited marketing budgets.

That’s why you have to find ways to be different, and make sure to have a solid brand building process of your own. Study every opportunity that you want to indulge in, and be informed!

Once you are already aware of these basic knowledge about you and the other companies, try and carve out your own unique identity. You should never imitate what all these huge companies are doing!

Just research your competitors and keep track of their progress so you will be aware of how to keep up.

Create your own space in the industry that you intend to belong in, and be as authentic and unique as you can be.

Branding is not just about having a cool logo, a good advertisement or a nice tagline. It is how you are going to be perceived in the long run, so we can say that branding can be a life-long process.

As early as now, figure out what you want to represent and not just what you want to represent today, but what is it that you want to represent for the rest of your life.

And we certainly have to be careful on how we want to be labeled. For a brand to be effective, it needs to be easy for potential customers and clients to recognize and remember.

Consider these tips below and you will never go wrong!

The foundation for building your brand is to determine the target audience that you’ll be focusing on.

On our previous blog post, “Let’s Have a Banter About Banners and Brand”, we stressed how important it is to know who your target audience are.

Keep in mind who we are trying to reach and focus on how to capture their attention. Be specific enough to know if you want to cater to moms-at-home, or student, or young professionals.

Then, narrow it down again by deciding whether you want to give services to  students who are studying Linguistics for instance, instead of using the broad term “students”.

By being specific, you ensure that your brand will be perceived clearly by your consumers.

And of course, you want the right person to consume your products, read your blogs and click on your website. 

Know the motivation, goals and road blocks of your customers.

What keeps them going? What value can your business offer to your customers?

Identifying their goals and knowing how you will be able to ease their roadblocks is a necessity in building your brand.

And while there will always be brands with bigger budgets and broader reach, if you focus on what you can offer and manage to spark interest, it will surely be a good start and you will be able to gain your own loyal fanbase after a while.

Just be patient, it is not gonna be easy but great things are coming with the right mindset and attitude, and take time to connect with your customers.

No one else can offer what you can do!

If you know exactly who your target audience are, give them a reason to choose you instead of your competitors.

What set you apart from them? Be firm with how you want to be seen and focus on it. Show them how consistent you are by providing quality services and turn potential clients to loyal customers!

Be more authentic and transparent, offer them quality customer services and attend to their needs, make your services affordable yet satisfactory.

What is your brand voice?

Your brand voice is an essential part of how your customers and clients perceive you. It is how you present the personality and attitude of the brand through the communication channels and to your audience.

When crafting emails, social media captions and blogs, your brand voice can be heard and it is up to you if you want to be friendly, professional, authoritative or conversational.

It all depends on how you want to be seen and what you offer as well. Make your personality stand out by using brand voice in a constant manner, and stick with it.

Sharing behind-the-scenes content, for example, will pull the customers in and will make them feel more connected with you, and that is one good way of building your brand too.

The brand building process never stops.

As we mentioned earlier, branding can be a lifelong process and it never stops. From your blog posts to email newsletters, to banners that you put up and social media accounts, your logo and tagline will always be visible.

So make the best out of it, adhere to a theme that supports your brand and stick to it. The rest will follow.

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And for our final words: be consistent and keep track of your progress! Knowing your brand is a never-ending process, but by knowing what you can offer, you will eventually find out where you are headed to be.