The Best Customgraphix Printed Signage to Boost Sales


Do you want to give your sales a sizable boost? In the modern era, one may find themselves surprised to learn that Customgraphix printed signage is making a big impact on attracting customer attention. In 2016, businesses across the United States noticed a forty-three percent increase in the number of customers who responded to mail sent directly to them.
If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, continue reading to learn about the best Customgraphix printed signage to increase sales.

Customgraphix Phoenix, Az – Put Your Business in Our Hands

One of the major difference between digital and print marketing is that the latter presents the customer with a physical object on their hands. The physical object is more likely to make a lasting impression unlike its digital counterpart.

Customgraphix Print Signage – Business Cards

Business cards are a small, but a powerful tool to have on-hand. Whenever one talks to a potential customer about their business, service, and/or product, they should come prepared to hand them a business card; This will leave a good impression about their preparedness for random encounters, and will enable the potential customer with necessary information to seek out the business later on with ease. Handing out Customgraphix business cards that feature a creative design or logo is a guaranteed way to promote brand awareness and give the potential customers an idea of what the company is all about.

Customgraphix Print Signage – Postcards

Customgraphix postcards are a tangible, printed marketing material which gets mailed directly to a potential customer. Customgraphix postcards can place a business logo and all of the relevant information directly into the hands of potential customers. Leaflets and flyers were the predecessors of this marketing tool but they have quickly become a synonym for junk mail, which now causes them to be promptly discarded as trash. A well-designed postcard, on the other hand, can better catch the attention of the recipient, and has a much better chance of actually being looked at and held onto.



Customgraphix Print Marketing Materials That Get Attention

Some of the best printed signage for marketing undoubtedly includes Customgraphix banners and signs.

Customgraphix Print Signage – Banners and Signs

Customgraphix banners and signs can be used for just about anything, from promoting a sale to generating brand awareness at a trade show. They can be produced to be large, or even extra large, and may be designed so that they fit either inside or outdoor use. They are highly customizable and versatile, making them perfect for targeting just about any sub-category of consumers. With a little bit of creativity, one’s business can really stand out from its surroundings with Customgraphix printed banners and signs. Another excellent factor to consider is that Customgraphix printed banners and signs are extremely cost-effective. By designing, purchasing, and installing just one Customgraphix banner, one may potentially reach greater multitudes of people by the cost, than if they did the same for individual postcards or business cards.

Using Printed Customgraphix Banners and Signs to Boost Sales

Printed marketing materials can take up a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
For example, Customgraphix vehicle decals are an excellent way to grab the attention from large numbers of people while on the go, reaching a great number of potential customers while simply driving from one place to another.

Customgraphix canopy pop-up tents with the appropriate business logo and information featured on them represent a wonderfully functional way to protect a booth from the natural elements while also standing out from the crowd at a public event.
Brightly-colored Customgraphix feather banners fluttering in the breeze are an excellent way to catch the eye of just about anyone passing by.
Not all step-and-repeat banner printers are equal. You should choose a printed banners and signs printer company with a proven track record of customer satisfaction and high product standards. Our printed banners and signs come in a variety of sizes with all-encompassing customization options.
We ensure all printed banners and signs we ship out abide by our strict quality standards, we want our client’s event to stand out in the best way possible. Our rigorous quality control process ensures we produce some of the highest quality printed banners and signs on the market. Our printing process is closely overseen by highly experienced and well-trained graphics technicians we are proud to have on our team. They are tasked with examining each coloration layer for accuracy and perfect reproducibility, and are continually referring to our client’s original image file for pixel-perfect design and color accuracy.