Ten Ways to Attract Customers with Trade Show Display Ideas


Ten Ways to Attract Customers with Trade Show Display Ideas

Participating in trade shows is one of the most surefire ways to promote a business, a product and/or service, and to create meaningful connections with other people in the industry. The issue is – a lot of other companies will be trying to do the exact same thing – to stand out and attract as many consumers as possible to their side of the venue. If one isn’t careful, they can easily get lost in a sea of more experienced or better-equipped competition. In this article, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona has provided five trade show display ideas to keep in mind for the upcoming event so one can have a clearer picture about what they can and are bringing to the table.

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas – Get The Guests Involved

Creating a way to involve the guest in the performance is one of the best way to promote a business by letting the prospective customers in on the action. For example, if one sells protein powders, they may design a mini workshop where they let their guests make and mix them. If the guests are engaged and are having fun, they are more likely to stick around to watch demos and even purchase the product. Moreover, as other attendees notice this group having fun, they will likely want to join in as well.

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas – People Like Free Stuff

One may choose to prepare promotional items such as t shirts, key chains, and other things that are easy and cheap to make, and that can generate a considerable payoff if handled correctly. If one wants to draw in crowds, they may decide to give such items away or they may hold a type of contest. If the prize/s seem valuable enough, the attendees will gather ‘round on their own for their chance to win something cool and fun.

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas – Create A Chill Zone

Free coffee and mobile phone charging stations are staples of most modern conferences, but how many brands have you seen provide their audience with a spot where they can play video games or simply watch some TV? If one is able to create an ‘at home’ feeling at their booth, their attendees can relax and that will engage them to stay longer. To achieve this effect, one may use a ‘homey’ backdrop to help their guests unwind and get comfortable. One may take this further by offering refreshments, asking them about their day and, depending on the space available, one may plop down a few beanbags and coat hangers.



Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas – Entertainment

If one has the budget for it, they may choose to entertain their guests with some live music. This will help create a fun atmosphere that will keep the guests sticking around. Humans are curious and if they hear a fun-sounding commotion at one booth they are likely to leave whichever spot they are currently engaged at just to go and see what’s going on over there. In this case, one should refer to the rules of the trade show they are attending. Some organizers may have regulations about or disallow music completely as not to disrupt other activities at the event.

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas – Cardboard Cut-Out

Fun cutouts of the business’ mascot are an extremely fun way to promote a brand and draw a crowd. One may be surprised with the number of people lining up to take a selfie with a cut-out. People simply like memorabilia, and a fun selfie spot is one of the easiest ways to provide this little, treasured boon.

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas – Create Pre-Show Buzz Before the Event

Savvy exhibitors understand the importance of creating excitement among the public before the event even begins. Every business attending the same event has the same or very similar goals in mind, meaning that the competition is steep. Distinguish your business by building relationships with the audience before the event even begins, so your brand stands at the forefront of their mind when they come to attend. There are multiple different ways to achieve this. Some of the more traditional methods include, but are not limited to: social media posts and/or ads, printed adverts, email blasts, raffles, mailers, etc. You can also spice things up a little with the following pre-show attention grabbers:

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas  – Virtual Conferences, Q&As, and/or Webinars via GoToMeeting or Facebook

Leverage a virtual event prior to the real-world one to demonstrate your expertise as a host, and to show your public how your products and/or services can help with their most pressing needs. To sweeten the deal and inspire higher attendance, you may offer them a freebie such as an eBook, an industry report, a list of helpful tips, or another item they may find valuable. This can help place your brand as the focal point in their minds when they show up for the event looking for solutions. Make sure to include a hard-to-resist call-to-action during this virtual event to make attendees excited to visit your booth at the real one.

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas  – Use Pre-Show Gameification to Engage the Public

Many businesses rely on gameification at the exhibits to generate more interest in their brand, and your business can gain a competitive edge as well if you choose to engage the public via email, social media, or a purposefully-designed app ahead of the time. The gameification can take various shapes, including but not limited to: interactive polls, surveys, assessments, quizzes, online promotions, etc.
If you also set up a web page for this purpose, it will invite more people to your website, generating an even louder buzz. Once this step has been completed, you should invite your audience to visit your stand at the event in order to get personalized recommendations based on their responses, to pick up small gifts, to watch a demo, or to otherwise engage with your brand.

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas – Allow Your Employees to Run Your Social Media

Give your social media manager a break and allow your employees to take over. This can be a fun, engaging way to connect with your audience ahead of the event. The employee you choose should be someone approachable, friendly, and fun. They can offer behind-the-scenes information about your business and the upcoming even, they can tease your audience with new products and/or services, and they can respond to comments in a more personalized and engaging way.

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas – Attract Customers with These Trade Show Display Ideas

Regardless of how innovative and creative one’s ideas are, they will need the help of the old-fashioned, sturdy, high-quality branding tools such as banners, pop-up stands, posters, graphics, etc. if they wish to stand out and appear truly professional.
One may contact us at Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona to bring this vision to reality and ensure that your presence at the upcoming event or trade show can really make an impact. Our custom trade show banners simply demand attention, and are guaranteed to attract visitors to one’s display booth or any place such an attention is required. Our custom trade show banners sport a bold, professional look while clearly displaying one’s preferred graphics and/or message. Our custom trade show banners are produced out of the highest-quality material, using state-of-the-art printing technology which is always guaranteed t make one’s design stand out in the best way possible.
One shouldn’t risk their business’ reputation with unreliable printing agencies. Our Phoenix, Arizona custom trade show banners always guarantee the best quality possible. Our printing process is closely overseen by highly experienced and well-trained graphics technicians we are proud to have on our team. They are tasked with examining each coloration layer for accuracy and perfect reproducibility, and are continually referring to our client’s original image file for pixel-perfect design and color accuracy.

Customgraphix Trade Show Display Ideas  – Busk for Your Brand

Street performers, otherwise known as ‘buskers’, are the experts at drawing a crowd in. Hire a juggler, a musician, a magician, anything you like and think would fit your brand, and have them perform outside the venue, or in front of your booth, in order to draw people to you.