Six Reasons Customgraphix Table Cloths Are Good For Your Business


First impressions matter; This reigns true in business as well. Mere moments can decide whether you gain or lose a client.
If your business frequently attends events where a table with a booth is set up to attract customers to it, giving the right first impression is vital. Every moment is an opportunity to attract or repel potential customers. What is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to attract clients, increase sales, and make a good impression? Invest in Customgraphix table cloths.
Customgraphix table cloths are an easy way for your table to stand out, marked with your brand, amidst the sea of other enterprises. While your team may be composed of the highest-order professionals and your products and services are of the highest caliber, if your branding fails to appear professional or attractive, you may still lose more than you gain.

What Are Customgraphix Table Cloths?

Customgraphix table cloths are cloth table coverings produced with stretch fabric that envelops a table. Customgraphix table cloths can be attached to the edge of the table, with fabric hanging to the floor and covering the legs. Alternatively, Customgraphix table cloths can cover the entire table, including the top and the legs. Customgraphix table cloths are produced out of stretchy materials, which allows them to fit most standard tables. Professional companies and non-profits both have the same need for a professional appearance on the site of marketing. Customgraphix table cloths can add a fine touch to your marketing efforts via branding or logo placement. Customgraphix table cloths help potential customers and other event attendees recognize your brand and attract them to your table.



A Professional Fit

You may try to design and print your own table cloths, but unless you know what you are doing, you are likely to only waste your time and money. Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona offers professionally manufactured and high-quality printed table cloths for cheap.
While our company is based in Phoenix, Arizona, regardless of your location in the States, we are able to ship custom table cloths straight to your doorstep. When our product reaches you, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is the quality. Our table cloths are guaranteed to fit and display quality graphics. Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona utilizes state-of-the-art printing technologies to prevent pixelated images. This is how we ensure our custom table cloths meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

The Benefits

Simple and solid Customgraphix table cloths can dress up any event booth or setup. A well-crafted table cloth has the power to attract clientele to your business, and represent your brand to the public eye in the best possible light. Below, we have provided a list of six benefits to rely on Customgraphix table cloths for your event.

Branding and Awareness

Marketing experts tend to agree that a brand is more than just a name. A ‘brand’ is the entire identity of your business, and it has the power to create an emotional reaction in your customers. If you choose to include it in your valiant marketing efforts, Customgraphix table cloths can tell your company story at the event simultaneously branding you in the eyes of the public. Customgraphix table cloths are completely customizable, which allows our clients their creative freedom with the design to match the spirit and essence of their business.
If your business is colorful and youth-oriented, our brightly colored or patterned table cloths can easily represent this theme. Alternatively, if your organization is non-profit or more seriously focused, a straight edge table cloth with a simplistic design can impose the appearance of formality and control on your audience.

Tell a Story

A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual mediums are a powerful storytelling tool. Customgraphix table cloths can build up brand awareness while telling your customers who you are and what they can expect from your business. Customgraphix table cloths are more than just a piece of fabric. They are able to tell stories about your business interests, services, products, and more.

High-Res Quality

Customgraphix table cloths are printed with high-resolution graphics. This means that whatever you choose to print on them will come out clear, vibrant, and well-received at your next event. This will make your business appear even more professional and better organized.

Hide the Mess

Business events can be such a hassle. Some conference rooms or event halls don’t have enough storage space for your personal belongings, snacks, water bottles and other items you need to bring with you but don’t want to put on display for potential customers. Customgraphix table cloths are an excellent way to hide all that mess under the table. This helps your booth look tidy, professional, and free of unnecessary clutter. An orderly and well-organized table is more likely to appeal to the public eye.

Crisp and Clean

Customgraphix table cloths are produced out of washable and stretch-resistant fabric. The high-quality fabric Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona utilizes to manufacture our table cloths enables our product to fit perfectly on almost any table without excess, hanging, gaping, and other unsightly inconveniences. This is what makes our table cloths have and maintain a crisp and clean look that is guaranteed to impress your clientele. A professional table needs a well-fitting cloth to set the scene.

Stable and Secure

The last thing you need is for your tablecloth to fly off during an outdoor event. The natural elements may be impossible to contend with, but Customgraphix table cloths are stable, secure, and able to stand up to any weather challenges.  Customgraphix table cloths keep your table, belongings, and customers safe. Instead of wasting precious time holding down a table cloth during high winds, why not use it to engage with a customer and close a sale? This can impress a strong sense of control and professionalism into the onlookers and incredibly boost your business reputation.

Successful Event

Customgraphix table cloths are not just an attractive covering. They can raise awareness of your brand and create a strong first impression that later translates to sales and growth. If you are interested in fine-tuning your business image with a professional, slick table cloth at the upcoming event, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona offers discount printing.
In addition to table cloths, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona offers church banners, construction signs, A-frame signs, and more. We are able to print large banners with quality, high-resolution graphics at competitive prices.