Seven Reasons to Use Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona Feather Banners to Promote a Business


Seven Reasons to Use Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona Feather Banners to Promote a Business

What are some of the best ways to get a business noticed?
Nowadays, people tend to immediately think of advertising, eye-catching websites, sales, promotions, or even the creation of viral videos to post on social media. However, one of the easiest and most effective ways to get people’s attention is to use Customgraphix feather banners.
Whether one needs to promote a small business, a school bake sale, a charity event, or even a special exhibit, Customgraphix feather banners offer several important advantages. Keep reading to learn more about what they are.

Customgraphix Feather Banners – Eye-Catching

One has doubtlessly seen feather banners fluttering in the breeze and drawing people’s attention. One reason why they are so good at this is their size. Customgraphix feather banners come in three sizes – ten-point-five feet, fourteen feet, and eighteen feet. Another reason why they are so noticeable is that they are colorful. They are easy to customize with words, phrases, logos, and graphics.
Customgraphix feather banners are likely at their best when they are used in fleets. One may surround the front door of their store with them or use multiple to advertise a variety of products and/or services. One pro-tip is to use large text when promoting one’s most popular item or service. A word that is legible both by the passerby on foot and the ones driving is guaranteed to draw in more customers.
For especially head-turning method of using Customgraphix feather banners, one may try spelling out a phrase with sequential banners, or even composing a short ‘poem’ that people can read as they pass by strategically placed series of Customgraphix feather banners. It worked for many businesses already, so it can work for your business too!

Customgraphix Feather Banners – Easy to Transport and Set Up

Customgraphix feather banners are compact. As a matter of fact, several of them can easily fit in an average car trunk, which makes them ideal for small business owners or event organizers. Both the banners themselves and the vertical poles that are used to display them are lightweight and easy to carry. There are three ways to display one’s Customgraphix feather banners –

  • Ground spike — ideal for more permanent banners that will be set up on a lawn
  • Cross base — good for use on concrete or indoors
  • Cross base with weight — for use outdoors and in windy conditions

Many small businesses, especially those that are set further from the road, rely on Customgraphix feather banners to let the public know they exist and that they are open. When it’s time to close, Customgraphix feather banners are easy to pack up and bring inside.

Customgraphix Feather Banners – Cheap

When compared to many other advertising avenues, Customgraphix feather banners provide a lot of bang for buck. Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona produces our feather banners out of durable, colorfast fabric, so they are guaranteed not to rip, tear, fray, or become faded even when displayed outside in the elements on a daily basis. It goes without saying, Customgraphix feather banners are at their most effective when combined with other types of our expert quality signage, such as custom canopy tents or Customgraphix sandwich board signs.



Customgraphix Feather Banners – Target Your Actual Audience

One is free to spend their money and effort on costly internet ads and social media campaigns. However, even the most creative and intelligent web marketing efforts will end up targeting large groups of people unlikely to ever actually become the business’ customers.
For small businesses, this is especially detrimental as most of these people will be located far outside their business area. Therefore, even if they happen to be interested in one’s product and/or service, they are unlikely to be able to reach the business with their requests. Unless one is offering something truly unique, most people are highly unlikely to go out of their way for an offer they could easily find within their own area. This is where Customgraphix feather banners come in.
Customgraphix feather banners can only target and reach people who are already close enough to the business in question to consider it a viable supplier, so one wouldn’t have to worry about wasting their marketing budget on large, unfruitful endeavors and audiences.

Customgraphix Feather Banners  – Suggest Customer Satisfaction

Most modern-day businesses rely on feather banners to target older customers who may not have the tendency or the habit to search for a product and/or service they need online.
That doesn’t mean they aren’t an excellent advertising tool to target younger audiences as well.
Statistics have shown us that millennials tend to consider ‘word-of-mouth’ to be the most trusted and influential factor in their purchasing decisions. Customgraphix feather banners scattered around the neighborhood they live in or frequent can be just as effective as an actual spoken conversation.

Customgraphix Feather Banners – Aid the Infamous ‘Rule of Seven’ Advertising Principle

Some studies have demonstrated that an average person needs to be exposed to a product or service at least seven times before they decide to make a purchase. While the specific number can be left up to debate, there’s no doubt that increased and repeated exposure exponentially influences the sales. Quality, durable Customgraphix feather banners can generate far more than seven exposures.

Customgraphix Feather Banners – Help the Business Stand Out

The average consumer in the United States sees approximately five thousand ads every day which means that it’s vital to stand out from the crowd. Because the modern, average American is continually exposed to a plethora of advertising platforms, they tend to block most of them out, especially those that come up in digital form.
Customgraphix feather banners take up real, physical space which makes them considerably more difficult to ignore. Their bright, vibrant colors and unique designs draw attention effortlessly, especially when hung on empty exterior walls or indoors.

Standing out in the sea of competitors is one of the toughest challenges of modern-day business. A well-designed and wisely-positioned custom sign can help give you a much-needed competitive edge.

Customgraphix Feather Banners – Get Started

When it comes to advertising tools, Customgraphix feather banners are some of the best contemporary options. They are cheap, stylish, and eye-catching. Whether your business is operating indoors or outdoors, Customgraphix feather banners are a perfect way to attract new clients.
Customgraphix feather banners are vibrant, durable, printed on tear-resistant nylon, using state-of-the-art screen printing process, the aim of which is to aid our clients in attracting the attention their business deserves. Highly visible and easy to work with, Customgraphix feather banners may be the perfect signage solution for your next event or convention. Our feather banners are lightweight, easy to carry and assemble anyplace they are needed and can be used for years with proper care and maintenance.
Making Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona your partner in this endeavor means that you get reliable, professional, knowledgeable printing support to supply you with the best signage for your event.
While we offer numerous existing templates across a wide range of different categories, our customers are not required to use one of them. We have provided an online design tool that allows our customers to design their own feather banners from scratch, by using a blank template or by uploading a wide range of file types for pre-designed graphics. Additionally, we offer free design services in which we can design a graphic for you, or improve an existing design, completely free of charge.