Safety First – The Importance of Customgraphix Job Site Signs


Signs can do a variety of things: They can mark a restroom, an order and an order pick-up station, an exit, etc. They can also warn of dangers and help keep a workplace safe.
There are few places where adequate signage is more important than on a job site. Customgraphix job site signs play a vital role in job site health and safety. In this article, we have explained five ways in which Customgraphix signs can help keep your job site safe.

Customgraphix Job Site Signs Warn of Invisible Dangers

For example, high voltages aren’t something your workers can simply see. Unless there is a sign that indicates this type of danger, your workers can easily make a false assumption on how safe an area is.
Wet floors, uneven floors, and low overhead clearance are seemingly minuscule put potentially very dangerous hazards that your workers can fail to notice in time on their own. Customgraphix job site signs inform your workers of these dangers in advance and allow them to take appropriate precautions.

Customgraphix Job Site Signs Keep Your Workers in Compliance

Most industries require job sites to feature adequate signage by law. These laws usually implore jobs sites to feature signage that warns trespassers away, lists potential hazards, and instructs on the level of personal protection equipment that is required from your workers at the site. Complying with OSHA via Customgraphix job site signage keeps your workspace safe and legally covered.



Customgraphix Job Site Signs Reduce Accidents

Customgraphix job site signs are an excellent way to remind your workers, every single day, that the job they are assigned to has dangerous aspects. When long hours, short deadlines, and backbreaking work starts to tempt your employees to start cutting corners, Customgraphix job site signage can be an excellent reminder to keep working safely in order to get the job done correctly.

Customgraphix Job Site Signs Keep the Public Safe

Even if your workers are informed about the hazards present at your job site, that doesn’t mean that anyone coming across the area is equipped with the same level of information and foresight.
Trespassers and visitors likely have very little idea of what goes on at a job site. They can’t possibly know if there is a hole in the ground or a low ceiling. Installing Customgraphix job site signage around the perimeter of the job site can warn the general public to stay away from the dangerous areas and thus  keep the local community safe.

Customgraphix Job Site Signs Overcome Information Barriers

Job site signs normally follow a commonly expected color scheme – yellow for caution, red for immediate danger. You may want to opt for specialized color codes if your site features other hazards, such as blue for water or green for toxins.
Even if someone was unable to read the warning displayed on the sign, color-coded signs or descriptive pictures can implore them to be cautious. As an example, it’s a common practice to use a large red sign with a white cross to indicate the location of first-aid equipment.
Bi-  or multi-lingual signs with proper color-coding can effortlessly communicate important information to your workers.

Other Benefits of Customgraphix Job Site Signs

Customgraphix job site signs do so much more than simply point out the closest vending machine. They keep the workers and the visitors of your job site safe by displaying vital healthy and safety-related information in a simple, effortless way that is accessible by anyone.
Most of the time, you walk past a sign without giving it much thought.
However, signs play a vital role in ensuring safety not only for the workers at the site but also for anyone who happens to be passing by or through.
This is especially true at job sites.
Signs are an effective way to notify the workers and the passerby about the potential hazards and the best ways to avoid them.
The best job signs are also customizable.
Custom Customgraphix job site signs can add an innovative touch to your business while maintaining a safe workplace.