Removable Wall Decals FAQ

Removable Wall Decals Specifications

What materials are used in production of our removable wall decals?

– We print our removable wall decals on a thin – four millimeters – flexible vinyl material. The vinyl material is equipped with low-tack adhesive technology which allows our removable wall decals to be applied and removed as necessary from interior walls.



Is there any difference between removable wall decals and removable wall stickers?

– Similarly to our wall decals, our customers often get confused about the terms we use when we talk about removable wall decals and wall stickers. While it is technically incorrect, the term ‘wall sticker’ is often use in place of ‘wall decal’. The reason ‘wall sticker’ is an incorrect term is the fact that stickers are not reusable, as they are produced with a stronger adhesive technology and tend to leave the adhesive residue behind when they get removed.
Removable wall decals, on the other hand, can be stored and reused if installed and handled correctly. Owing to the low-tack adhesive technology they can be repositioned without leaving any residue behind. We understand the tendency to call them ‘custom wall stickers’, but the technically correct term is decal, or even wall graphic.

What are the maximum and the minimum dimensions removable wall decals can be printed in?

– The smallest removable wall decal we are able to print is three inches by three inches. The largest removable wall decal we are able to print is fifty-two inches (in one dimension) by seventeen hundred and ninety-eight inches (one hundred and fifty feet). So long as our customers keep their removable wall decals under fifty-two inches in one dimension, their options are basically limitless.
Because of the size of our printers, it is our recommendation that our customers try and keep their removable wall decals as close to the minimum size as possible. Otherwise, the clarity of some of the printed portions may be damaged or lost.

Do different custom designs and color choices make removable wall decals more expensive?

– We print all our removable wall decals in full color using a fade-resistant ink. Therefore, ordering a removable wall decal in one color, or many does not make a difference in the price. Whether the requested removable wall decal is in one solid color, or a complex vector, the price will remain the same.
Size, however, does influence the price of the removable wall decal, as well as the quantity our customer orders. Our design services, however, are completely free and include our special design tool one can find on our website, as well as a team of design professionals who are always readily available to assist our customers.

What are the standard sizes of removable wall decals?

– As far as we know, there are no industry-wide standard sizes for removable wall decals. Their sizes, uses, shapes, and designs vary greatly across the market, making them extremely versatile and, therefore, a perfect custom solution for specialized needs and requirements.
Nevertheless, we are able to list some of the most common sizes for removable wall decals, including – twelve inches by twelve inches, twenty-four inches by twelve inches, two feet by two feet, four feet by four feet, and three feet by five feet. So long as the removable wall decal remains within the range of minimum and maximum sizes available, its size will largely depend on what it needs to accomplish.

What is the usual lifespan of removable wall decals?

– With correct usage, and proper care and maintenance, our removable wall decals may last for more than five years/

Can removable wall decals be any shape other than rectangular or square?

– Absolutely! Technically, one may order their removable wall decal in any custom shape they want. We produce these by using a custom cut, also known as ‘contour cut’,  or custom with border, also known as ‘halo cut’.
In order to get custom-shaped removable wall decal, one should simply select the ‘custom cut’ option and we will cut their removable wall decal to the exact shape of the provided design. It is worth noting, however, that designs which are thinner than half an inch in any dimension are not suitable for custom cut, as the areas which are thinner than half an inch are highly susceptible to tearing.
Selecting the ‘custom with border’ cut option means that a white border will remain around the perimeter of the requested removable wall decal shape. While we do have the ability to cut and print any shape, we should also recommend against requesting any design which would include very narrow parts as those are extremely difficult to cut, and remain undamaged.
Therefore, if one simply ought to have a design that would include these extremely narrow parts, the installation and removal of the removable wall decal must be done with absolute precision and utmost care in order to avoid tearing of the decal.

Can one order a circular or oval removable wall decal, or one with rounded corners?

– Absolutely! ‘Circle/oval’ cut options are available in our menu. Our customers may also choose between a quarter of an inch rounded corners, or an inch rounded corners, depending on their preference.

Are removable wall decals the same thing as vinyl lettering?

– No. Removable wall decals, even when printed in custom shapes, are a different product than vinyl lettering or cut vinyl. Removable wall decals are, as the name suggests, repositionable while cut vinyl is not. Additionally, vinyl lettering can either be applied individually, or all at once using a mask or transfer paper, but each letter or symbol can be made to be individual pieces. Removable wall decals are produced as one single large graphic and we strongly advise against trying to cut out individual letters with this material. If vinyl lettering sounds like it would suit your needs and requirements more, we invite you to refer to our vinyl lettering page.

What is the default color of removable wall decal material?

– If nothing was printed on the material we use for production of removable wall decals, the material would remain white. The designs and colors our customers request are printed on top of blank white material, which makes them naturally opaque in nature.

Does one have to use one of our templates for removable wall decals?

– While we offer numerous existing templates across a wide range of different categories, our customers are not required to use one of them. We have provided an online design tool which allows our customers to design their own removable wall decals from scratch, by using a blank template or by uploading a wide range of file types for pre-designed graphics. Additionally, we offer free design services in which we can design a graphic for you, or improve an existing design, completely free of charge.

Are materials used in the production of removable wall decals toxic?

– The low-tack adhesive technology we use for printing our removable wall decals is water-based. We use no solvents. That being said, we would recommend against allowing pets, kids, or anyone else to eat or inhale any part of our removable wall decals. This is especially important to note in regards to smaller removable wall decals that are applied in a nursery or a children’s room.

Can removable wall decals be written on with dry-erase markers, or other tools?

– No Our removable wall decals are not designed and produced to be written on. Trying to write on our removable wall decals will cause either permanent stains, or residual stains upon cleaning them off. There are, however, products similar to removable wall decals that allow one to write on them. Those who are interested in these, may contact us directly for more details.

Are finished removable wall decals matte or glossy finish?

– Our removable wall decals have a slight matte finish to them so they are not shiny. Moreover, the printed area of the removable wall decal will be a smooth, satin, vibrant finish.

Is there a laminate covering over removable wall decals?

– No. We print our removable wall decal designs directly onto the vinyl material. No laminate covering is required. We also use ultraviolet ink that is resistant to scratch, abrasion, and fade. This means that, even without the laminate covering, our removable wall decals will not scratch or smudge as long as the graphics are cared for properly.

Removable Wall Decal Usage

Will removable wall decals damage the wall or surface area which they are applied to?

– Our removable wall decals are designed and produced to be completely safe for usage on the interior walls and surfaces of homes and offices. The application or removal of our removable wall decals will not peel up any paint, or any other pre-existing decorative aspects of a wall. As long as the installation instructions we have outlined below are followed, our removable wall decals will prove to be a versatile signage solution without the worry about wall or surface damage.

Do removable wall decals work on any surface? Can they be applied to external walls and surfaces? What about textured walls?

– Our removable wall decals are intended for interior use. Applying our removable wall decals to external surfaces will probably result in a shortened lifespan, and will potentially ruin the product.
For interior use, our removable wall decals may be applied on any smooth and non-porous surface. This includes some lightly textured walls as well as painted drywall, glass, plastic, tile, smooth metal, sealed concrete, and finished wood. Extremely rough, textured surfaces, such as stucco, brick, concrete blocks, etc.; as well as porous surfaces and materials, such as fabric or canvas, are not compatible with our removable wall decals do the inability of the adhesive technology to stick to such surfaces, as wind and draft will weaken it over time.

Can removable wall decals be applied over wallpapers?

–  Generally, our removable wall decals are compatible with wallpapers as long as the wallpaper provides a smooth surface. Nevertheless, smoothness and properties of wallpapers wary greatly. Sometimes, removing a wall decal from a wallpaper may peel away some of the wallpaper as well. This is nearly impossible to adequately predict, so we advise against using removable wall decals on top of wallpapers.

Can removable wall decals be applied on top of any type of paint?

–  Our removable wall decals work well with most commonly-used latex-based or oil-based paints. The paints we advise against using with our removable wall decals are the ones which are highly textured, and the ones with additives as those can offset the adhesive technology of the decal. Additionally, matte finish paints are better than semi or highly glossed paints.

Can removable wall decals be applied to walls which have recently been painted?

– We recommend that paint is left to dry completely before removable wall decal is applied to the wall. Attempting to apply it sooner may result in decal not sticking to it properly, or paint peeling away from he wall once the removable wall decals is removed.
Curing times vary for different types of paint and circumstances, for example – it may take longer to dry in humid environments, so we recommend waiting two to three weeks, just to be safe.

Can removable wall decals be peeled off and reused, even after storage? Do they tear?

– Our removable wall decals are produced with a low-tack adhesive technology which allows them to be removed and reused on a regular basis. Peeling away our removable wall decals is extremely easy and does not leave behind any residual adhesive like a sticker would. Nevertheless, the adhesive material will wear with time and frequent repositioning. The maintenance and care of the removable wall decal will greatly impact the number of times it can be removed and reused. We explain this in more detail in the ‘installation and care’ section.
If one wishes to reuse their removable wall decal even after storage, we recommend that the original backing is used for storing. This backing is designed and produced to keep the adhesive side of the removable wall decals from getting dirty or sticking to another property, or itself, during storage.
Using the original backing ensures that the decal may be removed, stored, and reused in the same positions on different locations over time.

What is the time limit on storing removable wall decals?

– Our four millimeters-thick removable wall decals have a storage shelf life of more than a year when stored adequately. Ideal conditions for storing removable wall decals are seventy degrees Fahrenheit and fifty percent relative humidity.

How are removable wall decals removed? What if they have been in place for a long time?

– To remove our removable wall decals, one should simply pick a corner and peel it away from the wall or surface they applied it to. Peeling should be done slowly and carefully in order to avoid tearing and stretching. If one intends on storing the removable wall decal, they should make sure to have their backing laid out before they start removing the decal from the wall. Once done, they should place the removable wall decal onto the backing.
If the decal has been in place for a long time, or on a less porous surface, applying some heat may be necessary in order to remove it. The easiest way to do this is use a blow dryer to heat up the decal, and then start peeling it away.

What are the typical uses for removable wall decals?

– Custom removable wall decals are a great solution for both personal and commercial uses. Personal uses include home décor for a variety of rooms, most often kids’ rooms and nurseries.
Quotes and decorative graphics are also commonly used in living and dining rooms.
The use of removable wall decals in commercial setting ranges from advertising a current sale or upcoming promotion, directing customers to certain sections of the store, to branding purposes in office settings.
Removable wall decals are also an excellent solution for designating temporary sections or areas such as clearance section in retail settings, or re-configurable areas in warehouse and manufacturing businesses.

Does it matter what kind of environment removable wall decals are used in, so long as they are placed indoors?

– Yes. The placement of removable wall decals matters greatly. Particularly, our removable wall decals are best suited for environments which are cool and dry. Rooms, such as bathrooms or kitchens, which tend to be extremely cold, humid, wet, etc. can negatively impact the adhesive technology of the decals.
It is our recommendation that the surface one wishes to place our removable wall decals on is cleaned and allowed to dry prior to the installation. We also advise that the room removable wall decal is to be installed to is a well ventilated one, and that it remains close to room temperature at all times. For rooms that tend to store humidity, such as kitchen and bathrooms, one should make sure that the surface one wishes to place removable wall decals one is properly dried at first, and that the room itself is not humid at the time.

Installation and Care

How are removable wall decals installed? Does installation require multiple people, or even professional installation services?

–  The installation of our removable wall decals requires that one first cleans the surface they wish to apply it to and allow it to air dry. Cleaning the surface of any residual dust, grease, or grime will facilitate the adhesion of removable wall decal to the surface. The surface should be cleaned with mild cleaner or, but in most cases a rag wet with water should be sufficient.
Assuming one is applying our removable wall decals to appropriate surface – interior, smooth, non-porous; removable wall decals can be peeled away from the backing and slowly installed to the surface, starting at the top and working one’s way down. The crucial thing with installing removable wall decals is that one moves slowly so that small portions of it can be peeled back up and reapplied in case of any air pockets appearing. It is very important to note that water should not be sprayed on the adhesive side of removable wall decals. They are to be installed dry due to the low-tack adhesive technology which allows repositioning, similarly to what water does when applying semi-permanent window decals.
For larger removable wall decals, we recommend getting some help with the installation of the graphic. This will ensure that the removable wall decal does not stick to itself, and helps avoid tearing when removing the decal from the backing and applying it to the wall. 

How are removable wall decals stored?

– In order to store our removable wall decals for an extended period of time, one should reapply it to the original backing which comes with the decal. This will ensure that the adhesive side is protected over time, and allows for easy reuse whenever might need the decal again.
One should avoid storing it in any locations which may cause the removable wall decal to lose its adhesive property due to exposure to dust, extreme temperatures, and high humidity.