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Custom Printed Advertising Bаnnеrѕ

Get the ATTENTION you deserve with these outstanding Advertising Banners!  These versatile vinyl banners can go anywhere from your building to your next trade show, and are inexpensive and effective way to showcase your business.

Made with durable PVC vinyl and a UV protective coating, these banners will take a beating and keep on swinging, leaving more green in your pocket and not flapping in the breeze.

Why Buy Vinyl Banners from Custom Graphix Signworks?

  • We can do same day printing!
  • We guarantee your 100% satisfaction or your money back.
  • We can create custom designs for you.
  • Custom Graphix Signworks only uses high quality materials.
  • 24/7 Online Ordering
  • Lots of available templates to choose from.

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Promote Business

The use of advertising banners should be a part of every business marketing strategy. It helps to publicize your business to the public, especially when it is designed with high-quality content and graphics, and placed in conspicuous places for people to see. Whether you have been in business for a long time now or you are just starting out, the use of advertising banners can be effective and can help grow your business.


Create Awareness

Sophisticated designs grab people’s attention –even when they walk or drive past it on the street. The use of advertising banners will help you create the full awareness that you want in other to promote your upcoming event or business.


Sell Certain Services or Products

The use of advertising banner can influence the sale of certain services or products. If you place a banner that provides information about a particular product in your storefront, it will notify customers that are interested in buying such a product. Also, if you render a particular service among many others, the use of banner can pinpoint that service and grab the attention of passersby.


Announce Special Offers

One of the proven ways of increasing the sales of your business is by offering specials and discounts. Now, an effective way to inform your customers and potential buyers about such offers, specials, and discounts is through advertising banners that portray the message. Setting the banner in front of your store or placing it across the window for people to see and read will certainly promote your business


Give Directions/ Indicate Location

Your business may be situated in a place that not many people pass through. However, placing advertising banners placed in busy environments will let people know about what you offer and where you are located. They will get to know where your business is, come over and buy from you.



Artwork Specification

Artwork specification of advertising banner can include:
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Crops and Bleeds




It is important to know that banner should never be folded, but rolled for storage. When you fold banners, it creates creases which can be tough to take away. When you want to store any of our advertising banners, make sure it is dry before you roll it and store it eventually because moistness can cause the growth of minute powdery, coloured substances on them. Store them in a good area with a standard temperature, as extreme temperature will destroy the ad banner, especially if it is a vinyl banner.




Maintaining your advertising banner, especially a vinyl banner will ensure it lasts longer. The maintenance includes proper cleaning of the banner, which entails the use of a very soft damp cloth that is clean and does not contain any kind of cleaning fluid. Proper ironing of your banner to get rid of creases and wrinkles is another way to maintain it. But avoid high temperature when ironing, as it is very dangerous for banner materials.
To ensure your vinyl banner’s durability, install them with care unto an appropriate place and whenever they need to be stored, make sure it is placed in a room where it will not come in contact with water or any other liquid.




The advertising banners that we create for you are carefully rolled and placed in a banner tube so that they arrive at your place with no creases.

At Custom Graphix Signworks LLC, we provide the best and outstanding advertising banners that suit your taste, get you the attention you deserve and last long. At pocket-friendly prices, you can get quality advertising banners that attract customers and increase revenue!