Perforated Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals printed with ultraviolet, fade and abrasion resistant, ink onto sheets of micro-perforated vinyl. Perforated vehicle decals are perfect for full coverage of vehicle windows as they allow complete transparency from inside, and sleek visible aesthetics from the outside. They are a great signage solution for increasing brand exposure without obstructing driver’s view.

Perforated Vehicle Decals – The Lowest Price at Any Size / Guaranteed

– All perforated vehicle decals smaller than sixty-six inches by thirty-two inches are under one hundred USD. This includes the free protective laminate whose purpose is to increase the lifespan of the perforated vehicle decals. Almost limitless color and design options are available without a difference in the cost. If someone else can offer it cheaper, let us know and we will match the price.



Why Choose Us

– Next day production – If the order for your perforated vehicle decal is placed by 9 PM, we guarantee to have it produced and shipped the very next day;
– Twenty five years of experience – Two and a half decades of experience, expertise, and production;
– A hundred percent satisfaction – We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your removable wall decal. If you aren’t, we will make sure to make it right;
– Free design services – Make your design perfect for your needs.

What are perforated vehicle decals?

– Our perforated vehicle decals are specialized decals designed and produced for the use on the windows of a vehicle. We manufacture our perforated vehicle decals with perforated vinyl, which means that tiny holes called ‘micro punctures’ are made into fifty percent of the material. This allows the design on the perforated vehicle decal to be visible from one side and transparent from the other. Using our perforated vehicle decals is a great way to advertise a business, a product, or place a personal décor on any vehicle while still maintaining clear visibility for the driver and the passengers.
The most common use for our perforated vehicle decals is coverage of the entire rear, or side windows of different vehicles.

Perforated Vehicle Decal Features

– Easy to install – Our perforated vehicle decals do not require professional assistance for installation. One may simply and easily install our perforated vehicle decals by following our step by step installation guide we have provided below, which we also deliver with every package request;
– Wide range of sizes – Our customers may order perforated vehicle decals in just about any size they can think of, ensuring they get the perfect fit for their purposes and only purchase the exact amount of material they need.
– Vibrant, high color graphics – We print our perforated vehicle decals onto perforated vinyl material using state of the art printers with advanced four color process ensuring that the final product comes in the most vibrant and clear colors possible;
– Fifty-fifty micro-perforated pattern – Fifty percent of our perforated vehicle decals consists of solid vinyl material, while the other half consists of micropunctures. This allows one side of perforated vehicle decal to appear opaque and the other – transparent;
– Adhere to the outside of a window – Installing our perforated vehicle decals on the outside of a window enables maximum visibility, and it prevents the perforated vehicle decal to be covered up by window glare or tint.

Free Protective Premium Laminate Included on All Perforated Vehicle Decals

– Protective laminate comes at no additional costs;

– Protective laminate blocks harmful ultraviolet rays;
– Protective laminate repels water;
– Protective laminate prevents dirt and grime from getting into perforated holes.

One-Way Vision

The most unique, and primary feature of perforated vehicle decals as a specialized signage product is their ability to provide one-way vision. The micropunctures in the material allow a vibrant image or graphic to be displayed on the outside of a window, while appearing as clear glass on the inside. This is a perfect signage solution for advertising sales, promotions, and products, keeping the adequate transparency of the windows for the driver. 
Using our perforated vehicle decals is one of the most effective and safe ways to advertise products, services, or business on vehicles. Other vehicle decals tend to obstruct the vision which can lead to unsafe driving conditions and, potentially, accidents on the road. Our perforated vehicle decals allow our customers to display large messages on the windows of their vehicles while keeping full visibility of their surroundings.

Perforated Vehicle Decals Additional Specifications

Weight – zero-point-zero-nine pounds per square foot, about the weight of nine quarters;
Thickness – Zero-point-zero-seventeen inches, about the thickness of four sheets of copy paper;
Micro puncture size – zero-point-zero-sixty inches, or one millimeter and a half;
Details – perforated, long lifespan, provides privacy, easy installation and removal;
Uses – Indoors and outdoors. Vehicle windows, advertising, personal décor;
Print method – Four color process, eco-friendly, printed with ultraviolet ink that is resistant to weather, fade, and abrasion;
Estimated lifespan – Three years or more, with proper care and maintenance.

Selecting the Best Size and Design for Perforated Vehicle Decals

– If one wishes to cover an entire window with our perforated vehicle decal, they should start by measuring the largest width and height to ensure that our delivered graphic will over all areas of the window;
– Next, they should order their perforated vehicle decal at one inch wider than the width of their window, and one inch higher than the height of their window in order to allow for trimming. For example, if a window is fifty by twenty inches, one should order a fifty-one by twenty-one inch perforated vehicle decal;
– When designing the perforated vehicle decal, the design, image, or graphic are to be placed in the center of the decal in order to ensure that the main part of design won’t be cut off by trimming;
– To maximize the visibility of our perforated vehicle decals, one should make sure to use high contrasts between backgrounds, lettering, objects, and images of the quoted design. Generally speaking, darker letters, objects, and images with lighter background installed on dark surfaces tend to have the most impressive appearance. It is highly important to note that the perforated vehicle decal may appear washed out or even allow two-way visibility of it is dark outside but there are lights on the inside.

Simple Installation / No Professional Help Required

We have provided the following installation manual to help with the quick and easy installation of our perforated vehicle decals. Instruction manuals are also included in each order, and one may also refer to this page as well as download our PDF-formatted instruction manual for assistance.
When it comes to large perforated vehicle decals we do recommend having at least one other person assisting with the installation.

– The window is to be cleaned prior to the installation, removing all dirt and grime from the surface;

– The perforated vehicle decal is to be aligned onto the window with the backing still intact, and made sure it aligns properly;
– Window is to be marked with a washable marker. Double-check the alignment to make sure that the perforated vehicle decal is exactly where it should be;
– The perforated vehicle decal is to be pulled from the window, backing removed, exposing the black adhesive side of the product. If the backing appears to be tearing when removed, it may because not all its layers are removed adequately. When the backing is properly removed, the adhesive, blacks side of the decal should be revealed;
–  The perforated vehicle decal is to be aligned to the previously made markings and applied to the window. Our perforated vehicle decals are dry-installed, so no water is to be used at any step of the process. A squeegee or a flat edge are to be used when applying the perforated vehicle decal, starting from the center and working one’s way outward towards the corners;
– Once the entirety of the perforated vehicle decal has been applied to the window, the excess material around the edges is to be removed with a razor blade.

* Squeegees are available for purchase at a small additional cost with perforated vehicle decals.

Care and Maintenance

– If possible, our perforated vehicle decals are to be washed with a damp cloth, while pressure washers are to be avoided as they can cause peeling. To remove our perforated vehicle decals, gentle peeling from top to bottom should do the job. Any leftover adhesive is to be removed with soapy water, or adhesive cleaning solution and a razor blade.