Outdoor wall decals, also known as outdoor wall stickers or outdoor wall graphics, represent a perfect solution for customization of storefronts, office buildings, schools, and other. Unlike most other outdoor wall graphics, the outdoor wall decals we produce are manufactured in aluminum foil base which is not only easily recyclable, but also PVC-free. The superior adhesive technology we use in production, combined with our dedication to quality, ensures a much longer lifespan for our outdoor wall decals in comparison to its vinyl counterparts that can be found elsewhere on the market. Additionally, our outdoor wall stickers are produced to be able to adhere to virtually any surface, Printing the outdoor wall decals in aluminum enables them to sport more vibrant colors, making them better-visible day and night, while simultaneously preserving high abrasion and weather resistance. On top of it all, no special tools are necessary for installation – it is done as easily as peeling them off and placing them on any exterior surface.
One may use them to advertise ongoing sales, attract customers, brand walls for events, and more.



Wall Decals

Wall decals are a perfect solution for businesses that wish to project their logos, messages, and information to the eyes of the public in an intriguing, yet professional way. They are also a great fit for personal messages, favorite sport teams, or anything else one wishes to display openly with a clean, and eye-catching design.

Foil Graphics vs. Vinyl Alternatives

Our outdoor wall graphics are printed in foil and offer a number of advantages that make them an easy pick over their vinyl alternatives. These advantages make them a superior choice for outdoor use on surfaces as smooth as glass or as harsh as brick. These advantages include, but are not limited to: superior durability, easier and cleaner removal, installation without special tools, the ability adhere to uneven and rough surfaces, more vibrant designs that can make them look as if they were painted, etc. We are confident our outdoor wall decals will be a perfect solution for your needs.

Installation and Removal

Most outdoor wall decals require that the surface they are to be put on be extensively cleaned and pressure-washed prior to their application. Because we print our outdoor wall decals in foil instead of vinyl, their installation is much easier and simpler. One ought to simply spray the surface they wish to apply our outdoor wall decal to in order to ensure it is free of dirt and grime, and simply install the decal. No heat guns, no sealers, simply press and stick. It truly is that simple.
Additionally, once you wish to remove one of our outdoor wall decals, they come clean off, in one piece, with no residue or marks left behind.

Most outdoor wall decals require extensive cleaning and pressure washing of the surface prior to application. Because our graphics are foil-based, installation of your custom graphic is much easier. In most cases, simply spray down the wall or surface to ensure it is free of dirt and grime and you’ll be ready to apply it in the desired location. No heat gun. No sealers. Just press and stick. It’s that simple!

Outdoor Wall Decal Features

– Durability – Compared to their vinyl counterparts, our foil-printed outdoor wall decals can withstand almost any weather condition for long periods of time, making their lifespan stretch for at least five years;
– Versatility – Our outdoor wall decals offer a lot of flexibility, with their ability to adhere to a wider range of surfaces and their ability to be easily removed and reapplied. They are guaranteed to make your walls come to life;
– Superior printing – The aluminum-printed wall decals can be produced in more vibrant colors, and ensure a crisp and eye-catching reproduction of your logo, text, and graphics. Many of our customers have complimented our decals, saying they appear as if the walls were painted on;
– Conformance- You no longer need to worry if the surface you wish to apply our outdoor wall decal on is smooth enough. Our outdoor wall decals apply to uneven and rough surfaces as easily as to even and smooth ones.

Custom Options

– Custom sizes – Our customers are able to choose from a wide range of custom sizes, the smallest one being six inches times six inches, and the largest one being fifty-three inches in one direction and up to one hundred and forty feet in the other. Our outdoor wall decals that are larger than fifty-three inches can be paneled.
– Custom design – For the clearest print, it is our recommendation that you choose signs larger than twelve inches by twelve inches, and a font size of at least twenty-two pt. These outdoor wall decals look their best from four or more feet away.
– Custom shapes – We offer square or rectangle, custom shapes, and custom bordered shapes. For custom shapes it is our recommendation you choose simple shapes for best results.

Additional Specifications

Details – Our outdoor wall decals are printed with ultraviolet ink on an eight millimeters thick aluminum foil. They are easy to install and remove from a wide variety of surfaces.
Uses – They are a perfect business tool for marketing, displaying information (sales, hours, featured products), and much more.  They are perfect for businesses who want to stand out and draw more customers in via unique, eye-catching logos, motifs, offers, and more. They are also a great fit for personal messages, favorite sport teams, band logos, or anything else one wishes to display openly with a clean, and unique design.
Temperature – Our outdoor wall decals are safe to use in temperatures ranging between minus forty degrees Fahrenheit and three hundred and two degrees Fahrenheit (four-point-forty-four degrees Celsius and a hundred and sixty degrees Celsius).
Print method –   Our outdoor wall decals are printed with ultraviolet ink on an eight millimeters thick aluminum foil in the full range of CMYK color.
– Estimated lifespan – Five years or more with proper care.


In order to properly install our outdoor wall decal, one must prepare the desired surface prior to the application. The surface one wishes to apply our outdoor wall decal to should be above freezing temperature. For best results, our outdoor wall decals should be applied to surfaces whose temperature is above fifty degrees Fahrenheit (ten degrees Celsius).
Additional Notes –
– For large decals one intends to cover entire walls or really large surfaces with, we recommend they employ some professional help for installation for best results;
– The surface should be cleaned free of debris prior to the installation for proper adhesion. The main goal should be the removal of any dirt or grime that might get in the way of adhesion. A hose or a power wash is usually sufficient.
– If one notices any foreign substances, loose, areas, or cracks and crevices they wish to apply our outdoor wall decal to, we advise that they reconsider. These may negatively impact our decal’s ability to properly adhere.
– If one is skeptical of the decal’s ability to properly adhere to a specific surface, we recommend they use a mixture of fifty/fifty to seventy/thirty percent isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water to clean the surface prior to application in order to facilitate the process. Once the solution has been applied, it should be sprayed with a hose and allowed to dry in the air. However, this step is rarely necessary.

Applying the Outdoor Wall Decal

– Once the surface one wishes to apply our outdoor wall decal to has been properly cleaned and left to dry, one should unpack our outdoor wall decal by removing the brown paper back liner from it, section by section. Please not that our outdoor wall decals are not made to be repositionable, so it is highly important that one lays it precisely where they want it on the desired surface;
– It is advisable that one avoids crinkling the outdoor wall decal in any way before the application process starts;
– One should first lay the outdoor wall decal on the desired surface, pressing firmly from the center and outwards to the edges, ensuring that the material has conformed to the surface beneath in order to maximize the adhesion. With uneven surfaces it is even more important to install the outdoor wall decal little by little, slowly, and make sure it adheres properly. Our outdoor wall decals are not stretchy by nature.
– A tool that can make outdoor wall decal installation easier is a hand roller, but it is a completely optional purchase. It is used to facilitate application of even pressure across the outdoor wall decal, ensuring proper adhesion.
– Once the outdoor wall decal has been completely pressed, the adhesion is instant and permanent. The adhesive material will take about twenty-four hours to completely set.

Note – We do not recommend installing our outdoor wall decals on painted or sealed surfaces. We also advise that cracks and crevices be avoided as they may obstruct adhesion and cause unintentional punctures in the material.