Opaque Car Decals

Our opaque car decals are printed onto an opaque sheet of three millimeter vinyl material via an ultraviolet ink. Our opaque car decals are designed not to damage vehicle paint. Our opaque car decals are a perfect signage solution that enables our customers to advertise their brand or business for years wherever they drive.

Why Choose Us?

– Next day production – If the order for your opaque car decal is placed by 9 PM, we guarantee to have it produced and shipped the very next day;
– Twenty five years of experience – Two and a half decades of experience, expertise, and production;
– A hundred percent satisfaction – We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your opaque car decal. If you aren’t, we will make sure to make it right;
– Free design services – Make your design perfect for your needs.



What are Opaque Car Decals?

– Our fully customizable opaque car decals are easy to install, and make a perfect solution for advertising businesses, or otherwise customizing vehicles. We manufacture our opaque car decals out of a thin but durable vinyl with strong adhesive, enabling our customers to drive around with confidence and knowledge that their decal will be noticed in a good way. The blank color of the raw vinyl material is white, but it can be customized to any design with any color/s.

Our opaque car decals have many common uses, including advertising, branding, and personal décor. Our customers may make their opaque car decals personal and unique with a custom shape, custom shape with border, or choose a background color that will help their vehicle message stand out and get noticed

Opaque Car Decals Features

– Easy to install – Our opaque car decals can be installed within minutes without requiring professional help for the process. We have provided installation guide below, as well as including one with each order we ship out, making sure our customers know exactly how to proceed.
– Resistant to water, weather, and ultraviolet waves – Our opaque car decals are manufactured with durable vinyl material and can withstand rain, sunlight, and other elements for approximately three years.
– Use a single body decal or partial wrap – Our opaque car decals are perfect for placing advertisement on the side, hood, truck or tailgate of any vehicle. One may also align and cut their decal when installing over seams to create a partial vehicle wrap.
– Custom cut – Our opaque car decals can be cut in a diverse range of shapes including square, rectangle, rounded corners (a quarter of an inch radius, and an inch radius), circle, oval, custom, and custom with border. This allows our customers to fully customize the shape of their opaque car decal.

Opaque Car Decals Additional Specifications

Weight – Zero-point-zero-nine inches per square foot of the material, about the weight of nine quarters.
Thickness – zero-point-three inches, three millimeters, about the thickness of a sheet of copy paper.
Details – Our opaque car decals are white in blank, extremely versatile, and provide a bubble-free finish.
Uses – Inside or outside. The most common uses for our opaque car decals are on vehicle windows and doors, for business or product advertising.
Print method – Four color process, eco-friendly, printed with ultraviolet ink that is resistant to weather, fade, and abrasion.
Estimated lifespan – At minimum of five years with proper care and maintenance.
Common sizes – Twelve by twelve inches, twenty four by twelve inches, two feet by two feet, four feet by four feet, three feet by five feet.

Opaque Car Decals Installation Instructions

We have provided the following installation instructions to enable our customers a successful and timely install of our opaque car decals. The installation process for our opaque car decals is simple and requires no professional help. It is our recommendation that our opaque car decals are installed in environments where the temperature is above forty degrees Fahrenheit.
Our opaque car decals do not require professional assistance for installation. Although, when it comes to larger designs, some help may be necessary in order to prevent the material from prematurely sticking to the surface or itself.

The steps to installing opaque car decals have been presented below. We advise reading all the steps carefully before staring the application. The steps we have outlined below should be followed in order to ensure proper application.
– The surface which the opaque car decal is to be applied to should be cleaned with non-abrasive rag and a very mild cleaner mixture, or slightly soapy water.
– The surface should be left to fully air dry prior to the application.
– The area to which opaque car decal is to be applied to should be measured in advance.
– The area to which opaque car decal is to be applied to should be marked prior to installation.
– Without removing the backing of the opaque car decal, one should use masking or painter’s tape, or any other suitable tape, to affix the top edge of opaque car decal to the previously marked area.
– The backing of the opaque car decal should be carefully peeled away, stating from the top. Not all backing should be peeled away. Initially, only a thin horizontal stretch of the backing should be peeled.
– While holding the adhesive sides of opaque car decal away from the designated surface, a hand or another flat surface, such as credit card or squeegee, should be used to evenly and firmly press the adhesive backing of the opaque car decal to the surface. This should be done top to bottom, across the horizontal stretch which has been exposed in the previous step.
– The backing is to be peeled away little by little while the decal is evenly and firmly pressed, with transfer tape on top of it, onto the surface.
– The opaque car decal has now been installed on the designated surface.
– Any bubbles that remain are to be removed, as well as any non-permanent markings.

Opaque Car Decal Removal and Care

– Just like with any other vehicle window decals, we recommend that the vehicle with an installed opaque car decal is washed regularly for the purposes of maintaining the appearance for a long time. Our opaque car decals are designed and produced to withstand most car washes.
However, it should be noted that high pressure water should not be applied for long periods of time in order to avoid the decal peeling away. For the removal of an opaque car decal, it can be simply peeled back a corner via a razor blade and pulled the remainder of the graphic away from where it had been installed. One should be careful not the scratch the surface the decal had been installed on when using sharp objects to remove the graphic.

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