Marketing with Custom Banners and Signs

Phoenix is booming. According to Eller College of Management’s Economic and Business Research Center, the total personal income of Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale residents is projected to reach 298 million by 2023. With non-agricultural jobs reaching up to 3.1 million, the local economy has begun lifting off.

The 500,000 plus businesses in Phoenix, AZ are poised to take advantage of the economic upswing. If you’re one of the small business owners, you can gain a slice of the market in the city by investing in advertising

Of course, not everyone has the capital for advertising budgets to display 30 second ads on KPNX or ABC15. If you’re building a brick and mortar store,  the cheapest and best form of advertising for it is custom banners and signs. Here are some ways you can begin increasing your reach with custom signs in Phoenix.

Increasing Brand Visibility with Custom Signs in Phoenix

1. Put Up Custom Signs in Phoenix High-Foot Traffic Areas

If you own a space in the Evans-Churchill neighborhood, you can put up custom signs in the common areas just before the streets outlying Downtown Core. This strategic placement for your custom sign in Phoenix will net your brand a lot of eyes especially during First Fridays. First Street also presents itself as a prime spot for custom signs and banners as city administration has made it more pedestrian-friendly.

2. Place Banners and Signs near Phoenix, AZ Tourist Attractions

Phoenix boasts of a rich landscape and history. Your small business can benefit from the influx of tourists and visitors by advertising in areas like the parking lots of these tourist destinations – this way you gain visibility without violating any potential codes and ordinances meant to protect the pristine environment in the area. 

You should also try exploring tie-ups with tour operators like the 4WD or ATV desert tour companies to allow you to prop ads in their staging areas.

3. Place Custom Banners in Other Businesses

You can approach fellow business owners whose enterprises may be related to yours but not in direct competition with your company. If you own a restaurant, you can approach your meat supplier and ask them if you can mount a custom banner in their yard or parking space. It’s a small thing but any space you can advertise will benefit your business in the long run.

4. Talks to Events Organizers to Place Your Custom Banners in their Event

Phoenix is always percolating with activity. Events can help businesses gain more visibility in the immediate community through placements of assets. You should look at the events schedule in your area and approach organizers about sponsorship packages.If the events get televised or streamed, there will be opportunities for your brand to appear on-screen. This will multiply the benefit your brand will get from your sponsorship.

5. Attach a Custom Sign on a Vehicle

For more reach, you can always attach a custom banner on a vehicle. As the vehicle moves, it actually advertises your business. This is a great way to expand your brand rather just keep your assets in one place.

Advertisers also consider people riding vehicles as captive audiences and according to their measurements, 98% of these incidental viewers see ads like vehicle wraps most of the time. Outdoor advertising in vehicles can potentially turn 29% of these viewers into leads.

With a population increasing to 1.6 million in the next 3 years and a median age of 32 years old, Phoenix has still untapped potential for economic growth. It’s a good time for entrepreneurs to start businesses in the city. The first thing they need to start telling people they’re in business is a good sign.

If you want to start a small business and you need custom signs and banners in Phoenix, AZ look for Custom Graphix. We’ll give you a great deal on custom signs today. You can also just search “custom banners near me” and you’ll see us in the results.