Marketing on The Move – Customgraphix Vehicle Lettering


Adding one’s logo and brand to their company and private vehicles is an excellent way to attract attention on the go. The average custom vehicle signage is able to generate up to seventy thousand impressions per day, and all one needs to pay for is a simple ‘sticker’. The rest of the marketing rolls in hands-off and free of charge.
Were you aware that an average American spends twenty-six minutes commuting to their workplace?
The state where this statistic is at its absolute peak is Washington, with an average of forty-three minutes spent commuting every day.
In this guide, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona has provided some advice on designing professional and effective custom vehicle lettering for one’s business. Make sure your prospective clients remember your advert for all the best reasons.

Six Essentials for Professional and Attractive Custom Vehicle Lettering

The writing one chooses to place on their vehicle can say a whole lot about their business and brand. Below, we explain how to get it right from the get-go.

Customgraphix Vehicle Lettering – Choose A Clear Font

Curly fonts can be difficult to read when a vehicle is moving above ten miles per hours. One should abandon their affection for cursive fonts and focus on the ones that are easy to read even while the vehicle is in motion.
For example, block lettering and sans serif fonts are extremely easy to read even from a distance. Additionally, the sans serif font is more legible by people with reading impairments, such as dyslexia. Opting for one such font will ensure one doesn’t end up alienating a sizable portion of their prospective customers with their shortsighted marketing strategy.



Customgraphix Vehicle Lettering – Choose Large Sticker Size

This isn’t the time for one to be shy about their advert. Go big, go bold, and splash your vehicle/s with quality Customgraphix vehicle branding. The larger the size of the sticker, the larger the lettering can be. One may choose several smaller panel stickers to match up to a larger designs, or they may go all-out with a full vehicle wrap. Marketing needs to make a positive impact, so one should make sure their brand is easy to identify from every angle. If one is somewhat tight on space or if they wish to use the vehicle/s personally as well as for business, Customgraphix car magnets can be a perfect solution for them. Customgraphix car magnets can be large enough to be easily seen and legible when one needs to market their business, but remain easy to remove when the weekend rolls around.

Customgraphix Vehicle Lettering – Choose Colors that Are Easy to Read

Easy-to-read and highly-contrasting colors can make sure Customgraphix vehicle lettering really stands out. The classic black-on-white never fails, but one can always get creative and pick a combination of contrasting colors from our abundant palette. One should aim for dark-on-light or light-on-dark contrasting colors to ensure their message really stands out from a distance and in motion. One should avoid choosing colors that sit too close together on the spectrum as this can make the signage incredibly difficult to read from a distance and in a short span of time.

Customgraphix Vehicle Lettering – Choose The Right Placement

Customgraphix vehicle lettering is affordable, easy to use, and easy to replace. Still, that doesn’t mean that this particular marketing avenue shouldn’t be taken seriously, and that one’s care-free attitude should allow for an advertising fail. One should consider thoroughly where on the vehicle their Customgraphix vehicle lettering should be placed, and how this placement will be affected by the features of the vehicle. For example, if one has a van with sliding doors, they should consider how the lettering will look when the door is open vs. when the door is closed. One should consider how their Customgraphix vehicle lettering will be viewed when they take into consideration other vehicle features such as door handles, rear-view mirrors, windows, etc.

Customgraphix Vehicle Lettering – Keep it Short

The most text one needs on their vehicle is their brand name, logo, website, phone number, and a single marketing strap-line if their business has one. That’s all. One should try to avoid overdoing wit with too many different messages. The aim of marketing via Customgraphix vehicle lettering should be as simple as building brand awareness, and giving prospective customers an easy way to make contact to learn more in-depth information about the business in question.

Customgraphix Vehicle Lettering – Keep it Simple

Some vehicle wraps employ photographs or intricate and detailed backgrounds, but this rarely works well. One needs to make sure that their message is simple, easy to read, and that it makes an impact in as few words as possible.
Clear text, an easily legible company logo, simple graphics, and colors that make an impact are all one needs to make sure their brand is remembered.
Some of our clients express concern that their customers may get bored of the lettering on their vehicles. This is why Customgraphix vehicle lettering and graphics are your most optimal signage solution. Our vehicle signage products are incredibly easy to remove and replace so if variety is your concern, you may change up the look and design of your vehicle as often as you want. You may even switch between simple vehicle decals or you may choose to wrap the entire vehicle. The only limit is your imagination.

Get The Perfect Vehicle Lettering with Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona

When one has complied all of their ideas about the message, the color, the design, etc.; it’s time to put it all together into a unique design.
We are past the times when using Customgraphix vehicle lettering and graphics for marketing was considered novel or daring.
Many businesses across many different branches are seeing the benefits of this simple yet effective marketing strategy, and are jumping on the bandwagon.
If you wish to hire a company that can produce quality vehicle lettering and graphics quickly and affordably, don’t hesitate to contact Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona directly, and we will be more than happy to provide you with our very best service. While we are centered in Phoenix, Az we ship all across the United States.
Allow us to help you take your marketing strategy to the next level. Time has come for new, inventive, and bold marketing strategies.