Make Your Next Trade Show Pop – 10 Trade Show Display Ideas to Try


Make Your Next Trade Show Pop – 10 Trade Show Display Ideas to Try

Whenever one is anticipating a trade show, they have to know what they’re up against. Every business participating will be looking to make a splash in hopes of gaining more exposure and meeting prospective clients. If one is looking to step up their game, they will be just one booth in a sea of hundreds trying to do the exact same thing. How does one achieve that, especially when it seems that all the flashy, gimmicky, and innovative stuff has been done already?
To make sure one’s business doesn’t go unnoticed, they gotta get creative. For that reason, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona has provided examples of ten trade show ideas one should definitely try at their next event.

Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Let The Form Follow Function

This creation of this axiom is credited to the famous architect Louis Sullivan. It means that the starting point of any design should be based in its purpose. The same principle can and should be applied to the trade show booth design. By listing the functional needs, one can develop a good idea of what display elements to include in their booth. For example, should one go for tabletop product displays? Or are they better off having a clear, open space to run their demos? While setting a list of their functional needs, one shouldn’t neglect the features of the venue. A trade show with wholesalers is a wholly different environment than a farmer’s market.

Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Make The Most out of The Space Available

Every event is different. A collapsible booth might work perfectly for one event but be all kinds of wrong for the next one. To avoid this issue, one should remember to confirm the space that will be provided for their booth by the event organizers. One should also develop several backup plans for their booth ideas. This way, whether one is given a huge space or just a box, they can be sure to make the most out of space that was provided for them. If one feels like the space they were given is too small to make and impact, they may go ahead and utilize the following guerrilla marketing tactics during the event.



Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Tell A Story

The story of the brand, of course. Since this isn’t the same as a website, one will have to find a way to achieve this by relying on trade show display materials. One should focus on creating a compelling visual story. This can be done in a form of powerful imagery in the backdrop or by using a punchy tagline. The important thing is to find a way to let the display do the talking. This is not the time for generic graphics. When it comes to trade show display booth ideas, go big or go home.

Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Let The Customers Find You

In addition to using display materials that turn heads, one should also make sure not to let their visitors leave their booth without getting their contact info. If one fails to acquire a chance to speak to each and every of their attendees, they can amend this by handing out some branded promotional items or by putting business cards up on display. Not everyone who visits a booth at an event will convert to a loyal customers, but those who will won’t be able to do so without knowing the contact details.

Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Create Pre-Show Buzz Before the Event

Savvy exhibitors understand the importance of creating excitement among the public before the event even begins. Every business attending the same event has the same or very similar goals in mind, meaning that the competition is steep. Distinguish your business by building relationships with the audience before the event even begins, so your brand stands at the forefront of their mind when they come to attend. There are multiple different ways to achieve this. Some of the more traditional methods include, but are not limited to: social media posts and/or ads, printed adverts, email blasts, raffles, mailers, etc. You can also spice things up a little with the following pre-show attention grabbers:

Virtual Conferences, Q&As, and/or Webinars via GoToMeeting or Facebook

Leverage a virtual event prior to the real-world one to demonstrate your expertise as a host, and to show your public how your products and/or services can help with their most pressing needs. To sweeten the deal and inspire higher attendance, you may offer them a freebie such as an eBook, an industry report, a list of helpful tips, or another item they may find valuable. This can help place your brand as the focal point in their minds when they show up for the event looking for solutions. Make sure to include a hard-to-resist call-to-action during this virtual event to make attendees excited to visit your booth at the real one.

Use Pre-Show Gameification to Engage the Public

Many businesses rely on gameification at the exhibits to generate more interest in their brand, and your business can gain a competitive edge as well if you choose to engage the public via email, social media, or a purposefully-designed app ahead of the time. The gameification can take various shapes, including but not limited to: interactive polls, surveys, assessments, quizzes, online promotions, etc.
If you also set up a web page for this purpose, it will invite more people to your website, generating an even louder buzz. Once this step has been completed, you should invite your audience to visit your stand at the event in order to get personalized recommendations based on their responses, to pick up small gifts, to watch a demo, or to otherwise engage with your brand.

Allow Your Employees to Run Your Social Media

Give your social media manager a break and allow your employees to take over. This can be a fun, engaging way to connect with your audience ahead of the event. The employee you choose should be someone approachable, friendly, and fun. They can offer behind-the-scenes information about your business and the upcoming even, they can tease your audience with new products and/or services, and they can respond to comments in a more personalized and engaging way.

Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Use Props

Props can be an incredibly fun and engaging addition to any presentation. You can include a giant pointer hand instead of a laser, or you may choose to add puppet animals to your presentation. Your limit is only your imagination.

Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Hand Out Unique Items

Trade show gifts are an amazing tool that helps companies make an impression on their audiences. You may choose to give them a unique and interesting item, which may come to be of use at the ‘gameified’ part of the presentation, or you may choose something utterly silly that is sure to make them laugh Most people tend to easily and fondly remember the situations and experiences that made them chuckle.

Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Install and Interactive Station

People simply can’t resist playing with interactive demonstrations, and you should take advantage of this. Build and install a sturdy device that fits the style of the exhibit, and have your audience go wild having fun with it.

Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Install a Selfie Station

People love taking selfies, we all know that by know. Provide your audience with a Hollywood red-carpet-style step and repeat banner or a fun cutout display to encourage them to take pictures.

Trade Show Display Ideas to Try – Draw Attention to Your Business with Customgraphix Banners and Graphics

Regardless of how innovative and creative your ideas are, you will need the help of the old-fashioned, sturdy, high-quality branding tools such as banners, pop-up stands, posters, graphics, etc. if you wish to stand out and appear truly professional.
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