How to Use Customgraphix Printed Tablecloths to Market a Business


You got your custom banners, your business cards, and even your promotional pens. You may think you’ve got everything you need for the upcoming trade show. However, there is one thing you may have forgotten – Customgraphix printed tablecloths!
Can’t you just use a regular tablecloth? Of course, but if you do, you are missing out on an amazing advertising opportunity. But how, you may be wondering, can one use Customgraphix printed tablecloths to market their business? Read on to find out.

Customgraphix Printed Tablecloths – The 101

With less than thirty seconds to make a lasting first impression, one has to make sure their booth looks inviting. Moreover, the first thing people tend to glance at is the table. If it’s disorganized, boring, or even a little bit random, it may deter people from taking a closer look.
First impressions matter; This reigns true in business as well. Mere moments can decide whether you gain or lose a client.
If your business frequently attends events where a table with a booth is set up to attract customers to it, giving the right first impression is vital. Every moment is an opportunity to attract or repel potential customers. What is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to attract clients, increase sales, and make a good impression? Invest in Customgraphix printed tablecloths.
Customgraphix table cloths are an easy way for your table to stand out, marked with your brand, amidst the sea of other enterprises. While your team may be composed of the highest-order professionals and your products and services are of the highest caliber, if your branding fails to appear professional or attractive, you may still lose more than you gain.
Customgraphix printed tablecloths are cloth table coverings produced with stretch fabric that envelops a table. Customgraphix printed tablecloths can be attached to the edge of the table, with fabric hanging to the floor and covering the legs. Alternatively, Customgraphix printed tablecloths can cover the entire table, including the top and the legs. Customgraphix printed tablecloths are produced out of stretchy materials, which allows them to fit most standard tables. Professional companies and non-profits both have the same need for a professional appearance on the site of marketing. Customgraphix printed tablecloths can add a fine touch to your marketing efforts via branding or logo placement. Customgraphix printed tablecloths help potential customers and other event attendees recognize your brand and attract them to your table.
The following are four essential elements of Customgraphix printed tablecloth designs for the purpose of successful branding and advertising. Allow us to elaborate.



Customgraphix Printed Tablecloths – Company Logo

The first thing onlookers will notice on a tablecloth is the design, so one should make sure it features their business logo. This will help the audience remember because people tend to remember pictures better than words. Think of McDonalds or Nike, as an example.
With this in mind, one should make sure their logo is the clear and focal point on the front of the tablecloth. One may choose to add another one to the top of the table as well, but only those sitting at the table would be able to see it.
Even if one’s business is still on the rise, and their logo is still widely unknown, they should still add it to their Customgraphix printed tablecloth. This is an excellent way to spread brand awareness.

Customgraphix Printed Tablecloths – Extra Text

The logo should always be the clear-cut focal point of a custom printed tablecloth design. However, for up-and-coming businesses, context is important, so they will also need some appropriate wording. Depending on the space one has to work with, they should consider adding some text, such as –

  • Company name;
  • Website;
  • Social media accounts;
  • Company tagline.

Whatever one chooses to display on their Customgraphix printed tablecloths, they should make sure that it comes up clear and easy to read. One should avoid typefaces that are difficult to read from a distance. Customgraphix printed tablecloth design should be kept bold, clear, and to the point.

Customgraphix Printed Tablecloths – Color Choice

Once again, it all comes down to smart branding. The aim is to show the public what a business is all about. If a business wants to emit eco-friendly vibes, they should use earthy colors, while businesses that want to generate an image of being sleek and modern should probably opt for a monochrome or metallic palette. In order to avoid logo camouflage issues, one should also create a high contrast between the logo and the background colors. As an example, a plain white or black background can really make a brightly colored logo stand out. If the logo or the text blend into the background, it’s the wrong color.

Customgraphix Printed Tablecloths – Table Type

Whichever type of table one has available in their booth, they have to drape it with style. Fortunately, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona offers a variety of printed tablecloth designs, guaranteed to fit almost any table. Some of these include –

  • Standard rectangle printed tablecloths (hangs down on all 4 sides like a restaurant tablecloth);
  • Standard round printed tablecloths (hangs like a restaurant tablecloth on a round table);
  • Three-side (similar to standard, but leaves the back open for easy access to supplies stored underneath);
  • Table runners (a custom strip of fabric to hang over a plain tablecloth);
  • Fitted printed tablecloths(a taut, stretchy fabric that pulls tight around the table);

We advise our clients to choose a few on their first run so that they come prepared for anything.

Customgraphix Printed Tablecloths – When and Where to Use Them

If one makes the investment and purchases Customgraphix printed tablecloths, where can they use them?
At trade shows, conventions, parties, luncheons, etc. Using Customgraphix printed tablecloths at every possible opportunity provides a chance to advertise wherever one goes.

Customgraphix Printed Tablecloths – We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re looking for cheap, quality printed tablecloths for your next event, you’ve come to the right place. Customgraphix printed tablecloths are not just an attractive covering. They can raise awareness of your brand and create a strong first impression that later translates to sales and growth. If you are interested in fine-tuning your business image with a professional, slick table cloth at the upcoming event, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona offers discount printing.
In addition to table cloths, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona offers church banners, construction signs, A-frame signs, and more. We are able to print large banners with quality, high-resolution graphics at competitive prices.