How to Setup Customgraphix Feather Flags Quickly

When Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona ships out orders, we make sure to include a set of instructions for our custom feather flags which help visually guide the assembly process. However, we understand that some of you may need or want additional guidelines to assist you with the installation of our custom feather flags. In this guide, we provide you with just that, and hope it makes the process as easy and headache-free as possible.

What Are Customgraphix Feather Flags?

Customgraphix feather flags are vertically-shaped banners produced out of durable, tear-resistant nylon material. The nylon fabric we use in manufacturing our feather banners is extremely weather-resistant and durable, which makes it the ideal choice for promotional signage that is needed outdoors. Our feather flags are made to slide effortlessly over a sturdy pole that we produce from aluminum and fiberglass. This makes our poles just as durable and slightly flexible, perfect to withstand hard winds. We offer a variety of choices for the base, which enables our clients to set up our feather banners effortlessly and securely whenever and wherever they need them.

Light, notable, and easy-to-carry, our custom feather flags are a perfect eye-catcher for bringing attention to a campaign, an event, or an important message one is trying to convey. They are perfectly suited for any environment in need of a little visual zeal. Otherwise known as feather banners, and teardrop banners, this particular type of banner has grown exceedingly popular owing to its adaptability and dynamic nature. Whether one opts for a stand-alone base or an in-ground mounting system, our custom feather flags guarantee fast but sturdy installation and rearrangement.



The Quick Setup is Precisely What Makes Customgraphix Feather Flags so Great

Custom feather flags, otherwise known as feather banners or blade flags, feature a smart product design that makes them incredibly easy to setup. Anyone who invests the effort and time to design a quality custom feather flag will be delighted to see how easily it can be displayed for all to see.

Customgraphix Feather Flags – Quick Setup / Instant Benefits

Considering how easy it is to setup Customgraphix feather flags, deploying an entire fleet of feather signage within or without your business can be completed in less than an hour. Whether staked in the ground or attached to a fixed stand, Customgraphix feather lags provide highly visible advertising with a single anchor point without the need for intensive framing structures that most other types of display signage require. Customgraphix feather flags work wonderfully grouped together, especially when lined on the side of a roadway or when flanking an entrance to the store.

Customgraphix Feather Flags – Assembly Instructions

In addition to the assembly guide Customgraphix Phoenix, Az provides with your shipment, we encourage you to consult the following guidelines as well. You may also refer to alternative feather flag assembly instructions online, but be mindful that they can differ from product to product, depending on the production company. It also bears noting that the following instructions for Customgraphix feather flag assembly also apply to Customgraphix teardrop flags, and other similar designs –

Step 1 – Take all of the items from the packaging and lay them out on a flat, clear surface. If your custom feather flag arrived with a travel carrying case, you should put that aside. Designate the final location for your custom feather flag, and make sure it sits at least five feet from any structures or wires. If your custom feather flag comes with a ground stake base, go ahead and hammer it into your designated location as indicated in the instruction manual that arrived with it.

Step 2 – Once you have the base installed and sturdy, begin aligning the pole structures from the smallest to the largest. The smallest pole should have a knob or a boll at its top. Insert this into the smaller end of the next smallest pole and repeat this process until you have a complete ‘chain’. The final, and the largest pole is to be used to attach the structure to the base.

Step 3 – Unroll and straighten your custom feather flag and try to locate the bottom end. It should feature a small pocket perfectly sized to seamlessly slide over the top of the assembled pole structure. Make sure that the pole is pushed all the way to the highest end of the pocket.

Step 4 – Firmly secure the bottom of the pole and flag structure to the base.

Step 5 – Customgraphix feather flags come with a bungee loop that provides additional stability. Locate the bungee line near the base of the metal pole and a loop attached to the base of the flag. Thread the bungee cord through the flag loop, and then thread it through the metal ring located on the pole. Tie off the cord once it is securely attached to both.

Step 6 – Enjoy your Customgraphix feather flags.

Customgraphix Feather Flags – Disassembly Instructions

To disassemble Customgraphix feather flags, you ought to simply follow the above instructions in reverse order –

Step 1 – Untie the bungee cord and un-loop it.

Step 2 – Remove the flag and pole structure from the base.

Step 3 –  Slide the pole structure out from the pocket of the flag.

Step 4 – Disconnect all the segments of the pole structure.

Step 5 – Neatly fold or roll your custom feather flag for long-term storage alongside its hardware components.

The fact that the disassembly of Customgraphix feather flags is just as simple and easy as the assembly, if not even more so, means that storing, moving, and replacing your Customgraphix feather flags is incredibly easy and simple.

Customgraphix Feather Flag – Cleaning and Caring

As time goes on, it is natural for feather flags to become dirty and in need of cleaning. This is especially true if your Customgraphix feather flag has been displayed outside where it was exposed to dirt, dust, and the like. You should know how to protect your investment, and keep your Customgraphix feather banner looking its absolute best for as long as possible by adhering to the following cleaning and care tips –

– The ideal way to clean your Customgraphix feather flags is to wash them by hand in cold water using gentle soap. This will help keep the colors true and vibrant for longer.

– If you have to put your Customgraphix feather flags into a washing machine, you should make sure to use the ‘delicate’ or ‘hand-wash’ cycle on cold to prevent damage.

– Customgraphix feather flags should be hung to dry. They should never be put into a dryer. You should also make sure that the flag has completely dried out before you pack it for storage again in order to prevent mold or mildew from forming.

– Once your Customgraphix feather flag has completely dried, you may roll up or fold it, and store it away from anything sharp or pointy to avoid puncturing it. If your order came with a designated storage case or bag, you should absolutely use them for the storage of your Customgraphix feather flag and it associated hardware for quick and easy setup in the future.

Customgraphix feather flags are vibrant, durable, printed on tear-resistant nylon, using state-of-the-art screen printing process, the aim of which is to aid our clients in attracting the attention their business deserves. Highly visible and easy to work with, Customgraphix feather flags may be the perfect signage solution for your next event or convention. Our feather flags are lightweight, easy to carry and assemble anyplace they are needed and can be used for years with proper care and maintenance.
Making Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona your partner in this endeavor means that you get reliable, professional, knowledgeable printing support to supply you with the best signage for your event.
While we offer numerous existing templates across a wide range of different categories, our customers are not required to use one of them. We have provided an online design tool that allows our customers to design their own custom feather flags from scratch, by using a blank template or by uploading a wide range of file types for pre-designed graphics. Additionally, we offer free design services in which we can design a graphic for you, or improve an existing design, completely free of charge.