How to Have a Successful Grand Opening for Business – Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona


How to Have a Successful Grand Opening for Business – Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona

The grand opening is probably the most important event for a new business. It’s crucial to launch a business on a good footing. The caveat is that there’s a limited time for a new business to prove their model works. Only half of newly-opened businesses in the United States survive the first five years.
A grand opening is a proven method to advertise a new business. It generates excitement, attention, and revenue for the start-up. There are dozens of proven methods to ensure this event is successful, and these include Customgraphix grand opening banners. In this article, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona has provided several useful tips for effective grand opening.

How to Have a Successful Grand Opening – Invest in Customgraphix Grand Opening Banners

In the age of social media and other avenues of digital marketing, many businesses tend to neglect timeless traditions. They forget that one of the easiest ways to advertise a grand opening is via large, attractive custom grand opening banners. Even large corporations still utilize and rely on traditional custom signage to advertise. Need proof? Drive past the local car dealership and check out the landscape. We guarantee there will be a large banner advertising the deal of the month.
Moreover, Customgraphix grand opening banners won’t break any budgets. Without a steady revenue stream, new businesses tend to operate on a very tight budget, and our custom advertising signage is sure to make the fit for any purpose and restriction. Customgraphix grand opening banners are guaranteed to achieve their primary objective while staying affordable – to draw attention to the grand opening event.

How to Have a Successful Grand Opening – Extend the Grand Opening for an Entire Week

Some inexperienced entrepreneurs have developed a misconception that the grand opening is and must be a single day event. However, savvy business owners look to extend it to an entire week, or at least a weekend. This keeps the buzz going for a little while without falling off and getting stale. This allows the prospective customers extra time to make a detour to the new business, check it out, and tell their friends and family about it. The promotions should also be kept active for the duration of the grand opening event. While margin is the most important aspect of long-term business success, in the short term, especially when the business has just opened, the most important thing is to establish a reliable customer base.



How to Have a Successful Grand Opening – Establish a Reasonable Budget

The common rule of thumb for a grand opening budget is twenty percent of the first-year marketing budget. When it comes to small businesses, experts recommend a minimum of six thousand USD investment in the grand opening. If the budget is too low, there’s a risk of failing to generate enough attention and attraction to the business. If the budget is marked too high, there’s a risk of drawing the revenue of the first year into the red zone. Depending on one’s specific circumstances, a nice middle ground should be established, and the budget plan developed should be adhered to.

How to Have a Successful Grand Opening – Ditch Blanket Approach / Opt for Targeted Marketing Campaign

Few things can drain a marketing budget quicker than a blanket approach. Forget about the saturation of the general population – Instead, target specific groups of customers that are most likely to purchase the product and/or service anyway. For example, if a product and/or service are geared towards younger consumers, it’s probably better to advertise on hip radio stations that play modern music. It would probably waste one’s Dollars to place adverts on an oldie’s radio station instead.

How to Have a Successful Grand Opening – Wrapping it Up

The importance of the grand opening for a new business can hardly be underestimated. This is the event that will cement the local community’s first impression of a new business. The most important thing to aim for is to balance targeting the right crowd with staying within limits of one’s marketing budget. Grand openings are a vital investment for any new business in the United States hoping to establish itself successfully.
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