How to Choose The Best Customgraphix Printed Pop-Up Tents


How to Choose The Best Customgraphix Printed Pop-Up Tents

There are almost six hundred outdoor festivals happening annually in Arizona alone. One can see everything, from the Arizona State Fair to the Salsa Festival in March. Similar events take place all across the United States, as well. If one is in a business which sells on trade-shows and other outdoor festivals, they need a custom printed pop-up tent for their yearly events. In this guide, we have provided the most essential design and order advice regarding custom printed pop-up tents. There are three vital questions one should ask, and they are as follows:

Are Customgraphix Printed Pop-Up Tents Produced from Fire-Resistant Fabric?

If one is cooking or preparing food at an outdoor festival, their tent should be resistant to flame. Some events require their attendees to have flame-resistant tents even if no cooking is taking place, as a general safety precaution. Thankfully, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona is able to produce printed pop-up tents out of high quality flame-retardant materials. We offer other fabric options as well, in which case, one may simply spray the tent with a flame-retardant treatment if such approach be allowed by the event committee.

What Printed Pop-Up Tent Customization Options Does Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona Offer?

Whenever one is shopping for printed pop-up tents for their upcoming event, they should carefully examine different supplier options, and determine what each of their options in-offer look like.
Some printed pop-up tent suppliers may allow logo placement only on a particular, single part of the tent. Others may allow one to plaster their logo and other brand elements all over the tent in any number of ways their client may require. It goes without saying, the price may vary depending on the level of customization one requires. Still, if one is attending an event with hundreds of others, competing, vendors, they should want a printed pop-up tent that will help them stand out in the crowd. Fortunately, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona offers virtually infinite customization options for our printed pop-up tents.



What Printed Pop-Up Tent Add-Ons and Accessories Does Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona Offer?

In this regard, each supplier has a unique policy. One should make sure to understand exactly what is included in the quoted price for their order. For example:
Does it include shipping? If not, how much will delivery cost on top of the order quota? What about proofs? Will one be required to pay for additional proofs after the first one? It sometimes happen that a client sees a proof and realizes that their brand colors aren’t right and that their logo is way too small. This is why one should always make sure to ask their supplier about the fee required for additional proofs in case that they don’t get it right on the first try, and until they do. Additionally, one should find out whether their supplier provides an adequate storage bag and/or any hardware for the printed pop-up tent or not. Most do, but one would likely prefer to avoid an unpleasant surprise right before the event, so they should ask to make sure.
Customgraphix printed pop-up tents are lightweight and easy to carry to any event. They fold easily for quick transport. Customgraphix printed pop-up tents come with a carrying case, where everything can be kept neatly together, and protected.
Once you arrive to your designated location, Customgraphix printed tents pop up quickly. The sturdy framework unfolds and extends to support the tent, and the telescoping legs allow one to adjust the height as needed or desired. One needs no special tools, nor do they have to wrestle with an awkward or a difficult setup when using Customgraphix printed pop-up tents.

Consider Purchasing Additional Add-Ons for Customgraphix Printed Pop-Up Tents

One may be surprised to learn about all the versatile add-ons they may include in their printed pop-up tend order to make it really stand out at the upcoming event. For example, printed pop-up tent leg banners provide additional space for branding display, and they cover up the possibly unseemly tent frame.
Printed pop-up tent drapes allow one to add elegance to their outdoor event. Adding them to the package will provide one with versatile options for their future events.
Printed pop-up tent rain gutters and awnings are a smart additional investment; they protect one’s customers and employees present at the event against rain and harsh wind.
Printed pop-up tent flags attach easily to the legs of the tent and come in a variety of shapes and angles. One may choose a stock color for them or customize them to fit their particular brand and tent design in order to attract even more visitors.

Final Thoughts on Customgraphix Printed Pop-Up Tents

From trade shows to festivals, there is always just another event around the corner that offers local businesses a chance to market themselves. Customgraphix printed pop-up tents can be just the ‘secret weapon’ a business needs to stand out in the crowd of other vendors.
Modern-day consumers put in a lot of effort to resist marketing attempts; They skip commercials, block ads, and throw flyers in the trash. Experts tend to associate this trend with a lack of trust. Therefore, being able to get out of there and honestly connect with your audience is the answer you are looking for.
Installed in a second, and removed in a flash, our pop-up canopy represent a perfect solution for on-the-go campaigns and dynamic requirements. Each of Customgraphix printed pop-up tents is produced to be rugged yet portable, with high-quality lightweight structural design that comes with its own carry case.
Customgraphix printed pop-up tents come ready to be deployed any place quickly without taking up much of the valuable floor space. Furthermore, Customgraphix printed pop-up tents are perfect for travel while delivering eye-catching, state-of-the-art graphics and clear marketing messages regardless of their designated location.
The production process four Customgraphix printed pop-up tents takes much care and effort, guaranteeing a quality, well-lasting product. We wouldn’t waste our clients’ nor our own time by producing inferior pop-up tents that would fall apart in a month or two.
Cheap and easy to install, Customgraphix printed pop-up tents offer a versatile and functional addition to one’s booth at an upcoming event. One should consider the following benefits of Customgraphix printed pop-up tents for their business.