How Feather Flags Can Help Your Business

There are many different ways to send out your message to the public. You can do it via billboards, three-dimensional signboards, or illuminated signages. But sometimes these can come in pricy cost or it is not appropriate to the size and design of your store.

One effective solution is having your message posted with the use of feather banners. If you want to get your message noticed by people, feather flags or feather banners are brilliant means to make that happen.

Feather banners are proven to be attractive and effective in making messages, announcements, and promos stand out in public, especially when they are placed in strategic areas with high traffic. Custom feather flags can deliver because they are easy to install and can be moved with less effort.

Feather flag banners are great for outdoor and indoor signage that could give your brand as well as your business space a trendy but professional look. Double-sided feather flags have high efficacy in drawing the public’s attention to your event, product, business, or sales promotion. Cheap feather flags can be displayed with less time and less hassle.

Feather flags can be used as entranceway design. Flag banners can also be utilized as boundary design for a show or exhibition. Feather flags signs are ideal for car dealerships and real estate marketing displays. Custom feather flags are also good to be set up in conventions, especially when placed strategically in areas with high traffic.


Feather flags and feather signs come in different shapes that can suit your needs. You can choose among the three types available in the market: feather flags, teardrop flags, and sail flags.

Feather flags, as the name denotes, are feather-shaped that is moves smoothly in the wind. Because of their unique design and shape, they easily catch attention. There are double sided feather flags where you can put designs on both sides to double your design’s exposure.

Teardrop flags are the firm types. They are more stationary during windy periods.

If you want your design to come in large size, you may want to consider sail flags. These types have the largest printable area perfect for larger than life messages.

What makes feather flags and feather banners terrific is their almost unlimited freedom for graphics space. Custom feather flags’ shape, design, and mobility give customers the advantage of exercising creativity in showcasing company logos and business messages in many vibrant and attractive ways. Double sided feather flags give more space to express your message. It will make people look at your feather flag banners twice. That is why feather flag signs can deliver the expectation of attracting anyone who passes by the feather flags cheap. And these feather flags cheap will not let you down. 


Advertising feather flags are designed to withstand different weather conditions and glide with the wind, giving feather flag banners elegance and resilience for long periods. Custom feather signs can really make your marketing strategy effective and boost brand awareness, taking your company image to a step higher.

Feather banners are made up of tough and weather-resistant material called polyester fabric. Feather signs can be made small, medium, or big, ranging from 2.6m to over 5m tall when assembled. Moreover, feather flags cheap and the accessories that go with them are lightweight and portable. You can easily set it up any place, be it indoor or outdoor; sunny or windy condition. 

Feather flags come with aluminum poles and a chrome plated steel base that is strong but movable and can be disassembled with little effort.

If your feather flag signs get filthy, do not worry. Feather flag banners are easy to clean and washable. You can wash it with water and soap without damaging the design because feather signs are made from durable polyester fabric.


Another impressive feature of feather flag banners is the base that is characterized by flexibility. Bases can support feather flag signs in many different ground conditions. Feather banners stand has a ground mount stake for soft surfaces like grass, soil, or even snow. It comes with accessories that can be changed depending on the ground quality.

For hard surfaces, the X base stand can be used for custom feather flags. There is also what is called the donut-shaped water bag that adds stability when using the x base in windy areas.

You can rely on the cross base to keep the banner standing straight. However, in case the feather flag banners will be displayed in a place with windy conditions, a water weight bag should keep the feather flag down. There is also an option of putting a ground spike for your feather flags. The spike that comes with a pointed edge has the ability to firmly hold the pole on the ground, securing it in place.

You may also want to consider selecting our ground spike option. The spike comes with a pointed edge so you can drive the pole into the ground and secure it in place.


Feather flags are among the most effective ways of outdoor advertising. You can make the most of custom feather flags and feather flags cheap with by doing some of these recommendations:

Do not overdo the text. Since custom feather flags are meant to be seen from afar, do not put a lot of text in your feather flags. Use a design that is easy to read for advertising feather flags and double sided feather flags. Make it short and sweet.

Make sure to use photos and graphics that are in high resolution. The output of poor resolution illustrations and photos will distort your designs on your custom feather flags, which can also affect the message you want to send out to your target market. Distorted design in feather flags cheap could also send an unpleasant impression about your company.

Do not worry if designs move. Flags are designed to swivel but stay put when the wind blows. Most of the times flags are displayed outdoors. However, when a storm is about to happen, it is advisable to pack them up and take them inside to preserve them and avoid accidents.