Full Wraps

Full Wraps Product Specifications

Full or partial fleet wraps are printed directly onto a blank, durable, adhesive vinyl material after which it can be installed across the entire surface area of a vehicle. Fleet wraps are the ultimate vehicle branding and advertising option but, unlike our other fleet graphics, they do require highly trained professional help, as well as specialized tools to be properly installed.
Spot graphics are fleet graphics that can feature both images and text. The given design is printed onto blank adhesive vinyl material, instead being cut out of it, after which it can be applied easily to a vehicle’s surface. Because full graphics are printed, they do not face the same limitations as fleet lettering which means they can be any color, feature gradients, and more. The most common uses for full graphics are displays of complex graphics and logos for the purposes of branding and advertising. Complex full graphics can be combined with simpler fleet lettering for the purposes of getting just the look one needs.



Full Wraps Product Specifications

What material do we use to produce our full wraps?

– In producing our full wraps we us durable cast vinyl material with adhesive properties.

Are full wraps cut out of the vinyl material, or printed on blank?

– Our full wraps are printed onto blank vinyl material rather than cut from pre-colored vinyl like our fleet lettering. This means that our full wraps can feature any and all text and graphics effects, while our fleet lettering cannot.

How thick are our full wraps?

– Two millimeters-thick (fifty microns). The material itself presents an admirable combination of durability and aesthetics. As thin as they are, with proper installation and care our full wraps can last a minimum of five years.

Are our full wraps safe for outdoor use?

– Absolutely! Our full wraps have been designed and produced with outside use in mind. Our full wraps will last for years in spite of the wear and tear that naturally comes with daily use on the outside of a vehicle. The optimal temperature range for our full wraps is between minus forty degrees Fahrenheit and two hundred and twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

Can our full wraps be cut to shape, or individual letters?

– Absolutely! We can cut our full wraps into any shape our customers require.
However, by selecting ‘custom with border’ shape option in our online design tool, it assumes a small border will remain around the edge of the cut, one can customize their full wrap to any shape and size. Additional shape options one can choose from for their full wraps include square, rectangle, rounded corners (a quarter of and inch radius, or an inch radius), circle, and oval.
However, if one is looking for graphics that are cut to individual shapes or design elements, they are most likely looking for our cut fleet lettering which is a completely different product.

Do full wraps require that the designated vehicle surface be flat for them to be installed properly?

– No. One of the major advantages of full wraps is that the designated installation surface does not need to be flat, which is the case for most of our other signage products. Our full wraps work equally well on flat and uneven surfaces including rivers, corrugations, as well as simple and compound curves.

Are there any restrictions on what can be printed onto full wraps?

– No. We print all our full wraps in full color which means that there are no restrictions on what one can request printed onto their full wraps. However, it does need to fall under our ‘terms of service’, and that is the only exception.

Are our full wraps temporary or permanent?

– Our full wraps have been designed and produced with semi-permanent use in mind. This means that once they have been installed, they are not to be removed and reused. However, they can be just removed quite easily of one is ready to be disposed of them, or install a new one.

What determines the price of full wraps?

– The primary factor that affects the cost of full wraps is the size of the product. Aside from that, the quantity is also taken into account for determining the final price. It should be noted that taxes, shipping, and installation services do influence the final price of the order.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes for full wraps one can order?

– The smallest full wraps we are able to produce is technically one inch by one inch.
Our full wraps can be up to twenty-four inches in one dimension and up to six hundred inches in another. If one needs signage that is larger than that, we are still able to accommodate them with our other offers. Do not hesitate to contact us and inquire further. full wraps that have both their dimensions exceeding fifty-two inches require to be paneled. If one needs help designing their full wraps, they should refer to our free design services. Our professional installation team can also make the process of installing large full wraps easy and quick.

What is the lifespan of our full wraps?

– The estimated lifespan for our full wraps is five years or more with proper application and maintenance. The lifespan can, however, vary quite a bit depending on the situation and usage. Most often than not, however, our full wraps are able to last even longer.

Can full wraps be stored for future use?

– Our full wraps can be stored for a short period of time – between one and two months – but we advise that it is installed as soon as possible in order for the adhesive solution to work its best when applied.

Will incorporating fewer colors in the full wraps design lower the price?

– We print our full wraps in full color so regardless of the number of colors incorporated in full wraps design, the price will remain the came.

Do we offer other types of vehicle signage products?

– Absolutely! We offer a wide range of vehicle signage products, ensuring we are able meet any of our customer’s needs.

Full Wraps Usage

What surfaces can our full wraps be used on? Are there vehicle types full wraps won’t work well with?

– Our full wraps can be used on virtually any type of vehicle or vehicle surface. Aluminum and chrome are just as compatible with our full wraps as metal, and they are just as easy and efficient to install on rivets, corrugations, and curves, as they are on flat surfaces.

Can one place our full wraps on the inside of a vehicle and have them visible from the outside?

– No. The intended placement and use for our full wraps is on the inside of a vehicle. Additionally, due to the opacity of the material, they would completely obstruct the vision if they were to be placed on glass or windows. Therefore, they technically can be applied to glass surfaces such as vehicle windows but the fact that the driver needs to be able to see through the given window should be considered. If one is interested in vehicle decals that may be installed on vehicle windows and still maintain the adequate visibility for both the driver and the passerby, they should refer to our ‘perforated vehicle decals’ or our ‘custom vehicle decals’ instead.

What are the most common uses for our full wraps?

– The most common uses for our full wraps are mobile business or product advertising. This is commonly used by business owners who visit customers rather than have customers visit them. These include tradesmen – such as plumbers, electricians, landscapers, contractors, etc. Also, catering companies, delivery services, proprietors of home businesses or individuals who work on their own, realtors, photographers, etc. Our full wraps can also be used for vehicle branding or regulatory purposes. Regardless of the type of business in question, our fleet lettering is an extremely effective advertising solution.

Can one use our full wraps on vehicle windows? Do they obscure vision?

– As we have mentioned above, due to the opacity of the material, they would completely obstruct the vision if they were to be placed on glass or windows. Therefore, they technically can be applied to glass surfaces such as vehicle windows but the fact that the driver needs to be able to see through the given window should be considered. If one is interested in vehicle decals that may be installed on vehicle windows and still maintain the adequate visibility for both the driver and the passerby, they should refer to our ‘perforated vehicle decals’ or our ‘custom vehicle decals’ instead.

Full Wraps Installation and Care

Can one install our full wraps by themselves?

– Technically, this is possible. However, given the strong adhesive technology that is incorporated in our full wraps and the complexity of their application process, we recommend against attempting to do this by one’s self, and employing professional assistance instead, even for smaller full wraps.

What can we say about our professional installation services for full wraps?

– We offer nation-wide installation, and removal, services. Regardless of our customer’s location, we can arrange for our team of professional installers to come to the given location within a few days of the full wraps order arriving. To employ our professional installation services, one is to simply fill out the form given on our website, and they will be given the installation quote. Once the full wraps have been purchased, installation services are charged separately, and we work with our customers to arrange a quick and painless installation procedure.

What if one has a very large fleet, or has vehicles in numerous different locations?

– This is not an issue at all. We can ship our full wraps to each of the given locations one marks during their checkout process. For the installation, we work with our customers and our network of professional installer in order to set up the times and schedule, so all can be timely installed at the required location/s shortly after the full wraps have been delivered.

Do we offer account or project management for fleet branding projects?

– Absolutely! We understand that fleet branding, regardless of its size, is a large and crucial undertaking. When our customer contacts us with details of their project, we will assign a dedicated project manager to guide them through the process from the birthing of the initial concept, through design, ordering, and shipping, and finally to getting them installed. Our project manager helps our customer coordinate with our team of professional graphic designers during the design phase in order to ensure that they get their full wraps design for free. We are a professional signage printer company with years of experience and which offers full service to our customers.

Do we offer removal services for full wraps?

– Absolutely! Our in-house team and network of certified national installation services combined cover all of the contiguous United States in assisting with full wraps installation, and removal. Regardless of the number of vehicles in question, be it a single one or a hundred, regardless of the location we are able to print and install our full wraps in a matter of days at our customer’s location.

– Will our full wraps ruin the vehicle paint?

– Our full wraps have been designed and manufactured to prevent damaging vehicle paint as long as they are installed. The only damage to vehicle paint that may come from using our full wraps would be caused by using a sharp tool when attempting to peel it away, and cheeping or peeling the paint itself/
Nevertheless, with or without sharp tools, we do recommend that full wraps is removed with utmost care in order to ensure no damage is brought upon any underlying paint, which is why we offer and recommend employing our professional installation and removal services for this process.

Do our full wraps require any regular maintenance? Can they withstand car washes and/or power washers?

Our full graphics have been designed and produced with semi-permanent and / or permanent use in mind. They have been designed and produced to withstand use on the exterior parts of vehicles even through the harshest of conditions for a long time to come. For the purposes of achieving this longevity, and maintaining the vibrancy of our full graphics, we recommend one cleans them regularly. This can be done effectively and safely with low-pressure power hoses, but most car washes and manual cleaning methods are generally safe to use with this type of vehicle graphic.

How does one remove our full wraps?

– In spite of their (semi-) permanent nature and incredible durability, our full wraps can be removed quickly and painlessly with some heat and / or proper chemicals as long as this removal is done within the five years since the installation, and in the environment that exceeds fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the wide variety of removal factors, and the complexity of these signage products, it is our recommendation that one employs our professional installation and removal services for this process.