Five Ways to Promote a Business via Customgraphix Bandit Signs


The average business in the United States invests between ten and twelve percent of yearly projected sales amount into the annual marketing budget. Modern-day businesses spend huge amounts of their budgets on advertising. If only there were better, cheaper ways to put that investment to a better use.
With digital marketing growing exponentially in popularity and use with each passing day, many experts have neglected or even completely forgotten about the more traditional methods of advertising, such as radio, TV, or printed ads.
Despite the ever-growing trend of moving away from these marketing avenues, they remain tried and true methods with a long history of payoffs. For that reason, we have compiled the following guide on one such advertising tool you may have forgotten about – Customgraphix bandit signs.
Are you looking for a way to save money your business spends on advertising while generating even more leads than before? Refer to our guidelines below to learn about five different ways one may use Customgraphix bandit signs to promote their business.

Five Creative Uses of Customgraphix Bandit Signs for Business Promotion

While many traditional advertising tools are falling out of use, Customgraphix bandit signs are still widely used by a plethora of businesses across the United States. Customgraphix bandit signs are the size of a poster, and are usually viewed as a smaller version of a billboard. Unlike billboards, however, Customgraphix bandit signs are non-invasive, cheap, and effective. You aren’t convinced just yet? Keep reading.

Customgraphix Bandit Signs – Election Signage

You probably saw these types of bandit signage installed on the front lawns of your neighbours who wish to promote their support of a political candidate, especially during the election season. Did you know that Customgraphix bandit signs can also be used to advertise the locations at which the elections will take place? Some campaigners are even using this signage to encourage people to go and cast their vote.

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Customgraphix Bandit Signs – Contractor Signage

Does your business offer contracting services to your local community? Instead of hitting the pavement every day to search for clients, wasting unnecessary amounts of time and energy, why not strategically place a few Customgraphix bandit signs in your neighbourhood instead? This will help you brand yourself within your target community, without the risk of repelling potential clients with more invasive marketing tactics.

Customgraphix Bandit Signs – Real Estate Signage

This specific type of marketing signage originated as a tool for real estate investors to help them find new property deals. It makes perfect sense, then, to use a Customgraphix bandit sign to generate leads for your newest rental. From sale signs to ‘we purchase houses for cash’ signs, there are seemingly endless ways one can use Customgraphix bandit signs for their real estate business.

Customgraphix Bandit Signs – Business Ad Signage

Contractors aren’t the only type of business that can benefit from using Customgraphix bandit signs to advertise. Virtually any ‘Business to Customer’ company can rely on this cheap and effective marketing tool to bolster their next campaign. One may use Customgraphix bandit signs to advertise the grand opening of their store, or even to advertise their upcoming company fundraiser.

Customgraphix Bandit Signs – Event Signage

Speaking of fundraisers, businesses that often host events open to the public also use Customgraphix bandit signs to advertise them. Customgraphix bandit signs are also an excellent tool for city councils to advertise the latest festivals and carnivals. Alternatively, Customgraphix bandit signs can be used to encourage people within a community to head to the nearest free flu shot station during the winter season.

Customgraphix Bandit Signs Are Affordable

Small and start-up businesses usually don’t have the large marketing budgets that larger companies have. This means that their owners have to be smart about their marketing strategy. Customgraphix bandit signs are extremely affordable and fit well into almost any budget.
Most other marketing tools require periodic expenditure as they are heavily reliant on temporary time slots and renewals, while Customgraphix bandit signs only require a single, small investment.
Customgraphix bandit signs can sit on display for weeks or even months, generating awareness about your business while you are free to dedicate your time, energy, and budget to other tasks.

Customgraphix Bandit Signs Are Eye-Catching

The average consumer in the United States sees approximately five thousand ads every day which means that it’s vital to stand out from the crowd. Because the modern, average American is continually exposed to a plethora of advertising platforms, they tend to block most of them out, especially those that come up in digital form.
Customgraphix bandit signs take up real, physical space which makes them considerably more difficult to ignore. Their bright, vibrant colors and unique designs draw attention effortlessly, especially when hung on empty exterior walls or indoors.

Get Your Bandit Sign Today with Customgraphix, Phoenix, Arizona

Are you looking for cheap yet quality marketing signage to add to your business’ advertising portfolio? Check out our incredible collection of advertising signage, and discover the benefits of their use for yourself.
Customgraphix bandit signs can help promote your brand like never before and we promise you won’t end up disappointed if you choose to use them for your marketing purposes. Customgraphix bandit signs are an excellent signage solution for advertising real estate, but they can do so much more than that as well.
Customgraphix bandit signs allow our clients to notify a wide audience of passer-by about their business, they enable our clients direct traffic to the important areas, they can help notify the members of a community about special events, or they may efficiently advertise our client’s contracting work. The possibilities for our custom yard signs are endless.
Customgraphix bandit signs are some of the finest quality custom yard signage solutions that can be found in Phoenix, Arizona. Customgraphix bandit signs may be printed in a combination of colors for a wide palette we have in offer on a wide variety of materials we also feature. Customgraphix bandit signs also come with packaged metal step-stakes for a fast and efficient set-up.