Five Tips for Creating Customgraphix Outdoor Signage for Car Dealerships


Have you ever noticed how car dealerships seem to really stand out when you are driving down a busy street? This is because they rely on a ton of printed advertising material to catch the eye of the people driving by. Car dealerships tend to sport bright, vibrant colors, and they use many different tools to advertise sales, promotions, and other good deals. Customgraphix outdoor signage plays a vital role in car dealerships’ décor and marketing efforts. In this guide, we have provided a list of five important tips to keep in mind when designing effective Customgraphix outdoor marketing signage for the automobile industry.

What Type of Customgraphix Outdoor Signage Should One Use?

There are so many varieties of Customgraphix outdoor signage that it can be perfectly intimidating at first when one begins to have a look around. Moreover, car dealerships tend to run a great deal of different promotions throughout a year. These will include general promotions, as well as holiday specials such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, and others. This means that car dealerships need to find cost-effective and versatile signage options that are an easy fit for regular updating and replacing. While almost any type of Customgraphix outdoor signage can work for a car dealership, at Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona we believe that the following three are the best ones. Below, we explain why.

Outdoor Signage for Car Dealerships – Customgraphix Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Our stark, readily hung custom outdoor vinyl banners are just the right solution for any project manager hoping to shine a spotlight onto an event, a group gathering, or a campaign they hope to attract a wide audience to. Our custom outdoor vinyl banners are of the highest quality. They are produced from durable outdoor vinyl material that is printed upon with eco-solvent ultraviolet ink. Our custom outdoor vinyl banners are durable for a very long time, come with banner printing of the highest quality, and are certain to make your message pop.
Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners are an excellent promotional tool for car dealerships. They are large-format custom prints of high-quality and durable materials, printed with eco-solvent ultraviolet inks. Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners come with many versatile ways of display, providing a great many choices for installation. Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners also provide loads of space, so one can really make sure their promotion or discount doesn’t pass unnoticed.

Magnetic Sign - Rent to Own Car Template - Custom Graphix


Outdoor Signage for Car Dealerships – Customgraphix Feather Banners

Otherwise known as teardrop banners, Customgraphix feather banners are a free-standing type of marketing signage that is great for boosting the visual appeal. Light, notable, and easy-to-carry, our custom feather banners are a perfect eye-catcher for bringing the attention to a campaign, an event, or an important message one is trying to convey. They are perfectly suited for any environment in need of a little visual zeal. Otherwise known as feather banner flags, and teardrop banners, this particular type of banner has grown exceedingly popular owing to its adaptability and dynamic nature. Whether one opts for a stand-alone base or an in-ground mounting system, out custom feather banners guarantee fast but sturdy installation and rearrangement.
The simultaneously durable and flexible poles our custom feather banners come with are highly reusable with new, different banners when one needs to alter or update their message with minimal effort. Alternatively, they come with optional in-ground mounting system for more permanent uses. With Customgraphix feather banners, one may spread their promotional campaign across a series of banners in order to truly maximize the potential. This tactic also enables the printed sections to be easily replaced. This will keep the costs down whenever one needs to make a change to their outward appearance for whichever reason.

Outdoor Signage for Car Dealerships – Customgraphix A-Frame Signs

Our A-frame custom signs, which are also known as board signs, sidewalk signs, curb signs, standing signs, and other, represent a perfect, versatile signage solution which can help enhance any professional broadcasting goal. Our bright, colorful A-frame custom signs can help our clients send their marketing message in a ‘traditional’ word-on-the-street way. Aside from plain marketing, our A-frame custom signs can also be used for instructive signage solutions, and directional signage solutions, when directing customers and passer-by to a business or event.
We offer two main types of A-frame custom signs: the Signicade and the Signicade Deluxe. The former allows for always changing the message displayed by installing a new adhesive vinyl graphics, while the latter makes the process even simpler by using corpo-last inserts which slide into the face of the sign with ease.
Although one may not categorize this type of marketing signage as a ‘banner’, they are still an incredibly cheap and effective marketing option for car dealerships. Not only they are just as versatile as feather banners when it comes to seasonal promotion updates, they are also amazing at attracting people who are walking instead of driving by the store, owing to the fact that they are usually on just the right level to be seen. If a car dealership is located on a busy pedestrian street, Customgraphix A-Frame signs are always an excellent idea.

Outdoor Signage for Car Dealerships – Some Advice

The most effective use of Customgraphix outdoor signage for car dealerships is for the purpose of increasing brand awareness. If the signage in question is designed correctly, printed in high quality, and installed at the right spots, one will be grabbing an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness. Car dealerships have to be especially aware of their marketing, décor, and branding if they wish to create a consistent, welcoming, and trustworthy atmosphere for their clients.

Outdoor Signage for Car Dealerships – What Should It Say?

Another important thing to keep in mind when designing outdoor signage for a car dealership is the messaging. One should keep it as simple as possible. The message should contain no more than a few words. With outdoor signage, one doesn’t have much time to grab the attention of the passerby, so they should make sure to keep their message short and to the point. Choose a font that is large and legible, even from far away, and make sure the color of the lettering provides a nice contrast to the background.

Outdoor Signage for Car Dealerships – Know Your Goal!

Whenever one adds any kind of marketing tool to their arsenal, they [should] have an accomplishment in mind. Consider what the purpose of this particular marketing effort is. Are you looking to simply reinforce the branding, or are you advertising a specific thing.

Outdoor Signage for Car Dealerships – Location, Location, Location!

Once the design and the marketing message have been decided on, one may think it simple to choose the right place to display their signage. However, the choice of location can make or break the success of the signage. Consider the intended location for your signage carefully, and make sure to leverage it against the type of signage you have opted for in order to maximise its potential.

Car Dealerships and Their On-Site Outdoor Marketing Success

Nowadays, people tend to wrongfully assume that high expense purchases are never inspired by traditional advertising methods. Car dealerships prove this notion to be wrong.
Sure, the decision to purchase a new car, or trade in one’s vehicle for another isn’t made overnight, usually. However, with enough exposure and attention, a certain car dealership may be just the one that pops into consumer’s mind when they do make that exact decision.
Our outdoor signage comes in a wide variety of colors, finishes, weights, sizes, and thicknesses ensuring they can accommodate any design and advertising needs.
While we offer numerous existing templates across a wide range of different categories, our customers are not required to use one of them. We have provided an online design tool which allows our customers to design their own outdoor signage from scratch, by using a blank template or by uploading a wide range of file types for pre-designed graphics. Additionally, we offer free design services in which we can design a graphic for you, or improve an existing design, completely free of charge.
Whether you already have print-ready art or graphics in mind, or need yet to design it, our assistance is available 24/7 and we are always happy to help you get started with outdoor signage.