Finding The Right Metal Sign For Your Business

For a business to succeed, it has to have an effective marketing strategy, and having a good signage is one important aspect of it. A signage is part of a company’s branding that conveys character and purpose. It also tells something about products, services, and contact info designed to help potential customers in their decision making.

Types Of Business Signage Materials

There are many types of materials being used in signage for business. Among the most popular types is the metal sign that combines stylishness, flexibility, and durability.

Metal Signs

Because of its feat, metal signs are preferred to be used in a variety of industries such as real estate, contractors, commercial, marine, new businesses, informational, POP Displays, industrial, directional, safety signs, street signs, construction, corporate, exterior walls, gates, and fences.

Such areas use metal yard signs, outdoor metal signs, and other kinds of metal signs for business. This is due to the capability of metal signs to withstand harsh conditions.

Moreover, despite the digitization of business logos and banners, many companies still prefer using outdoor metal signs. In a report, one widely known office supplies company have discovered that around 17 percent of its customers are persons who really had no intentions to buy something from the store but they did it because they saw the sign. That is indeed one compelling power of signage in marketing.

Custom Metal Signs Are Cost Effective

Metal signs are considered as a great investment in marketing a business. Yes, it is conventional but still cost-effective in comparison to advertising in traditional media like newspaper, magazines, television, and radio.

Metal signs now can be customized in accordance to the character and design of the business. With the use of the modern technology in digital printing, custom outdoor metal signs are now made better and can be tailored to meet the needs in finding custom metal signs near me, metal signs for business, and metal yard signs.

To determine the right kind of metal signs for business, one must know the essential traits of the different kinds of materials being used in metal signage. This can serve as a guide that can help in making the right choice and to ensure cost-efficiency.

However, in determining the right kind of outdoor metal signs, one must also take in consideration the weather conditions, including the strength of winds, rain, and heat in the vicinity where the custom metal sign will be set-up.

If you plan to put your sign in an area where high winds occur occasionally, consider making the density of the outdoor metal signs thicker. The thickness of the metal material will depend on the wind strength in the area, generally speaking.

Custom Metal Signs for Businesses

The most prevalent kind of metal used in metal signs for business is aluminum due to its characteristics of being lightweight, flexibility, and durability. Its thickness can also be easily adjusted to the over all size of the desired custom outdoor metal signs and in accordance to the weather conditions in the area.

Unlike signage made up of steel, aluminum metal yard signs does not rust as time goes that is why it is best for custom outdoor metal signs for extremely busy areas like streets, high traffic, wet, construction, and heavy equipment places. It also has elegant design that tells something about a company’s professionalism.

Other metals used in outdoor metal signs are Alumalite, Dibond, ARMOUR-Wood, steel, stainless steel, brass, and bronze.


Alumalite, a corrugated plastic sign material reinforced with rigid aluminum sign panels on the sides. Compared to Armour-wood, Alumalite is easier to handle and to be installed ideal for outdoor metal signs. It is also highly durable, but less stronger than Armour Wood, which is thicker and heavier. However, It can be easily cut using standard carpentry tools. When properly fastened between two posts, Alumalite can resist strong winds upto 120 mph. Having these features, it is recommended to be used for digital print, architectural signage, corporate ID, multiple panel signs, neon signs, electrical LED, channel letters, mounted signs for wall and fence, panel signs, cut outs, scoreboards, murals, 3D signs, kiosks, and billboards.


If one is searching for a material stronger than standard gauge metal sign, Dibond is a solid choice for its strong plastic sign, reinforced on both sides with adamant aluminum panels. This material is made up of a flexible polyethylene core covered with thin aluminum sheet on each side, with a finishing of a high end lacquer that ensures perfect printing. It can be drilled, screwed, riveted to any kind of surface without the risk of getting rust or crack. More durable than Alumalite, Dibond is the more ideal choice for wall mounted signs, hanging signs, custom metal signs near me, advertising displays, and small post mounted signs.


Meanwhile, Armor-Wood signs is also recommended by signage experts because of its known top-level durability, considered as one of the toughest and highly-rigid materials used for signage available in the market. The strength of Armour-Wood signs lies on traditional wooden signs (solid, plywood core) merged with a glossy aluminum sheets exterior finish that produces a sign material that can endure for a very long time. It has a high wind resistance versus other sign materials, which makes it ideal for custom metal signs that is expected to deliver a long-lasting recognition for a business. Experts highly recommend Armour-Wood for outdoor metal signs, construction site signs, real estate signs, wall mounted signs, post and panel signs, and hanging and fence mounted signs.

Other Custom Metal Signs Materials

Other materials used for metal signs are lightweight stainless steel, bronze, and brass. Such materials are ideal to create to vintage metal signs for a modern brand or perhaps office designs in retro style. Such technique can touch the feeling of nostalgia that delights most people. Other materials that can be used are brushed aluminum, copper, engraved, and custom painted. These materials can also deliver a distinctive, corporate look for the office interior design, especially for reception areas.

Some experts recommend the use of stainless steel in metal signs because of its strength that it can endure dents and tears. But the downside of the material is its weight as steel is substantially heavy which narrows down options for installation.

Personalized Metal Signs Considerations

In designing custom metal sign, one thing that must take into consideration: You have to choose which size that fits well with the layout size of your space. Large signage requires large text sizes and make sure to high resolution of logos and images so that the quality will not be compromised. The size of metal sign can be made to fit angles to make the display more convenient, portable, and most importantly, easy to view and read.

Some say that Bigger is better. But when it comes to signage, it is not always the case. Just imagine placing an enormous metal signage in front of a store that could block the entrance. It is not appropriate. Thus, it is vital to determine the right dimensions compatible with the message that one wants to say to customers. Take in consideration also the location of the sign, the color, and readability of the texts.

In spite of these guidelines, do not hesitate to express creativity in creating display logos for metal signs, especially for outdoor metal signs, to satisfy the needs of your business because metal signs allow customization when it comes to shapes, design, in any sizes. For example, one can create a metal sign with a huge 8-foot hamburger design for a burger chain. Such display can get the attention of people and entice them to try out the product being offered. This increases visibility and awareness of the business to the public.