Embroidered Polos Phoenix Arizona

Embroidered polos are a perfect affordable advertising medium for a professional look. Custom Graphix features quality embroidered polos that we deliver to thousands of satisfied customers. In fact, we have completed eleven-point-eight billion stitches over fifteen years we’ve been in business.
Purchasing embroidered polos has never been simpler. Our embroidered polos are the most popular product in our catalog. We also collaborate with some of the leading polo-producing brands in the market to ensure that the base product our clients place their design on is of highest quality. Whether you’re in need of embroidered polos for a corporate outing or uniform element for your team, we’ve got you covered.
Our embroidered polos look extremely elegant and professional, and we offer help via our professional design team, and fast production as well. Our embroidered polos are also a versatile gifts that can match almost any outfit.



Our embroidered polos are a popular and affordable choice for advertising, corporate events, thank yous, and incentives. We have the largest selection of embroidered polos, of more than five hundred, on the web.
We offer hundreds of different styles in any color under the sun in sizes ranging from XS to 6X. Our embroidered polos also have a wide range of prices to match any budget. Our dedicated professional customer service team is here to assist with selections and answer any potential questions.
Make your embroidered polos Phoenix, Arizona get additional appeal by adding some sleek embroidery onto them. The mesh material that is utilized in production of our embroidered polos lends itself to some interesting design possibilities that you can take advantage of and ensure your embroidered polos really stand out.
Using our free online design tool, you can create your own unique and individual embroidered polos Phoenix, Arizona in style that is tailored for you exclusively. Whether you are in the mood for a classic, low-key black embroidered polos, or a ‘louder’ multi-colored design with custom embroidery, we’ve got you covered here at Custom Graphics.

Polo Embroidery / F.A.Q.

In the section below we have answered some of the most common questions about embroidered polos. If you wish to know more you may contact us directly and one of our experts will happily answer all your further inquiry.

What if one only has a picture of their logo? Would that be an issue?

– All one has to do is simply upload the image and we will do the rest. With well over one hundred thousand digitized logos we have produced thus far, our clients may remain confident that their design will come out impeccable. Any notes on size, thread color, and location may be added and we shall adhere to them to the best of our capacity.  Additionally, all orders placed on our website are reviewed by an expert artist whose job is to ensure that your ordered embroidered polos Phoenix, Arizona come out looking perfect.

Can one embroider only a text on their polo shirt?

– Absolutely. All they have to do is visit our online design tool and create a logo that features text alone. We also have a library of more than fifteen thousand stock graphics to go with the text. We require no setup fee or digitizing for any logo created in our online design tool.

How can one design their embroidered polos?

– Creating one’s own embroidered polo has never been simpler. One may begin by browsing our selection of polo options. The next step includes uploading their own design, or creating a new one in our online design tool. Finally, one is simply to place their quote and submit an order.

What if one is not an expert artist? Can they still design their own embroidered polos?

– Of course! We employ a highly professional design team that is ready to assist our clients in turning their ideas into works of art. If one is having trouble with design, they may simply contact us directly and we shall put them in touch with our in-house design team. One of our experienced members will eagerly help with the entire process.

Do we require a minimum order quantity for embroidered polos?

– No. We offer embroidered polos Phoenix, Arizona with no minimum order size required. However, if one wishes to order multiple polos, they may receive bulk order discounts. The more hats one orders the cheaper they can be.

Do we charge shipping?

– Due to our all-inclusive pricing, shipping is calculated and included in the final quoted price. We can get your embroidered polos produced and shipped directly to you anywhere in the United States. All our products are manufactured in the States.

What is our return policy?

–  We pride ourselves with excellent service all the way from placing the initial design, to delivering the final product. We provide a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. This means that if, by any chance, our clients are not happy with how their embroidered polo/s turned out, we will do all in our power to make it right, whether that meas replacing the entire order, or simply offering a refund.

Polo Embroidery

Embroidered polos are ideal accessories for corporate outings, sports games, community events, brand building, and much more. We also collaborate with some of the leading polo-producing brands in the market to ensure that the base product our clients place their design on is of highest quality. With as many options as we made available, you are certain to find the perfect embroidered polo for your purposes.
Designing and ordering embroidered polos Phoenix, Arizona has never been easier.
The design process may take as little as a few minutes and represents a quick, and time efficient way to create a high quality item that will represent your favorite sports team, gold league, business, or anything else in between with an aesthetic design. Our clients are welcome to take advantage of our library that features thousands of images, and lettering and font styles, in order to create any design they imagine. If you are struggling with coming up with an idea, our free online design tool also features hundreds of ideas and templates for you to use.
Our professional design and sales team is available 24/7 to assist you in case you need design advice. Any order you place will be delivered in two weeks, guaranteed. Additionally, all orders placed on our website are reviewed by an expert artist whose job is to ensure that your ordered embroidered polos Phoenix, Arizona come out looking perfect.

Custom Graphix / Why We Are the Best

Our website and online design tool are extremely easy and fun to use. We guarantee satisfaction with our expertly produced embroidered polos Phoenix, Arizona.
In our online design tool, our clients can easily upload their design, or create a new one to beautifully customize their hats for any purpose or occasion. One may place an order for as many or as few embroidered polos as they need with no minimum order volume requirement, or setup fees. Designing your own embroidered polo has never been easier or quicker.

Custom embroidery –  Our polos are embroided with unique, custom designs quoted by our customers. The final product is unmistakably well done, with an aesthetic slick. Our clients may upload their designs, or create new ones from scratch using our online design tool.
Volume discounts – The more you buy, the less you spend. The greater the order placed, the greater the bulk discount.
Quality guarantee – Custom Graphix stands proudly behind our work. We guarantee our clients that they will receive the best quality product every time they place an order, regardless of volume and design. Reluctant to take our word for it? Feel free to refer to the catalog of some of our past orders.
No minimums – We have no minimum volume order requirements. Whether you wish to order a single polo or several thousand, we will provide.
Quick turnaround – Producing embroidered polos takes a little more time than simply taking a pre-made product off a shelf. Our clients may expect a turnaround time of about four weeks or less on most order. That’s much faster than anyone else in the business.
Worldwide shipping – Custom Graphix is international, so we ship orders all around the world every day. Regardless of where our clients may be located, we offer extremely affordable shipping.

Custom Graphix / Our Manifesto

We believe the everyone can be their own brand and we decided to provide you with the right and accessible tools to broadcast it, loud and proud. Whether you’re here to promote your business, product, team, or simply yourself, we have your back every step of the way.