Drive More Customers and Traffic for Your Business and Website by Advertising

Once we already know who our target audience is, it is important to make sure that your exceptional business, products or services are being exposed to people to be recognized every single day.

We need to convince each one of them to purchase and patronize your services by highlighting the strengths of your company, and by emphasizing how different you are from competitors.

We call this process advertising. In advertising, you introduce what you can offer to them and to your potential consumers so they become aware of how you can help make their lives easier.

Advertisers spend millions of dollars each year to earn more revenue. But they don’t just shove things into ads. They spend a lot of time studying the economic trends and strategies to use, what the majority of the people prefer to buy and how it can stay in the market.

When it comes to what goes into an ad, there are countless techniques to choose from. And while each has their own unique special characteristics, these techniques only focus on one main goal: to influence consumers and convert them either into customers or leads.

In order to do this, it’s important to understand your options. 

So what are some effective forms of advertising that we can do nowadays?

The world is constantly evolving at such a rapid pace that some types of campaigns which used to be good are no longer profitable, and we need to adapt well and be aware to make the most of your paid ads.

Let’s dissect each type and choose the best one that will work best for your company.

Social Media

Social media advertisement is undoubtedly the most effective advertising tool today that a business owner can utilize while spending as little money as possible.

One can sign up for a Facebook account, Instagram or Pinterest and be exposed to everyone who uses those social media platforms. With word of mouth and recommendation all done online, the brand can become famous in no time and gather a huge fan base especially if the services or products are amazing.

Online banner ads and online video ads saw the level of trust remain the same as in previous years which means that social media advertising remains consistent on its effectiveness.

When advertising on social media, it’s crucially important to choose your platforms wisely and know that not everyone in your audience uses every platform.

For example, your audience on Instagram is likely to differ from your audience on LinkedIn. Who are you trying to reach? What are their professions? 


Another popular way of advertising, print ads can give you control to where you want to place your campaign. It also has less competition than online advertisements, therefore it is very effective.

You can physically distribute or leave the magazine, newspaper, or flyer directly to your future consumers, and they will have a lot of time to absorb what you can actually offer.

These consumers tend to be more loyal when physically having a copy of your printed ads. For years, print ads have offered an unparalleled opportunity to reach certain audiences, and it is still very unlikely that this campaign will die soon. 

Broadcast Advertising

The commercials aired on television and radio are the most vital part of broadcast advertising. As opposed to the print media, this type of advertising reaches a wider audience.

However, this is risky because people tend not to watch ads or if they do, they seldom pay attention to it. With the goal to persuade the consumers about the benefits of the product, it is actually considered as a very effective medium of advertising.

It can be very costly though, so one must maximize the benefits by knowing how frequent it should be aired, and when the target audience are mostly tuned in. To ensure success of the ad, great audio and video combo is necessary.

Outdoor advertising

To target commuters, some advertisers put up a billboard or a huge banner outside that are noticeable enough to attract attention. These captivating advertising tools are made to impress, and one must be careful in using it.

Commuters, tourists, and people living within cities frequently use public transportation. Within the commuting period, everyone on that bus, train, or any other forms of transit are vulnerable to the content and will be familiar to your services if they keep on seeing it on a consistent basis.

But it can’t just be any old sign – it has to be one that’s truly memorable, so that it will stick in the minds of those who see it, and will then remember it when they have need of your products or services. According to a research, 24% of consumers said that they have visited a business after being exposed to an outdoor advertisement.

At Custom Graphix Signworks, LLC, that’s exactly what we do. We can take your custom banners and signs idea, and have one of our graphic designers create a visual representation of that idea, and eventually, translate that idea into a high-quality sign made of wood, metal, or vinyl, according to your specifications.

We are based in Phoenix, AZ, but we can ship your signage anywhere, and you can have it in hand while the idea is still fresh in your mind. Although custom signs are one of our most popular products, that is certainly not all we do here.

All in all we can say that there are a lot of advertising techniques to choose from. Now that you have a background about some types of advertising, you have what it takes to form a campaign and execute it across different channels.

Choose wisely and watch how your business booms slowly but surely. You can also visit us personally in our store and hand us your designs at 1920 W. Aster dr. Phoenix, AZ 85029 or contact us with the following numbers: 1-888-439-2695 / 602-439-2694