Designing & Customer-End Errors:

Although, there likely be no instances where you will regret buying a marketing flag, banner, or any type

of sign works from Custom Graphix Signworks for their high quality and excellent skillful crafting. But, in

case if you are not completely satisfied with the product you have received, kindly do let us know about

it. Custom Graphix Signworks will initiate a reprint of the same without incurring any costs upon you for

this process.

However, we hold you liable, in the case of any such occurrences, to let us know within the realm of 24

hours after buying your product from us or otherwise there will be no fixation process initiated for you.

Furthermore, the fixation procedure will only happen if the errors found were the genuine faults of

Custom Graphix Signworks, and not occurred by any mishandling, negligence or harm by your mistake.

There will be no charge for reprinting/fixation caused by the errors are only limited to a maximum of

two items.