Customgraphix Restaurant Banners and The Pandemic – Effective Communication


The pandemic of Covid-19 has taken the world by the storm, but that doesn’t mean your restaurant needs to go down with it. As you continually change the mode of your daily operations to fit the latest requirements and safety measures, it has become more important than ever to stay in touch with and regularly update your customers about the changes. You can send emails, update your website, but you can also use a bolder strategy with

Customgraphix restaurant banners.
Customgraphix restaurant banners are extremely affordable and fit well into almost any budget.
Most other marketing tools require periodic expenditure as they are heavily reliant on temporary time slots and renewals, while Customgraphix restaurant banners only require a single, small investment.
In this article, we have provided some guidance on how Customgraphix restaurant banners can be used for effective business-to-customer communication during the pandemic.

Why Should One Use Customgraphix Restaurant Banners?

You may be thinking, what’s the point of spending money on signage when you can simply send out emails or update your website and/or social media pages completely free of charge?
Customgraphix restaurant banners take up real, physical space which makes them considerably more difficult to ignore. Their bright, vibrant colors and unique designs draw attention effortlessly, especially when hung on empty exterior walls or indoors. Customgraphix restaurant banners will allow you to deliver information to your regular customers as they come in to pick up their dinner, but it will also enable you to communicate with people simply passing by your store even if they’ve never shopped at your place before. It’s easy for people passing by a store to suddenly feel intrigued by a sign and feel invited in. Congratulations, you’ve just gotten yourself a new customer.



Customgraphix Restaurant Banners Communicate Your Hours

The simplest, and the most traditional use for Customgraphix restaurant banners is to let your customers know whether you are open and when. With numerous States issuing curfews and lock-downs, may restaurants across the country are facing temporary closures. With a simple ‘open for business’ Customgraphix restaurant sign, your customers will need not doubt.

Customgraphix Restaurant Banners Advertise Your Services

To prevent the rapid spread of the virus, the FDA has established new guidelines for handling food. Every restaurant still in business has been forced to change, at least somewhat, their modus operandi. Your customers need to know about the changes and additions to your services in order to take advantage of them and give you the business you need. Are you offering call-to-order, online order, contact-free deliveries, Uber Eats…? Your customers need to know what you’ve done to keep them safe while they indulge in their favorite menu article.
Create a Customgraphix restaurant banner with attractive art and/or a good joke to draw attention.

Customgraphix Restaurant Banners Promote Safety

What is your restaurant doing to protect the safety of your customers and employees? Even without the pandemic, customers want to be reassured that their food is handled properly and prepared safely.  Of course, it is assumed that all your workers are using protective gear regardless, but it doesn’t hurt to inform and remind your patrons how responsible your establishment is.
Are you offering tamper-resistant delivery bags? Have you designed a limited menu?
You can rely on Customgraphix restaurant banners to promote your safety precautions to your regular and prospective customers as well.

Customgraphix Restaurant Banners Market Your Philanthropy

Does your establishment offer any special promotions or events during these challenging times? You could be waiving delivery fees or donating one dollar of each purchase to a local charity. Maybe your restaurant is using sustainable packaging to preserve the environment. Maybe you simply want to remind your customers that your business employs members of the local community.
Whatever your way of ‘giving back’ is, it doesn’t hurt to let your patrons know.
Promoting your philanthropy with Customgraphix restaurant banners will remind your customers that your business cares about the community.

What Kind of Customgraphix Restaurant Banners Should You Use?

Should you get an A-Frame or a feather banner for your restaurant signage? What colors and fonts should you use? How can you make your restaurant and its signage stand out?
From repeatedly attracting new customers and generating new ones to communicating and selling your products and services efficiently, effective advertising is a useful tool for any business but the process of setting it up can prove quite daunting.
However, with the right marketing strategy, savvy business owner can increase their sales and revenue with minimal hassle.  Customgraphix restaurant banners tend to be an underestimated marketing element, but they are an excellent and quite affordable way to market your business.
Regardless of the type of business you operate, Customgraphix restaurant banners are guaranteed to deliver measurable results.
Customgraphix restaurant banners can help promote your brand like never before and we promise you won’t end up disappointed if you choose to use them for your marketing purposes. The world of restaurant signage is broader and more versatile than you may have thought. Fortunately, we are here to help. Contact Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona today and consult our expert design team to ensure your establishment really pops.

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