Customgraphix Guide to Custom Construction Site Sign Printing


Custom construction site sign printing can do so much for your business: it can increase your sales by presenting polished, transparent, and professional-looking advert to your potential client base; It can appeal to boost your curb appeal; It can display your business vision to all passing by to see; It may draw patrons to your business you didn’t even know you could attract.

If you are a small or a start-up business owner you likely don’t have an easy access to all of these resources. Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona uses highly specialized materials to produce signage for this level of promotion. How does one design a construction site sign that will draw a large pool of interest, especially during construction? Make Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona your reliable partner in this endeavor.

Advertising with Customgraphix Custom Construction Site Sign Printing

Business yet under construction tend to have a hard time generating a pool of new customers. Construction projects are often unsightly, messy images to the outside world and anyone passing by.
Customgraphix construction site signs can help break or make your revenue during transitional periods.
It isn’t uncommon for customers to believe a business is non-operational during a construction or a renovation. Seeing inside a storefront can be difficult when the outer shell of it is in its full tear-down mode. Relying on Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona for your construction site signs can communicate important information to your potential customers during this trying process.
Customgraphix construction site signs can let your customers know they are more that welcome to conduct business with you. Invite them to come in and take a look around.
If that is not the case, Customgraphix construction site signs can let your clientele know when your business will be up and running again. Customgraphix construction site signs can help your customers stay informed on the important aspects of your business.

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Customgraphix Construction Site Signs Help You Look More Professional

Bold, vibrant, and well-crafted signage can do wonders for your brand. Customgraphix construction site signs improve the visibility and awareness of your business. Customgraphix construction site signs can inform your audience that you are a well-organized company which takes the time and effort to keep their customers informed even while they are busy with ambitious projects.


It is common knowledge that a lot can go wrong at a construction site. From the moment your workers enter the site to the entire process of setting up the project, they are at risk from a plethora of hazards that lie lurking at the site. Safety equipment and protective gear are paramount, but not enough.
Anyone entering your construction site must understand the specific dangers that lie there and how to avoid them. Customgraphix construction signs can efficiently communicate this very information, sharing it with the workers and the passerby alike.
By placing multiple sets of repeated warnings around the site, you may help your workers maintain awareness of the dangers. We can hardly overstate how important that is, considering that construction workers make up twenty percent of all worker fatalities in any industry.
Any construction supervisor who takes the safety of their workers sufficiently seriously should heavily consider relying on Customgraphix construction signs to help them secure their site.

Brand Visibility

This may come as a surprise, but Customgraphix construction signs can also help boost the visibility of your brand. Correct, a construction site should be focused on the project itself and the safety first, but if there is a way for people to know about the site’s dangers and your brand, why wouldn’t they?
There is no reason why Customgraphix construction signs couldn’t serve as marketing materials simultaneously. Our durable, shiny construction signs are an excellent eye-catcher when laid against heavy machinery. Customgraphix construction signs are able to generate some major interest in your business and brand from pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Customgraphix construction signs help your business create an identity with a unique design that helps you stand out from your competitors. They can be informed not only on the area they are working in but also on who’s keeping them safe. If any onlookers with a construction project in mind like the work they see done on the site, they may end up giving you a call. You may think of Customgraphix construction signs as an investment for a larger clientele.


Customgraphix construction signs are able to efficiently communicate relevant hazards and safety measures, making an enormous difference in worker injury and fatality rates.
Most standard construction signs you can simply purchase on the market can do the exact same thing but, unlike Customgraphix construction signs, they can’t be tailored to fit the specific workplace perfectly. Standard construction signs are, well, standard and fail to suit your needs. If the signs are poorly designed and poorly positioned they can fail to convey the important messages and terrible accidents may occur. When designing your construction signs with Customgraphix, we can take every detail of your workplace into account, and even make suggestions, on how to create and install efficient and safe signage.

Work Efficiency

Construction projects often suffer delays and there always seems to be a rush at the site to complete the daily tasks. This is especially detrimental at the initial phases of the project when the lack of familiarity between your workers and your job site can significantly stunt their work speed.
Customgraphix construction signs are not just an excellent way to guarantee the safety of your workers, they can also be an excellent tool for boosting productivity. They can be used to clearly mark and designate areas so even new workers can make their way around the site with ease. Positioning is crucial in this regard. If placed properly, Customgraphix construction signs can also create pathways throughout your job site to make navigation easier than ever.

OSHA and ANSI Compliance

OSHA and ANSI also require construction sites to use adequate signage but they do have requirements regarding the signage. Hence, not only do you have to use this signage, you also need to make sure to comply with the regulations.
If you simply purchase your signage from a standard retailer, you may simply find out that many standard manufacturers simply produce these things in bulk with no real regard for the regulations. OSHA requires you to use signage at your site that fits certain criteria but no one requires manufacturers to produce signage that fit those criteria. The possibility that you simply end up wasting your money is quite real.
All businesses in the United States must comply with OSHA safety regulations. Adequately designed and placed signage is a requirement in locations where there is a potential for hazards. Customgraphix job site signs help keep your workers safe. They include notice signs, fire safety signs, general safety signs, and non-hazard signs. Customgraphix allows our clients to design labels that fit their job site specifications while following all of the OSHA protocols.

Improve the Job Site

In terms of safety and legal compliance, Customgraphix construction signs can make a world of difference. While we have listed numerous amazing benefits of relying on Customgraphix for your construction signage, the most important thing remains the safety of your workers.
Using Customgraphix construction signs that blend into their surroundings will considerably improve the visual appeal of your job site. This is especially important for the construction sites located in high-traffic locations. A sign that depicts the final building product provides a distraction from the noise and the mess of the construction work while also promoting the quality of your vision.
At Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona we understand that customization allows perfection. This is why we provide custom printing services for anything that can be printed, including but not limited to: Signs, decals, banners, tents, etc.

Construction signs are a tried and true method of minimizing risks at construction sites but, nowadays, they have become even more effective as they can be customized to stand out amidst the clutter of a construction site so that everyone can receive the important information that’s displayed on them. Many retailers still sell the standard construction signs, but being able to customize them with Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona can help boost their safety and visibility beyond what the traditional signage can offer.