Customgraphix Feather Banners – What Are Your Options?


For any businesses that rely on hands-off marketing, designing and placing effective signage is a crucial element of the process. Design and placement are both equally important on their own but so is choosing the right type of signage. We present Customgraphix feather banners that are uniquely effective in this regard owing to their unique shape and flutter. Moreover, they are lightweight, easy to pack and carry, which makes them extremely a versatile and profitable investment in your marketing campaign. In the article below, we have elaborated further on this unique and effective marketing tool.

What Are Customgraphix Feather Banners?

Customgraphix Feather Banners are vertically-shaped banners produced out of durable, tear-resistant nylon material. The nylon fabric we use in manufacturing our feather banners is extremely weather-resistant and durable, which makes it the ideal choice for promotional signage that is needed outdoors. Our feather banners are made to slide effortlessly over a sturdy pole that we produce from aluminum and fiberglass. This makes our poles just as durable and slightly flexible, perfect to withstand hard winds. We offer a variety of choices for the base, which enables our clients to set up our feather banners effortlessly and securely whenever and wherever they need them.

Light, notable, and easy-to-carry, our custom feather banners are a perfect eye-catcher for bringing attention to a campaign, an event, or an important message one is trying to convey. They are perfectly suited for any environment in need of a little visual zeal. Otherwise known as feather banner flags, and teardrop banners, this particular type of banner has grown exceedingly popular owing to its adaptability and dynamic nature. Whether one opts for a stand-alone base or an in-ground mounting system, our custom feather banners guarantee fast but sturdy installation and rearrangement.

The simultaneously durable and flexible poles our custom feather banners come with are highly reusable with new, different banners when one needs to alter or update their message with minimal effort. Each of our custom feather banners is produced out of highly durable, tear-resistant nylon material. The graphics and/or slogans are placed onto the banner using a high-end screen printing process.

With Customgraphix feather banners, our clients get promotional signage that is easy to move and use in a variety of locations. Our product is affordable, lightweight, and easy to transport. Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona can produce custom feather banners to be hung really high without complicating the installation process. The durability of our feather banners is almost a non-issue if one plans to use them infrequently or indoors only.



Custom Feather Banner Options

Customgraphix feather banners feature a great deal of flexibility owing to the variety of options that exist regarding the installation hardware associated with them. When making a choice, our clients should be advised to consider the environment of their designated feather banner installation and plan accordingly.

The Hardware

Feather banner hardware refers to the poles and the bases used to install them. One of the greatest things about feather banners is once you get the hardware set up, if you ever want to change your message, you only need to order a new banner. The only limit in this regard is that you should make sure that the new banner is the same size as the old one in order to match the hardware so that there are no issues.
The base to choose depends greatly on the location it’s meant to be used at. Bases with spikes may only be used outdoors, on an open ground, where they can be pushed in. A long metal spike provides the greatest stability outdoors. A cross base may be used both indoors or outdoors but it does require a flat, level surface if you don’t want it toppling over.  If you need an outdoor base with added weight, we recommend the water bag option. All of our bases are really easy to fold up for easy storage and transport. Once you have settled on a feather banner hardware to use, take a look at our feather banner assembly instruction page to understand how best to use them.

Double-Sided vs. Single-Sided Feather Banners

Single-sided feather banners feature a graphic on one side only but since the nylon is slightly transparent, the design may be seen mirrored on the other side as well. They are an excellent choice most of the time, especially for locations with one-way traffic or if installed so that they are facing a street.
If your design features a longer text, or if you are operating within a location with two-sided traffic, you may opt for double-sided feather banners instead. In this case, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona produces the custom feather banners by seamlessly sewing two panels of material together so that each side features vibrant graphics without any transparency between them. One may even choose to feature a different design on each side. Whatever it is that you need, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. We are happy to accommodate.

The Shape Options

The shape of feather banners may vary, which is whence all these different names for them come from. ‘Teardrop’ banners look like a half of a tear or a dewdrop, being wide at the top and narrowing towards the bottom. Typically used with a pole that bends slightly at the top, this banner holds taut and doesn’t flutter in the wind.
The standard feather banner resembles a bird feather with its curves on top and bottom. The associated poles also bend at the top but not as much as the ones used with ‘teardrop’ banners. This type of banner moves in the wind which can help draw more attention to it.
A straight feather banner has a curve at the top but comes down to a squared-off edge at the bottom.
These are seemingly minor details but they may be important to consider when choosing your Customgraphix feather banner.

The Size Options

Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona offers three major feather banner sizes: medium at ten feet tall, large at fourteen feet tall, and extra-large at eighteen feet tall.
The height of the banner is measured including the pole. If one intends to install their feather banner in an area where people are walking, a shorter, eye-level banner may be a better option. It follows that for banners that one wishes to display from a greater distance, larger sizes may be preferable.

The Design Options

When choosing your design options, you should maintain a pragmatic outlook. Consider how each feature will impact the visibility and the readability of your banner depending on its intended use. When designing your feather banner graphic, you should also account for elements such as pole pockets where you should avoid featuring any print as it will simply curve up, which will make it seem clumsy and unprofessional. If your feather banner is to feature any text, you may want to research ‘glance-able fonts’ that will help you catch the eye of your audience quickly and efficiently. You should probably avoid trying to fit too much information on a single banner. Not only it would make the sign hard to read, but it may also repel people from wanting to look at it at all. Keep your feather banner design simple, large, and bold to make sure it draws attention.

Fly Your Feather Banners

Highly visible and easy to work with, Customgraphix feather banners may be the perfect signage solution for your next event or convention. Our feather banners are lightweight, easy to carry and assemble anyplace they are needed and can be used for years with proper care and maintenance.
Making Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona your partner in this endeavor means that you get reliable, professional, knowledgeable printing support to supply you with the best signage for your event.

While we offer numerous existing templates across a wide range of different categories, our customers are not required to use one of them. We have provided an online design tool that allows our customers to design their own custom feather banners from scratch, by using a blank template or by uploading a wide range of file types for pre-designed graphics. Additionally, we offer free design services in which we can design a graphic for you, or improve an existing design, completely free of charge.