Clear Window Decals

What are clear window decals?

– Our clear window decals are signage products that contain images or graphics which are printed directly onto a sheet of transparent four millimeter vinyl material. Our clear window decals are transparent outside of the surface area of the design itself, allowing for the display of logos or messages on windows, glass doors, or storefronts without complete obstruction of the view.
Our clear window decals are crafted for both indoor and outdoor use. The ideal surface for our clear window decals is glass, but they may also be used on electronics’ surfaces. The most common uses for our clear window decals are business and storefront advertising, retail, displaying store hours, window décor, product promotion, window signage, and office branding.



What is the difference between clear window decals and vinyl lettering?

– Our clear window decals can seem very similar to vinyl lettering, depending on the design, once they have been installed. However, they are different products.
Vinyl lettering refers to signage products which are cut to shape out of a solid, pre-colored sheet of vinyl instead of printed onto a blank material.
Our clear window decals are signage products which are printed directly onto a sheet of transparent vinyl material, allowing for a wide choice of colors, tones, etc.

Advanced White Ink Print Method

In manufacturing our clear window decals we use a two step process. These involve printing a layer of white ink onto a blank sheet of transparent vinyl, and following it up by a layer of colored ink. The white ink layer is used as a color primer and is only printed onto the area of the decal where the design will be printed onto as well. It adds contrast and vibrancy to the design while retaining the overall transparency of the decal.
It is important to note that our clear window decals are only transparent in the areas which do not include the quoted design. With this in mind, we recommend our customers use files which contain a transparent background when placing their order. If one needs help with choosing or making their clear window decal design, they should refer to our free design services.

Clear Window Decal Features

Vibrant colors – We print our clear window decals directly onto a sheet of transparent vinyl material using state of the art printers, and advanced white ink process, which ensures that our decals sport the most vibrant and bold colors possible.

Installation manual included –  We include an installation manual with every order we send to our customers, ensuring that they can install our products easily and effectively.

Indoor and outdoor use – Our clear window decals are crafted to be placed either inside or outside. The most common use for our clear window decals, however, is the display of information on storefront windows.

Transparent background –  The transparent background of our clear window decals allows for the display of any design on the designated surface without completely blocking the visibility through a window or a glass door.

Resistant to water and weather – Our clear window decal are manufactured with durable vinyl material and can withstand rain, sunlight, and other elements for approximately three years.

Clear Window Decals Customization

Size – One may choose from a wide range of custom sizes given for our clear window decals, the minimum one being three by three inches, and the maximum one being fifty-two inches by ‘anything’ in the other direction.

Shape – For our clear window decals, we offer a selection of simple shapes (rectangle, square, oval…_), as well as ‘custom with border’ option, in which the decal will be cut to the custom shape of the design quoted in the order with a border of blank material left around the edges.

Print surface – Our clear window decals are made to be installed on either the inside or the outside of any window.

Clear Window Decals Additional Specifications

Weight – Zero-point-zero-nine pounds per square foot, about the weight of nine quarters.
Thickness – Zero-point-one millimeters, about the thickness of a single sheet of copy paper.
Qualities – Repositionable, low-tack adhesive, transparent vinyl material that is easy to install without any bubbling when applied wet. Can be install indoors or outdoors on any smooth, non-porous surface including glass, plastic, stainless steel, laminate, etc.
Uses – Indoors or outdoors. Retail, home, storefront, or office windows.
Estimated lifespan – Three years or more with proper care.

Our Clear Window Decals are Easy to Install and Require no Additional Help

The instruction guide we have provided below is meant to help our customers with a quick and easy installation of our clear window decals. We also include instruction manual in every order we send out, and our customers are free to refer back to this page, download a PDF with the guide, or view our instructional video for assistance. If one is installing a large clear window decal, we do recommend employing help of at least one additional person for the application.

– Before one begins installing our clear window decals, we recommend the following supplies are gathered to facilitate the process:
– Spray bottle;
– Paper towels;
– Application squeegee; (*available for purchase with every order at a small additional cost)
– Window squeegee.

– The glass or surface area intended to house the clear window decal are to be cleaned thoroughly prior to the installation. Once the cleaning has been completed, a window squeegee is to be used to remove excess water. Alternatively, the surface can be simply left to air dry for a sufficient amount of time.

– A decal application solution is to be made by combining three drops of dish soap or laundry detergent with one gallon of water. The mixture is to be placed in a spray bottle.

– The clear window decal is to be laid on a flat, smooth surface and the back-liner is to be removed at this stage of the process. The backing is a frosted, semi transparent material that may prove difficult to remove because of how thin it is. If one is having difficulties with this, they should try applying a small piece of tape to the corner of the backing and use it as help in peeling the backing away from the decal.

– As one is removing the backing, the application solution is to be applied generously to the back of the clear window decal. Next, they are to spray a generous amount of the solution on the designated surface as well, making sure that both the adhesive side of the decal and the designated surface are now sufficiently wet. Our clear window decals are not to be submerged in water in an attempt to sufficiently soak the adhesive side.

– One can now apply their clear window decal to the designated surface. The application solution allows the decal to slip and move once it has been applied to a surface. One may use this as an advantage to slide the clear window decal into its final position.

– Once the clear window decal has been positioned where it should be, the backing which has now been fully removed is to be placed over the decal’s exterior and the application squeegee is to be used to remove any air bubbles or extra application solution from under the decal.

– This process is to be started at the center of the graphic, and pressed firmly outwards toward the edges. The process is to be continued until the squeegee has been ran over the entire surface of the graphic.

– Paper towels are to be used to clean the glass surface and remove excess water from the edges of the graphic. Our clear window decal take several days to completely dry and adhere to the surface they have been applied to.

Clear Window Decal Care

While using soapy water is necessary in the application process for our clear window decals, water or excessive moisture should not be allowed to affect the graphic for extended periods of time before installation.
The surface which the clear window decal is to be installed to may be washed once the graphic has been installed, but we advise against using power washes or other aggressive means of cleaning it after the decal has been installed.
The clear window decals themselves are to be cleaned with a damp, non-abrasive cloth. Our clear window decals can be removed and re-positioned several times. They are removed by being peeled away from the surface they had been installed on, and reapplied in the same method as we have described above.