Church Banners 101 – The Power of Customgraphix Signage in Places of Worship


With the rising popularity of digital marketing, people tend to forget that there are still exist a need and a demand for onsite advertising. Brick-and-mortar businesses still require a tool that would capture the attention of people coming in direct contact with their establishment. Churches are a prime example.
For a very long time, churches had to rely on the weekly bulletin to convey the important information to their community. As time and technology progressed, they began turning to media ministries. Lately, some have even finally switched to e-marketing.
These tactics work perfectly as a way to reach people who are already attending the service, but how can a church invite new visitors? An essential item in that particular toolkit would be Customgraphix church banners. Notable, well-branded signage solution can help turn every church into a more welcoming place. With the right custom church banners and signs, any church can make a great first impression, enhance the experience of the visitors, help direct the traffic flow and building navigation, and even make the congregants feel more comfortable when inviting their peers to attend the service.
We print our custom church banners and signs in full color with an ultraviolet ink and a digital printing process. This means that regardless of how simple or complex the quoted design is, our customers can expect a clear image and text on the final product.
Additionally, regardless of the number or complexity of the colors incorporated into the quoted design, the price is the same. If one does not have a specific design in mind right away but has an idea of what they want, we can help. One may refer to our free design services and we will help them get the perfect custom church banners and signs on display.

In this guide, we explain how churches and other places of worship can use Customgraphix signage to deliver their messages.

Customgraphix Church Banners – Welcome Visitors

Having volunteers positioned around the campus to welcome visitors is excellent. However, one may not have enough of these people to properly greet each person that shows up at the church. With vibrant, highly-visible Customgraphix church banners, those visitors can easily be reached with messages that make them feel warm and welcome. If a church is hosting visitors social after service, Customgraphix banners may be placed in the lobby where they would feature an invitation decorated with an appropriate graphic, and where they would help direct the visitors to the fellowship hall.



Customgraphix Church Banners – Grab Attention

Churches must think outside of the box if they want to bring in new faces. They should probably do away with digital signage that most people won’t see or will simply skip over if they do. Instead, they should switch to portable Customgraphix feather banners to deliver their message to people driving by.
If a church is located on a highly-trafficked road, they can take advantage of this by strategically placing Customgraphix signage to grab the attention of people driving by with a catchy slogan or event invitation. With a little bit of thought and creativity, they may spread the message over multiple banners in order to generate increasing enthusiasm about the message. The banners should be positioned at least ten feet apart from one another. This is an amazing way to promote the upcoming conference, community meeting, or movie screening.

Customgraphix Church Banners – Illuminate the Upcoming Series

Customgraphix church banners can play a vital role in advertising what’s coming. If a church is delivering a monthly series, Customgraphix church signage is an excellent way to engage the community. They should design graphics with bright and bold colors to highlight the topic of the series, and the core message for each service. With replaceable Customgraphix church banners, the message can be updated every week [or, even more often if needed]. This is an excellent way to keep visitors coming back for more.

Customgraphix Church Banners -Advertise Special Events

Choosing the right print agency to be your partner in this endeavor can make it incredibly easy in any occasion. Whenever a church is hosting an event such as bible study, vacation, or any themed event, the banners can get really creative. Send your graphic designs to Customgraphix Phoenix, Az and we will create large, attractive, eye-catching banners that one may place both inside and outside the church. Customgraphix church banners can be customized to almost any size and, owing to their high quality of material and production, can withstand most weather conditions for a very long time. Customgraphix church banners offer high visibility when displayed on outside walls.

 Customgraphix Church Banners – Enhance the Atmosphere

God may not care much for pomp and circumstance but he will surely appreciate the effort put into sharing his message with his flock in a manner that stands up to the challenge of the pandemic and the state-imposed safety measures. Making your church more spiritual, friendly, and welcoming is never a bad idea.
Anything that can help people connect better with God and Christianity is a worthy pursuit. One of the major issues many churches face, and which often discourages people from going, is that they tend to find it too serious and/or boring. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. There is nothing wrong with making a church and the experience of it beautiful and fun as long as we are focused on the worship.

Customgraphix Church Banners – Convey a Message

Religion is all about sending the right message. Many people go to church every Sunday, or even every day, but it does them little good if they can’t or won’t contemplate and understand the reasoning and the importance of these acts, and if they fail to understand what kind of life they should be leading.
One of the best ways to communicate your religious message, or at least a part of it, is by using and displaying Customgraphix church banners. Customgraphix church banners can be used to feature a bible verse or simply to share a few wise words with your flock.
Your display can even focus on virtues you want to inspire in your congregants, such as honesty, humility, and tolerance.
Alternatively, Customgraphix church banners can inform your congregants that your church is open and accepting new and old members alike, even during these trying times. A church can never be too small nor it can ever be too large. God loves us all, and all of us are always welcome where he resides.
As the pandemic ravages the country and the world, it is more important than ever for places of worship to stay connected with their attendees. The manner in which this is performed need not always be in-person.
Some churches have moved their services online, while others are performing them outdoors where they can respect social distancing measures brought upon us by the unprecedented spread of Covid-19.
Customgraphix banners and signs continue to be valuable tools for many churches across the country, whether they still operate offline or have moved their services online. Customgraphix banners can be used in either traditional or innovative ways to communicate your message.

Customgraphix Church Banner – Ready to Give it a Try?

Customgraphix church banners area a creative marketing tool. They are extremely portable and easy to install, which allows you to stay up-to-date in reaching your intended audience. Let your community know what is happening at your place of worship, contact Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona today.
Don’t let yourself be deceived into spending your hard-earned money on an inferior product. Our printing process is closely overseen by highly experienced and well-trained graphics technicians we are proud to have on our team. They are tasked with examining each coloration layer for accuracy and perfect reproducibility.
Our seasonal outdoor church banners and signs are carefully crafted to be able to withstand the toughest of conditions. They easily stand against extreme rain, large amounts of water, high humidity, high heat, sun exposure, dirt, and dust.
While we offer numerous existing templates across a wide range of different categories, our customers are not required to use one of them. We have provided an online design tool which allows our customers to design their own custom church banners and signs from scratch, by using a blank template or by uploading a wide range of file types for pre-designed graphics. Additionally, we offer free design services in which we can design a graphic for you, or improve an existing design, completely free of charge.
Whether you already have print-ready art or graphics in mind, or need yet to design it, our assistance is available 24/7 and we are always happy to help you get started with custom church banners and signs.