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Car Wraps in Phoenix Arizona 

Who Are We?

Custom Graphix Signworks, LLC headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a professional company specializing in Car Wraps in Phoenix, Arizona. We not only take pride in producing the best Car Wraps in Phoenix, Arizona, at affordable prices but also deliver the top-most quality to our customers. 

Our pricing is the best across the United States. Besides, our work portfolio includes printing dye sublimated flags, table throws, custom banners and signs, banner stands, aluminum signs, yard signs, a-frame signs, business cards, flyers, and much more.

To give your vehicle a distinctive appearance, we have a team of experts who can provide A to Z services in installing car wraps in Phoenix, Arizona.

What is a Car Wrap?

If you own a vehicle and want to improve its appearance without overspending on buying expensive paints, you would be keen to learn about car wraps.

Essentially, car wraps involve using a vinyl film with an adhesive backing that is a great way to help you change the appearance of your vehicle without any need to waste your money on buying expensive paint for your car. Car wraps can be installed on a wide range of vehicles: trucks, vans, trailers, cars, fleets, floors, walls, windows, and much more.

Also, companies are often interested in having customized logos on their vehicles, while individuals like their vehicles to look attractive with creative designs. Car wraps are easily removable, it gives you the flexibility to revert the exterior look of the car to its original appearance. Car wraps are used precisely above the car’s paint to change the vehicle’s look. To make your vehicle look stand out, Car wraps gives you a range of options: changing color, texture, and design. You can choose from various options such as shiny, metallic, and matte. 

What is the Process Involved in a Car Wrap?

Car wrap involves a very smooth process that begins with taking the accurate measurements of the vehicle and getting the design that is to be used as a car wrap. Next comes the printing of the chosen design and laminating it for protection against scraping and UV rays that can result in the design fading in the long run. The last stage is for experts to clean your car, so the car’s surface is free of mud, wax, oil, dust, and any other substance before installing the vinyl film to the vehicle using a heat gun.

Usually, it takes around 1 to 2 days to wrap a vehicle.

Benefits of Vinyl Car Wraps

  1. Superior Quality

When it comes to quality, car wraps have a superior quality to painting the vehicle. Due to the enhanced quality material used in making car wraps, a professionally performed car wrap is more long-lasting than painting the car. Unlike paints, these wraps neither chip nor fade away, offering greater durability and protection against sun exposure, extreme weather conditions, and road risks. 

  1. Availability of Numerous Designs 

While purchasing the vehicle, you don’t have much control over the choice of color, as only limited color schemes are available. Sometimes, you have to settle for a color you don’t like. However, car wraps give you a range of designs and colors to choose from, allowing you to customize the vehicle’s appearance per your demand. Not to mention, the creative designs that car wraps can produce are unmatchable and can’t be created with paints alone.

  1. Marketing Purposes

Car wraps are a great way to market and advertise your products or services. Adding car wraps with your product/service has proven to increase sales, thus, businesses’ revenue. It’s an efficient way to market your company as the billboard is mobile, so wherever the vehicle travels, ample people who see the ad can become potential customers for the business. Important to note that it is one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

  1. Cost-Effective

Everyone wants cost-effective methods to yield the best results. This applied in this case too. Not only do car wraps provide superior quality, but are also cheaper than paint. Of course, the prices depend on various factors, including but not limited to the type of vehicle, choice of material, and quality of the material. However, on average, paint costs between $6500, while car wraps cost around $3700. They can last for about 2-7 years.

  1. Swift Installation

One of the most significant benefits of car wraps over paint jobs is the swift installation. No one likes their vehicle to be taken away for a longer time. A paint job can require weeks, including the time for scheduling appointments, the time it takes to paint, and then dry. This increased waiting time can cost companies potential revenue loss, while the individuals have the hassle of taking public transportation. On the contrary, car wraps take only a couple of days to complete.

  1. Individuality

No one likes to have things that are ordinary, so car wraps are a way for vehicle owners to make their cars look unique and distinctive. For instance, many people can have the same car model, but uniquely designed car wraps can give the vehicle owners the opportunity to have the character of individuality in their vehicles.

  1. Ease to Switch Designs and Colors

If you decide to switch the design or color of your vehicle, it is quite a smooth process in car wraps. For instance, if you require a new color to be painted, it would mean that the complete vehicle needs to be repainted, which is pretty time-consuming. However, car wraps can be removed quickly by peeling off the older wrap and installing the new one. Also, you don’t get to choose from many unique designs with paint. On the other hand, car wraps designs can easily involve special effects and help you produce a range of designs that the paint cannot alone produce. In fact, car wraps can be customized as per your requirements and yield an attractive appearance, and if the car wrap is damaged, the damaged areas can be replaced.

  1. Easier Maintenance

To maintain the vehicle’s look, car wraps require much less maintenance than Paint. To ensure that paint remains up to the mark, people must wax their vehicles often and wash them intermittently to prevent harmful agents from ruining the paint. However, with vehicle wraps, you don’t have to worry much about maintenance. Unlike paints, wraps don’t have pores, so there’s no risk of harmful agents accumulating there. Lastly, as paint jobs need higher maintenance and thus higher maintenance costs than car wraps, so opting for car wraps can save you dollars while enjoying a premium vehicle look.

  1. Ease of Removal

In the case of paints, the removal is really hard, as removing paint manually using a sanding machine is both time-consuming and labor intensive. There are also mechanical options available, but there’s a risk that it can damage the vehicle. However, removing car wrap is very easy. Car Wraps adhere firmly to the vehicle body and can be quickly taken off when needed. This is not labor intensive, with an almost negligible risk for vehicle damage. A wrap can be removed by warming the decal, then peeling it off with a hand, and using an adhesive remover.  In fact, if the car wrap is damaged, the damaged areas can be replaced.

  1. Increased Paint Protection

If you want to increase your vehicle’s paint protection, clear vinyl is the best choice. Having a car wrap directly over the paint can increase the paint’s level of protection as now the harmful agents or any other external substances (such as road risks, scratches, or sun exposure) cannot damage or fade the paint of the car. Similarly, you can also buy thick types of vinyl if you want to increase the level of protection than usual. To reiterate, car wraps protect your vehicle from scratches and minor damages, hence saving your vehicle from any potential risks and damages. A car wrap increases the car’s resell value as car paint and body are protected against harmful substances by the wrap. On the other hand, if you do perform a paint job over the car’s original color, it decreases a car’s resell value.

What Exactly is the Difference Between Full Vehicle Wrap and Partial Vehicle Wrap?

You can choose if you want to go for either Full or Partial Vehicle Wrap. Full Vehicle Wrap covers the vehicle bumper to bumper, including the roof, rear, sides, hood, and windows. However, it is essential to note that Full wraps on larger vehicles, such as trucks, do not include covering roofs. On the other hand, Partial Vehicle Wrap aims to cover a particular portion of the vehicle. 

Each of these comes with its own pros. For instance, full wraps has several benefits as it helps your car advertise the billboard and change the vehicle’s color. On the contrary, partial wraps are cheaper.

Types of Vinyl Car Wrap 

There are four major types of Vinyl Car Wraps: 

  1. Clear Vinyl: it acts as a protective cover and protects the vehicle’s original paint from scratches.
  2. Colored Vinyl: it is applied to have a new color (usually opaque) over the original paint on a vehicle. It can cover the vehicle’s body either fully or partially.
  3. Advertising covers: these wraps involve having an advertising billboard (with either logos, patterns, or messages) to help market the product/service.
  4. Textured Vinyl: are for those who want to modify their vehicle paint, for instance, changing it to gloss or matt.

Risks Involved in Car Wraps
One of the potential risks while opting for car wraps is that if you have mistakenly chosen to hire a car wrapping company that is not professional, it can lead to poor installation resulting in bubbles appearing on the surface. Besides, it can lead to premature wear and tear and ruin your original vehicle paint.

Why Choose Custom Graphix Signworks?

Our Mission

Over 20 years ago, Custom Graphix Signworks was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, with the vision to provide superior and high-quality services to its customers at affordable rates. In fact, our primary goal has always been 100% customer satisfaction. We are a 3M certified sign shop, and we focus only on using high quality 3M car wrap vinyl .

With our efficient and highly organized procedures in place, we assure you that your product will arrive without any defect to the print or hardware. However, in unfortunate circumstances, If you receive any damaged item, we will replace it or give you a 100% refund.

Our services include but are not limited to car wraps in Phoenix, Arizona, custom signs, yard signs, aluminum signs, vinyl banners, banner stands, window graphics, wall graphics, vehicle graphics, cheap flags, and much more.

High-Quality Work Ethic

The reason for our high customer retention rate directly links to our professional high-quality work ethic. We never compromise on the quality of products and go above and beyond to ensure that the customers receive the best experience that they deserve. We use premium quality raw materials to ensure that the products we create are not only unique but the best in the market. We have established a reputation in Phoenix, Arizona, by providing premium quality services in all niches, especially car wraps. 

Professional Team 

Understanding a client’s requirements is one of the primary phases for a successful customer-business relationship. Especially, in the business of car wraps in Phoenix, Arizona, businesses fail to understand clients’ requirements; hence, they fail to provide the results.

But, we have a team of professionals who are industry experts who not only easily comprehend clients’ requirements but go one step ahead to give customized suggestions based on client’s requirements. The client’s feedback is appreciated both before the start of the work and during the work process.

We have top graphic designers who have several years of experience and are established to provide customers with top-notch designs according to their customized needs. Besides, we have installation experts who are responsible for the installation of car wraps; our services are premium in car wraps in Phoenix, Arizona. We also offer car decals.

Not to forget, our Customer service team ensures client satisfaction both pre-sale and post-sale. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality of work as your satisfaction is our first priority.

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Custom Graphix Signworks, LLC has been printing and installing custom vinyl car wraps since 2002 in sunny Phoenix Arizona. Car wraps are very important part of marketing for your business. You are driving every day, so why not advertise your business with you custom vinyl vehicle wrap.