Birthday parties have been around for a long time. A long-loved tradition where we get to celebrate the existence of an individual.

No modern birthday party would be complete without proper party decor to liven up the scene. From streamers and specialized placemats to an elaborately iced cake, there are a lot of classic decor ideas to go around.

But if you’re looking to find some decorations that have more of a “wow” factor, then look no further. We’ll help you find the perfect way to spice up the party so that your loved one will remember it for a long time to come.

1. Celebratory Banner

There’s no better way to say “Happy Birthday” than with a great big banner. You could go with a cheap version found at your local dollar store if you’re on a budget. But everyone’s seen those kinds of banners before.

If you’re looking for something a little more special, you can create a customized banner specific to the person celebrating their birthday.

If your loved one is a big fan of a certain sports team, you could add graphics to the banner showing that off. Or you could style the banner in their favorite colors. The possibilities are endless with this type of party decor.

The cool thing about getting something customized is that it won’t be just something you throw away at the end of the party. It’ll be a high-quality banner that the birthday person can bring home with them as a memento.

2. Festive Table Covers

An easy way to add extra festive spirit to any celebration is by getting a party table cover. Having a table cover is a good idea for such a central item in a party. It gives a subtle sophistication while still exuding a festive birthday cheer.

Table covers can sometimes take the place of a banner, or be used in addition to. These kinds of covers can often have similar graphics as a large banner, but instead of finding a place on the wall to hang it from, you can lay it on a table instead.

Not only will it give the table a nice design, it also helps to protect the table from any damages. This is especially useful if you use a table cover over a table that you intend to put food and other potential stain-making items on.

3. Creative Garland

Garland doesn’t only get to shine during the winter holidays. It’s great to use during birthday parties as well.

These long tissue ribbons come in any color imaginable which makes them an easy party decor choice. You can mix and match them with any party theme and still feel as though they fit right in.

Garland can be used in different ways and can be cut easily to size to fit any area. For example, you can wrap the garland into small loops around a table and tie off the ends with a bow. Or you could twist the garland into spirals and then drape it over a doorway.

Garland offers a lot of versatility for your party decor ideas. All you have to do is get a little creative and figure out a way to use the garland to your aesthetic advantage.

4. Confetti-Filled Balloons

Nothing else quite says “party” like confetti. The fun little bits of color bring pops of fun to a celebration that you can’t quite get with any other type of party decor.

The biggest problem with confetti is the cleanup. With so many little pieces strewn across a room, it can take a long time to get everything cleaned up. No one wants to spend hours trying to clean up bits of paper after a long party.

One way to get the fun of confetti while skipping the mess is to put that confetti into your party balloons. This inexpensive party idea can work with any kind of balloon but works best with ones that are more transparent so that you can see the inside. It’s a fun idea that looks great at the same time.

Don’t like confetti? This idea works well with anything small enough to fit comfortably inside of a balloon. Try small fairy lights for a bit of glow or maybe animal figurines for a kid’s party.

5. Portrait Collage

A birthday is a celebration of a person. A great way to bring a lot of attention towards the birthday boy or girl is by making a collage.

Not only are collages fun to make, they also showcase what everyone has come together to celebrate.

Gather up some pictures of your loved one and put them together in a nice display. Then, hang it up on the wall for everyone to see. If nothing else, it’ll be a great conversation starter as you all remember past moments with your loved one.

This kind of party decor is an aesthetically pleasing choice while giving it a sweet personal touch.

6. Decorative Glassware

No birthday party is truly complete without refreshments. They can be as simple as some finger foods and as extravagant as wine and lobster.

It doesn’t matter the contents of the refreshments as long as the serving items are cute and festive. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect match for the party. It’s easy to come up with some simple but effective designs on your own.

For example, find some blank glasses and give them a good wash. Then, apply your favorite paint to the glass and let it dry.

The design you give doesn’t have to be extravagant to be effective. You could draw some simplified flowers, abstract shapes, or even just some circles to give the idea of confetti to match your balloons.

Every Birthday Will be a Hit with These Party Decor Ideas

Making use of these different ideas will ensure that every single birthday bash will be a memorable one. The great thing about all of them is that each one can be catered to your specific design tastes.

These party decor ideas will make guests feel as though the party is just a bit more special because of the extra effort you’ve put in. And the birthday person is sure to adore the effort you’ve put into the decorations, too!

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