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What materials do we use to produce our clear window clings?

– We craft our clear window clings out of a clear vinyl material. The material itself is not adhesive. The absence of adhesive glues means that our clear window clings can easily be installed, removed, and reused. Instead of utilizing adhesive glues, our clear window clings adhere to the surfaces by utilizing the material’s ability to function as a suction cup instead.
Our clear window clings are completely transparent when blank. This means that, by default, the background of our clear window clings is transparent, and this section is indicated by the grey and white checkered background in our online design tool. If one wishes to have a solid colored background instead, they will need to change this feature during the design process, or simply select our opaque window clings instead.
If one wishes their clear window clings to come with a transparent background they should be aware that image files uploaded with solid backgrounds will not be transparent. For this purpose, a transparent .png file is to be used (the transparent area will be indicated the same way). Do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about our free design services  if help is needed.



While marketers today have more tools at their disposal than at any previous time in history, they should never neglect the power of traditional advertising tools such as Customgraphix vinyl banners. They are incredibly easy to use, provide high visibility, and come at quick turnaround times, all of which can help demonstrate a business’ marketing capabilities with next to no latency. When it comes to impressing clients with immediate results, Customgraphix vinyl banners take the cake for their ability to be produced almost immediately, and deliver a tangible product into clients’ hands in rapid time. So, when considering one’s options for delivering on client expectations, one should consider the following benefits that quick Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona banner printing can provide.

24-Hour Banners Phoenix, Arizona – Extremely Fast Turnaround Times, Sometimes Overnight

While the wheels of industry can turn slowly in this day and age, audiences are found to be increasingly expecting new developments to emerge in real time. When it comes to physical advertising tools, few professionally looking products can go from design proof to the final printing stage faster than Customgraphix vinyl banners.
With Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona 24-hour banner printing, our clients are able to see the results of a new branding push, promotion, or product launch emerge before their eyes in no-time. Photos of Customgraphix vinyl banners taken and posted on social media can make the event or the in-office demonstration come across as all the more professional. It goes without saying that having a quick turnaround can have our clients ready for an event in no time flat. Banner supply is an important aspect of these events as well. Whether it’s an event, a trade show, or a small-scale presentation, Customgraphix vinyl banners can serve as a summary of the brand and/or as a component comprising a larger exhibit.

24-Hour Banners Phoenix, Arizona – Generating Reliable Leads to Business

Modern marketers, understandably, tend to expect fast results. While digital marketing campaigns such as social media pushes and the SEO efforts can provide slow, trickle effect that builds up over time, Customgraphix vinyl banners can offer immediate results. Promoting one’s business with Customgraphix vinyl banners can provide eye-catching, lightweight, outdoor advertising asset or an engaging tool for dressing up indoor spaces. These benefits come at a low cost as well, especially when compared to other types of modern marketing campaigns. Moreover, modern social media culture can spread client campaign messages via visual platforms like Instagram, where a user can snap a photo of a fun and engaging display and share it with thousands of their followers in a matter of seconds.

24-Hour Banners Phoenix, Arizona – Stress-Free Printing Process

Designing and producing marketing materials should not be an exhausting process but, unfortunately, it very well can be. With quick vinyl banner printing and nationwide shipping available anywhere in the United States, Customgraphix Phoenix, Arizona can help our clients build flexibility into their campaign schedule. Sometimes it happens that the marketing team changes their mind at the last minute, or they want to hold off on printing the materials until they are absolutely certain of the final design specs. While such changes may provide a setback in a more time-sensitive process, Customgraphix 24-hour banner printing process can make them happen quickly, conveniently, and with minimal stress for everyone involved.

24-Hour Banners Phoenix, Arizona – Quality

These are just some of the reasons why your business, or any other for that matter, simply can’t do without quality outdoor advertising signage. As increasing numbers of businesses are forced to deal with numerous and versatile challenges of the pandemic, quality outdoor signage has become an even more important communication tool. With Customgraphix vinyl banners you can effortlessly communicate with your customers about your business’ new modes of operation while simultaneously distinguishing your brand from the competition.
Our quality outdoor vinyl banners comes in a wide variety of colors, finishes, weights, sizes, and thicknesses ensuring they can accommodate any design and advertising needs.
The production process four our quality outdoor advertising signage takes much care and effort, guaranteeing a quality, well-lasting product. We wouldn’t waste our clients’ nor our own time by producing inferior quality outdoor signage that would fall apart in a month or two.
While we offer numerous existing templates across a wide range of different categories, our customers are not required to use one of them. We have provided an online design tool which allows our customers to design their own quality outdoor vinyl banners from scratch, by using a blank template or by uploading a wide range of file types for pre-designed graphics. Additionally, we offer free design services in which we can design a graphic for you, or improve an existing design, completely free of charge.
Whether you already have print-ready art or graphics in mind, or need yet to design it, our assistance is available 24/7 and we are always happy to help you get started with quality outdoor advertising signage. For decades, Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners has been the cornerstone of marketing. For small businesses without marketing teams or considerable marketing budgets, sometimes this signage is all they can afford. Make your Customgraphix outdoor vinyl banners legible. Make it concise with a clear font. Paint it with a complementary color scheme, add a logo, and imaginative graphic and, boom!