7 Key Advantages Your Business Gets By Using Banners and Signs

Banners and signs stand to give your business a great return on investment for a small price. If you’ve yet to capitalize on these forms of outdoor advertising, here’s what your enterprise is missing out.

7 Ways Custom Signs Maximize Your Local Marketing Efforts

1. Banners and Signs Target Local

Marketers on the Internet are always talking about moving customers across the globe down sales funnels but we keep forgetting that people most likely to buy from us are likely the ones in our neighborhood. 

Banners and signs allow you to reach people in your locale and inform them that you’re selling products or servicing the area. Sometimes, it’s really just proximity that serves as the deciding factor to buy as some consumers would rather talk to someone in real life than click on webpages.

2.  Custom Signs Are Tangible Assets

Ads on the TV, radio, and even on the Internet all possess run times and the platforms you pay to run them will stop airing them once your ad spends budget dries up. 

This is not the case with banners and signs. You can fold and store your grand opening welcome banners after the ribbon-cutting ceremony of your new branch and unfurl them again when you open a new one.

3. Banners and Signs Will Cost You Less Than Ads

The average amount advertisers spent for a single 30-second airing of a TV ad reached up to $115,000 in 2019. You can order a $15 custom sign in our shop today, put it up on your property, and it’ll work for your business 24/7.

4.  Custom Signs Don’t Intrude on Your Customers

Advertisements, done the wrong way, can negatively impact customers’ impressions of businesses. No one wants to see pop-up ads while reading the news or watching music videos on YouTube. People will skip or block these ads and potentially associate the brands using them with negative impressions or images.

Banners and signs stay in place and potential customers are the ones who set their eyes on them. They also cannot remove or block your grand opening banners so your marketing outreach isn’t disrupted.

5. Custom Signs Offer Good Recall

If you place your custom sign in an area with high foot traffic or a place where people have repeat business in, the more likely they’ll remember the service or product you offer.

Prop some banners and signs about the new carwash you’re opening just a stone’s throw away from a big car supplies store and people will recall your business the next time they need to give their vehicles a shine.

6. It’s Pain-Free to Produce Banners and Signs 

TV ads will require big production houses with weeks of planning and preparation because it has a lot of moving parts prior to editing. Banners and signs only require a few hours for layouting and printing and it’s ready for your business to use.

7.  Custom Signs Make Your Brand Stand Out

Well-designed banners and signs complement their surroundings while also catching the attention of anyone who sets their eyes on them. You can take advantage of this more by using time-tested design techniques like the use of good color combinations, fonts, images, and negative space to truly make something like your grand opening banners more effective.

People pass banners and signs by every single day and they appear innocuous so we tend to take their contribution as advertising assets for granted. These custom signs work on a cumulative way by building up your brand recall in increments. You’ll just be surprised to see customers go right into your shop door without knowing why. When this happens, it’s likely your banners and signs that showed them the way.

Custom Graphix Signworks offers the best and most well-designed banners and signs in Phoenix, Arizona. You can even make your own custom signs and we’ll assist you in making one that is eye-catching and provides a good impression of your business. Contact us today.