Few portents ring as loud as a grand opening nobody attended. That terrible moment when the doors open, the ribbon is cut, the lights are on, and nobody is there.

Staging an amazing grand opening need not be a troubling experience. Garnering interest for a company is a now a problem with a multitude of solutions. In particular, banners have shown a high degree of effectiveness in avoiding the dreaded no-show opening.

A grand opening banner presents a strong visual to the community. Since humans are visual beings, they respond well to large colorful displays with clear direction.

Commisioning a banner completes three important tasks at once: advertising, announcing, and expectation setting. Establishing these tasks gives the public an interest to see what a business will provide once open.

The Grand Opening Banner

A banner shows the world a business has arrived. These splashy, colorful signs give vital information to the public about how and when a business will start.

A grand opening banner does more than announce the presence of a business. The following 6 items lay out the reason why a banner is a must for a grand opening.

1 Stand Out

A new business needs to offer something that others don’t. Even a business that is part of a chain or franchise will want to establish how beneficial the location is to an area.

A grand opening banner establishes a time and place. This gives a sense of anticipation to the community, building excitement for that day when what is offered will come about.

The more eye-catching the banner, the more people will remember the date and be ready to show up in force. Everyone want’s to be part of the newest thing, they just need the right kind of reminder.

Banners don’t have to be some set size, like an advertisement in a paper or even on a website. Going large can provide more chances for customers to see and hear about a business weeks before the big day. Every square inch has a direct effect on the eventual impact.

2 Build Awareness

Breaking into a market can be difficult. In areas of high saturation for a particular type of business, a new one has to show that it performs better and faster. In a low saturation area, a business has to prove its offerings have value.

Banners help to show the size of impact a business will have. This, in turn, gives consumers an awareness of the business’ impact before the doors even open. Establishing a presence within an area or community gives people something to look forward to.

A grand opening banner with plenty of appeal will draw attention. To turn attention into awareness only requires time.

Speaking of time, banners hang for a while before an opening. Every person who passes by is likely to pass by multiple times. This reinforces the reach and builds little by little to the overall impact.

3 Generate Leads

Businesses don’t’ want to start at zero or, worse yet, from behind. building a customer base takes time and effort that takes away from doing what the business actually offers.

Generating leads, bringing customers in the door, shouldn’t have to be the priority. Using a quality color banner gives the public a sampling of what will come. With clear ideas on when the business will open, and what it will provide, buzz can turn into first-day customers.

The affordability of even large-scale banners makes it easy to change up the message and give more information over time. Adding contact information can give a business a sense of the market before that first day.

4 Adds Grandeur

Holding a grand opening gives a sense of pomp to an occasion. Throwing the doors open after a successful advertising campaign may bring in bodies, but it doesn’t bring in a community.

With a few grand opening banners adorning the structure, the opening of the doors becomes more than a business starting. Events such as ribbon cuttings, raffle drawings, and the like all add to those first day numbers.

A banner proclaiming the occasion makes it an event. Banners exist as one of the earliest forms of advertisement. Though the printing technology has changed and modernized to be faster and more durable, the concept is time-honored.

Events as far back as the first Olympic Games in Greece were known to have colorful banners of cloth flowing overhead. Banners never go out of style when it comes to adding some pomp to an event.

5 Introduce Your Brand

Logos do a lot of work for pushing brands and establishing a memorable visual. Utilizing a grand opening banner with logos and branding helps get these visuals into circulation.

Whether a business goes enigmatic, or specific, a large banner gives a solid start to an enterprise. Why pay for a billboard when the storefront can push that same kind of information out?

Think of how popular some of the iconic branding images have become. Many core Apple locations don’t even have their name on the building, just the logo. While that might not be the path for every business, it starts with a solidly designed, durable grand opening banner.

6 Cornerstone of Future Advertising

A grand opening banner forms the cornerstone of an advertising campaign. It establishes branding, gives a location, and generates buzz. Tying in other advertising sources to point at the storefront gets customers ready to come through the door.

Advertising starts with simple and quick visuals and expands to include specifics and finally to answering customer questions in-person or on the phone. A banner gets the ball rolling by establishing the business and its intentions.

Get Started

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