3 Design Tips to Make your Banner Print Fast

In the early stages of a project, one of the crucial elements of success is your ability to design a quality advertising banner. Those who are inexperienced in this practice tend to commit some common errors which can cause miscommunication and delay, leading to additional setbacks for this otherwise powerful marketing tool. This is why we have created the following guide, to help you get things right from the start and maximize the display time of your ads. This is essential as it can ensure that you get banners which meet your expectations quality-wise without breaking the bank or the deadline. To learn about the tips on getting fast banner printing as well as how to find the best printer in Phoenix, Arizona, continue reading.

3 Design Tips to Make your Banner Print Fast

Designing promotional banners can be challenging, from choosing the best color palette to the font and graphics. Even when you have a design in mind, translating it to the print can be difficult still. If you are going to dedicate all that time and effort into designing your promotional banner, you should make sure to follow the guidelines below to ensure it comes out as perfect as you had imagined it.

Format the Design Correctly

When placing an order for a promotional banner, you should inquire about the recommended dimensions for it. You surely want to avoid trying to fit a square design onto a rectangular banner. Even better, you should inquire about the customization options your printer is able to provide based on your design before you make the purchase. Most agencies will clearly establish whether and how they can accommodate your requirements.

File Constraints

The best file formats to provide your supplier with are .PNG and .EPS. Submitting your design file in any other format may cause additional delays or add conversion costs to your receipt. It is also advisable that the file you submit is large, making it easy for the printing company to scale it down if necessary. The opposite is much more challenging to do. You should also make sure that the resolution of your design file is of high quality if you want to prevent grainy results. Once your file has been sufficiently optimized, you are ready to start looking for a reliable printer in Phoenix, Arizona.



Improve the Quality of The Design

The quality of the design can crucially benefit or obstruct the printing process. The quality in this regard mostly refers to the quality of the picture file. Generally speaking, your design files should contain at least one hundred and fifty dots per inch. While some printing companies are able to fix up designs that fall short of this requirement, it’s a good rule of thumb to follow generally. You should also likely avoid using a solid background in the image,  as this will make your banner look boxy and unprofessional.

Find a Fast Banner Printer in Phoenix, Arizona

With a high-resolution design and properly formatted file, your next step is to find a cheap banner printer in Phoenix, Arizona. Your best option is Customgraphix Phoenix, Az.
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Customgraphix vinyl banners, feather banners, and trade show banners are an excellent yet affordable investment. Once you purchase them, you can use them as often as you like. If you want banners to place outside for the long term, we are able to print our banners with ultraviolet inks so that the colors remain bright and vibrant for a long time.  Customgraphix banners are lightweight and durable, they can last long, and they are extremely easy to pack and set up.

Whether you already have print-ready art or graphics in mind, or need yet to design it, our assistance is available 24/7 and we are always happy to help you get started with Customgraphix banners and signs.