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Bringing you Feather Flags, Tear Shaped Flags, Custom Indoor & Outdoor Banners, Banner Stands, Custom Signs, Yard Signs and More

Welcome to Custom Graphix Signworks, LLC, headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. We pride ourselves in printing dye sublimated flags, table throws, custom banners and signs, banner stands, aluminum signs, yard signs, a-frame signs, business cards, flyers, and much more at some of the most affordable pricing available when you compare the quality signs, flags and banners that Custom Graphix Signworks, LLC prints.

If you are looking for cheap economy priced banner flags or need some extra large feather flags customized to present your brand in style in order to attract maximum targeted traffic to your store, dealership, or venue, look no further. Our pricing is the best in the United States, and the ease in designing using our custom online editing tool with the shape of the flags we sell ready for your customization, gives even the novice designer all the tools needed to easily create custom flags fast, cheap flags, outdoor banners and signs, vinyl banners, indoor banners, mesh banners, business banners, banner stands, yard signs, much more, and on time every-time.

One of the very best ways of advertising your business or service, so that everyone in the area knows about you, is to setup some kind of customized banners and signs that tells the world just what it is that you do. But it can’t just be any old sign – it has to be one that’s truly memorable, so that it will stick in the minds of those who see it, and will then remember it when they have need of your products or services. From ancient times right up to the present, the best way to get your business some attention in the local area is to create a sign that announces your business to the world.

At Custom Graphix Signworks, LLC, that’s exactly what we do. We can take your custom banners and signs idea, and have one of our graphic designers create a visual representation of that idea, and eventually, translate that idea into a high-quality sign made of wood, metal, or vinyl, according to your specifications. We are based in Phoenix, AZ, but we can ship your signage anywhere, and you can have it in hand while the idea is still fresh in your mind. Although custom signs are one of our most popular products, that is certainly not all we do here. Some of our other specialties are described below.

Banner Flags

We do custom banners in Phoenix, AZ, and since these are known by several names, you may have heard about them as feather flags, flutter flags, or teardrop flags. They have tons of real-life practical applications, and can be used as event banners, festival banners, back drop banners, street banners, school banners, and more. Whatever use you may have in mind for our AZ custom-made banners, you can count on the quality and durability being built into every one.

These banners can be a great way of advertising your business products and services, or for calling attention to an upcoming event of interest in the area. You’ll love the fact that our banners are so lightweight and portable, because that means you can literally set them up anywhere, without having to go through any kind of major hassles with transportation and setup.

Even on windy days, your custom-made banners in Phoenix, AZ, will be standing tall when other flags are hanging limp, or have been blown away entirely. Each banner will be printed on a tear-resistant fabric that can withstand the toughest breezes Mother Nature can dish out, and each one is mounted on a lightweight pole that will easily penetrate the ground surface for proper placement.

Magnetic Signs

Our magnetic signs in Phoenix, AZ are some of the most useful and practical kinds of signage that anyone could imagine. If you have a company car or truck, or even if you don’t, a high-quality magnetic sign can be strategically placed on the side (or even better, on both sides) of the vehicle, so that everyone you pass on the street will be alerted to important information about your company. How effective would that be if you could have your company name, address, phone number, and website being displayed on the side of your vehicle, everywhere you went?

Answer: Very Effective! All it would take is a cleverly designed custom magnetic sign which could be easily viewed and remembered by all the pedestrians you pass in a given day, as well as many of the other vehicles you drive near on the road. You know what your business is all about – discuss that with our design experts, and let them translate that into an ideal magnetic sign expression of your company, along with prominently displayed contact information.

Yard Signs

There are literally hundreds of uses for yard signs in Phoenix, AZ, and our outdoor signs can be used to accommodate every one of those uses. You can support your political candidate with a custom outdoor sign, you can advertise real estate for sale, announce your new business, advertise a promotion or sale, and literally anything else you can think of. Let us discuss with you the particular event or business you want to promote, and we’ll develop the perfect sign for that cause.

Vinyl Banners

All of our high-quality vinyl banners are made using digital sign printers which are highly capable of generating full-color outdoor customized banners. These gloss vinyl banners are the ideal way to let everyone in the area know about your Grand Opening, your special sale, or an upcoming event that everyone should attend.

Banner Stands

Along with our many different kinds of custom flags, banners, and signs, we also make banner stands that can be used to support them, and keep them highly visible to all those people you’re trying to reach.

Table Covers

Customized table covers can be the perfect way to announce the presence of your business at a conference or at a crowded sales seminar. Your display table can be covered with a custom cover which can be seen from all over the room, and which gets you the attention you need to stand out from the crowd.
Special Material Signs In addition to our lines of flags, banners, and metal signs, we also offer some signs which can be made of special materials at your request, for whatever application you have in mind.

Contact Graphix Signworks If you haven’t browsed our website yet, by all means do pay it a visit so you can get a feel for the kind of high-quality products we offer to businesses and private citizens. If you don’t see exactly what you want on one of your web pages, give us a call right away, so we can discuss the requirements of whatever signage you need.
We aim to please, so you can be sure we’ll do it exactly the way you want, at the lowest price possible, and with the fastest turnaround time of any company in the business. Our business isn’t just signs, flags, and banners – we consider customer service to be our most important product, and we try to prove that to every single customer who contacts us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When you say ‘custom signs’, what does that mean exactly?

A: It means you can provide us with a design you have already worked out for a new sign or banner, or you can work with our customization department, and they will do all the design and development necessary.

Q: What kinds of custom signs are available?

A: Virtually every kind of flag, banner, or sign you can imagine, including all of the following: feather flags, custom banners, vinyl banners, street banners, aluminum signs, coroplast signs, yard signs, foam core signs, and much more.

Q: What kind of materials do you use in producing your flags, banners, and signs?

A: We use the highest quality eco-solvent inks to make full-color products, which are all resistant to moisture and ultraviolet light. Flags and banners are tear-resistant, and made of nylon or vinyl. We offer a wide range of materials for the production of signage, dependent upon its eventual usage.
Banner Flags